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Celebrity Collaborations with Famous Brand

1 Beyonce for Topshop

Beyonce for Topshop

2 Queen B created her own brand IVY PARK

Everybody knows that Beyonce is a trend maker. That’s why her collaboration with the mass market giant Topshop in 2016 was a sensation. It was not an ordinary collaboration between a star and a fashion brand. Topshop CEO Philip Green remembers that at the first meeting Beyonce came with a detailed business plan with a specific idea and other suggestions. At the same time, he was shocked and impressed, because he did not expect such a turn of events.

As a result, Queen B created her own brand IVY PARK. Ivy is the second name of her eldest daughter Blue, and PARK is part of the street name in her hometown Houston. The slogan of the first commercial is: “Where is your Park?” Beyoncé explains how this street has been special and important to her since childhood and also insists that every person should have a special secret place in this big crazy world. Beyonce always comes to everything very individually, it is well known to all her fans.

It took a year and a half to develop the first collection. It included 200 pieces of clothing – from slick, t-shirts, and sweat to windbreaker and micro shorts. Should I say that the brand IVY PARK is very popular?

3 Rita Ora for Adidas 4 Rita Ora is one of the most popular singers.

Rita Ora for Adidas

Rita Ora is one of the most popular singers. Her fame grows every day. In 2014, the fashionable Adidas Corporation offered her cooperation. So, Rita Ora became the face of the brand, and also took part in the development of several collections. An interesting fact is that in her youth Rita worked in one of the shops of Adidas, and now she is the face of this brand.

Fantastic! “I have always been a big fan of Adidas Originals and share brand values. I managed to tell a story about my life, career, and work. I`m very proud of this collection and am looking forward to when my fans can see it! “; – says Rita Ora.

5 Rihanna for Puma 6 The musical star Rihanna is known as a fashion icon

Rihanna for Puma

The musical star Rihanna is known as a fashion icon. Girls all over the world want to be like her. That’s why she dictates trends, and every public event attracts the attention of photographers and fans. Rihanna is a very brave young woman, so she does not care about the opinion of tabloids and critics. Many people accuse the singer because of her excessive sexuality, sometimes strange outfits. Despite this, Rihanna can be very proud of herself, because she has many successful contracts with the most powerful and popular fashion houses.
For example, a few years ago she became the face of the fashion brand Puma. Singer did not just become the face of the brand, she got the post of creative director. In 2014, Rihanna signed a contract for several years. She will develop a Puma clothing line for fitness and training and will deal with both clothing and footwear.

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