Friday, 22 Jun 2018

25 Funny Facts about Animals

8 Panda
1 Sea otters

Sea otters hold their paws when they sleep so that they are not swept away by the current.

2 Squirrel holds nut

Squirrels plant thousands of new trees every year, just forgetting where they have hidden their acorns.

3 Two puppies play

During the game with a female puppy, a male puppy often gives a win to his opponent, even if he has a physical advantage.

4 Turtles

Turtles can breathe through the ass.

5 Cows spend time together

Cows have best friends with whom they spend most of the time.

6 Penguin makes a proposal

Penguins make a proposal to their chosen one, presenting a pebble.

7 Monkey eats pringles

Monkeys in Japan use coins to buy snacks in the vending machine.

8 Panda

In China, killing a panda is punishable by death.

9 Spider on the web

Spiders do not fly, and that’s great!

10 Jumping rabbits

In Sweden, there are competitions in jumping for rabbits. It is called Kaninhopping.

11 pigs orgasm

Pigs orgasm lasts 30 minutes.

12 Dolphines

Dolphins give each other names.

13 Oyster

Oysters can change their gender depending on who they are at the moment to mate with.

14 Snow leopards

Snow leopards cover their muzzle with their tail, when they sleep, to keep warm.

15 Monkey plans snowballs

Japanese monkeys play snowballs for fun.

16 Sea horses

Seahorses are choosing a partner for life. And when they move, they cling to each other’s tails.

17 Chicks communicate

Before the chick hatches from the egg, it communicates with its mother and other chicks through the shell with special sounds.

18 Dog's nose

The prints of the dogs’ noses are unique and can be used to identify animals.

19 Immortal jellyfish

Turritopsis nutricula is a jellyfish, the only known species on earth that lives forever.

20 Ravens

Ravens are so clever that they can joke at each other.

21 Butterfly

Butterflies feel the taste with a help of their feet.

22 Goats

The scientists found out that the goats, like us, have an accent, depending on the place of residence.

23 Cat's trust

Cats show their trust by touching the person with the forehead. Thus they let him know that he is safe.

24 Squirrel

Squirrels adopt alien baby squirrels if they were abandoned for some reason.

25 Atlantic Puffins

Atlantic Puffins choose their partner for life. They build a house in a steep cliff and even set up a toilet nearby.

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