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Lady Barron Falls. Unforgettable Tasmania

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Lady Barron Falls
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Walk. Lady Barron Falls: 7.5km loop
Time required. Lady Barron Falls: 2.5 hours
Best time. Lady Barron Falls: Any time of year; richest hues and shadow-free photographs on overcast days. Most spectacular cascades after rain.
Grade. Lady Barron Falls: Easy
Environment. Lady Barron Falls: Tall eucalypt forest, rainforest, waterfalls
Best map. Lady Barron Falls: This one
Toilets. Lady Barron Falls: Flushing toilets at Mt Field National Park Visitor Centre
Food. Lady Barron Falls: Good range of food at the café within the visitor centre
Tips. Lady Barron Falls: Take a picnic or buy takeaway at the café and lunch on the lawns at the entry to the park.

Lady Barron Falls. Unforgettable Tasmania - photo 1

Lady Barron Falls

Who can resist a waterfall? Seeing waterfalls (broad and voluminous, delicate and elongated), hearing them (crashing, trickling, dripping) and the kiss of their spray all energise and relax. They can entertain for hours. Tasmania boasts many cascades and this easy loop visits Mt Field National Park’s triumvirate. The walk begins at Mt Field National Park Visitor Centre, on Gordon River Rd, about 80km north-west of Hobart via New Norfolk and the rolling Derwent River valley. Wander through the informative park visitor centre and out the back door. From the Russell Falls sign, to your left, follow sealed track into a forest of swamp gums (Eucalyptus regnans, called mountain ash in Victoria), the world’s tallest flowering plant. You will pass a memorial to people who played important roles in the development of Mt Field National Park, which was founded in 1916 and is Tasmania’s joint oldest national park withFreycinet.

Lady Barron Falls. Unforgettable Tasmania - photo 2

Lady Barron Falls

A track junction offers a choice: stay on the sealed track or turn right, over Russell Falls Creek, and tread an alternate, slightly rougher track; they meet further on. You can tread both, one before and the other after visiting Russell and Horseshoe falls, on a shorter loop walk. Both options follow the creek, through swamp gums, sassafras, blackwoods and myrtle. The sealed track passes a tree that came down eons back and whose cave-like root ball has become a popular selfie spot. Mossy fallen branches litter the creek gully and tree ferns add a lattice texture. Soon after passing a glow-worm grotto (come back at night), you reach another junction. Go left onto a deck giving the best view of Russell Falls, which cascades 45m in three veils over tiers of layered rock and is considered by many to be Tasmania’s prettiest cascade – a big call! Then take the stone steps and wooden stairs beside Russell Falls signed for Horseshoe Falls, Tall Tree Walk and Lady Barron Falls.

Lady Barron Falls. Unforgettable Tasmania - photo 3

Lady Barron Falls

About 100m after the fenced top of Russell Falls a footbridge fords the creek. You can hear and see Horseshoe Falls from here but continue straight on for a closer look at the smaller cascade. Then cross the bridge and follow signs for Lady Barron Falls and the Tall Trees Walk. A short climb puts you on a flat track in a flotilla of eucalypts, some broad around their bases, many younger and thinner. Note the variety of mosses that have colonised the root ball of a fallen giant you pass. Another footbridge puts you amid abundant tree ferns on the official Tall Trees Walk (a 30-minute loop). Take the track going left. A sign describes how to calculate the age of a tree by counting growth rings but explains that swamp gums sometimes produce false rings.

Lady Barron Falls. Unforgettable Tasmania - photo 4

Lady Barron Falls

The swamp gum, a big tree when mature with a dark, fibrous bark stocking low on its trunk and contrasting smooth, white-ish upper bark, is the main timber in this forest but assorted species weave the canopy. Looking at the leaf litter is a great way to identify the species. At the next junction, turn left again to Lady Barron Falls. The track crosses the unsealed road running the length of the park to Lake Dobson, a departure point for Mt Field alpine walks. Cross and walk through handsome trees. Easy, compacted gravel descends into moister forest to a footbridge, after which you’re back in fern forest, with dead eucalypts reaching high and live ones appearing to have climbed up the ferns towards the light. There’s a distinct change in temperature as you drop into sheltered creek gullies – one especially thick with ferns and moss – and climb into drier forest.

Lady Barron Falls. Unforgettable Tasmania - photo 5

Lady Barron Falls

Step down to a junction, with the visitor centre to your left and Lady Barron Falls five minutes to your right. As you stroll up the falls track, the water becomes louder and you glimpse foaming white ahead. Boardwalk and more steps deliver you to a cascade that pours over two broad steps before foaming through a chute into a plunge pool full of logs washed down in the rain. This beauty is the last of the waterfalls, so drink your fill before returning to the junction and walking on towards the visitor centre: downhill along pretty Lady Barron Creek, across it and along the opposite bank among handsome old trees and bright green ferns. Here too are fagus (deciduous beech) so this section is prettiest in autumn when the leaves turn yellow and red before falling.

Lady Barron Falls. Unforgettable Tasmania - photo 6

Lady Barron Falls

Cross another footbridge – fantastic plate fungi project from the tree where you step off – and keep along the opposite bank, past stumps of logged trees. From the top of the steep stairs exiting the creek gully you get a good look at the surrounding ranges and pine plantations. A broad gravel track flattens out in drier forest of coarse-barked eucalypts quite different from the swamp gums. Buildings appear to your right and then left and you emerge from trees beside a house on the main park road. Head right and follow the road downhill about 100m to the visitor centre.


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