Friday, 3 Apr 2020
Erotic Pleasures

Ultimate Erotic Pleasures. Hot Loving Sex

Erotic pleasures and lovemaking is probably one of the most complex human processes we ever engage in. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for being able to accomplish this complicated series of actions and feelings as well as we do. Just think about it. Making love involves a sequence of highly unique behaviors, usually accompanied […]

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Female Anatomy

The Intricate Female Anatomy

Different parts of female anatomy can provide different kinds of orgasms, and each kind feels different. Since a woman’s pleasure anatomy is complex, with many different parts, it pays to know where the opportunities are and what to zone in on. A woman’s genitals consist of three areas: the vulva includes all of the external […]

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The Evolving Orgasm. The Secret of Sexual Pleasure

When an orgasm is simply a reflexive discharge, it’s likely to be the same each time or to diminish in intensity as one gets older—particularly if the sex is routine or nonexistent. In contrast, for women and men who value their orgasmic experiences alone and/or with a partner, skilled practice can help their orgasms to […]

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sexual health

Health and Body. Sexual Health

I know some people question it, but there really was a worldwide youth-driven, birth control pill–fueled, liberation-minded, sexual revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. People everywhere sought to reclaim sexual exploration and playfulness, a phase of development that many believed they had missed. Health and body. That was the tenor of the time when I […]

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Lost World: Mount Wellington. Amazing Tasmania

Come all ye rock hoppers: fun times await in a natural adventure playground high on Kunanyi/ Mount Wellington. Children shouldn’t have all the fun and the Lost World, on Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, above Hobart, is packed with physical fun for the young at heart. This walk’s not about kilometres covered; it’s about rocks trodden, sat on, skirted, […]

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