Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020

Erotic Play. Nuances of Sexual Pleasure

Making Out to Music An extended period of erotic play may or may not lead to something more. One example of this is making out to music. Kissing and caressing each other with mellow music in the background is a time-honored ritual, for good reason. It brings two bodies into a sensuous rhythm with each […]

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Greek island

Greek Island: Crete & Milos. Kayaking Adventures

Greek island is the best place to spend vacation and have amazing adventures. This article tells about the beauty of such Greek Islands as Crete and Milos. Take your time to read it. Keith Heger tells about the Crete. Greek Island Crete “I first learned of the southern coast of Greek island Crete from my boss, […]

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Mount Farrell and Lake Herbert

Mount Farrell and Lake Herbert are one of the incredible parts of amazing Tasmania. Mix man-made lakes, tranquil tarns, panoramic mountain views and a bit of bush bash and you have got a great half-day adventure.  Mount Farrell. From Mount Farrell you can see into the Cradle Mountain range.  Walk: 10.5km return Time required: 4–6 […]

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Chile Archipelago. Kayaking Adventures

  Chile Archipelago. All rivers (most of them, anyway) ultimately lead to the sea. It was a river that led Francisco Valle Gomez to the Chile Archipelago, though not in the typical gravity-driven sense. “I had been in the river-running business in Chile on the Bìo-Bìo River from 1984 to 1995,” Francisco began. “When the river […]

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Tuolumne River

Tuolumne River. California

Tuolumne River. “I grew up in Placerville, a town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada gold country,” Nelson Mathews began. “The American River runs near town. My mom met a guy who ran river trips on the American and a few other rivers, and he was looking for local kids to guide. I started working […]

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