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Importance of Leadership in Business

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Leadership in Business
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Six-Word Lessons for Strength-Based Business Success

Kate Nugent Curtis

Strong Leadership in Business for a Greater Purpose

Inspire others: Your legacy is waiting.

Be bold and do good work. If you follow these two simple rules, you will most certainly be rewarded with the honor and privilege of inspiring others. Your inspiration becomes a legacy, and that is worth living for. Pay attention and prioritize what is important.

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Leadership in Business

Provide a strong foothold for others.

If I could select one guiding principle of leadership, it would be this lesson: (paraphrased from Confucius) “As we seek to establish ourselves, find a foothold for others. As we desire attainment for ourselves, help others to attain.” If we all followed this principle, what great things would happen?

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Leadership in Business

Seek opportunities to be a mentor.

Most of what we learn about leadership is learned outside of school. If you have attained a leadership position, consider how you might give back to your community by becoming a mentor.Of all the ways to invest your time, becoming a mentor can have a significant impact on everyone involved. There is something to be learned from everyone.

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Leadership in Business

Acknowledgement can be your greatest asset.

Set an example for strong leadership by spreading the gift of acknowledgment to others. It is a universal human need that is often ignored in our hurried world. Combined with the appropriate level of interpersonal skills, executive presence, and genuine appreciation of others, acknowledgement can be your greatest asset.

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Leadership in Business

Leaders earn respect by respecting others.

What type of leader are you? Do you command respect, or earn respect? Obviously, the one who can roll up their sleeves and get to work will earn more respect than the leader who falls back on her title and dictates what needs to get done. Mutual respect goes a long way towards the ultimate success of the team.

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Leadership in Business

Connect the dots and give back.

Be generous! The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is to connect the dots that map to your current success. Where did you get your start? Who inspired you? Who helped you along the way? Answer these three questions and you will find an opportunity to give back.

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Leadership in Business

Bring strength to your greater purpose.

When you have strength, use it for a greater good. After you’ve found your strength and pushed the boundaries of your own comfort zone, now it’s time to take it to work and share it with the broader community. To truly use your strength for a greater purpose, find ways that it can benefit others.

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Leadership in Business

Match your power with your purpose.

Business fortitude is something that is gained over time as we develop a deeper understanding of our authentic strengths, and how we can match them with a greater purpose. When we put our power behind a broader purpose, our strength of convictions becomes clear. Quoting the wisdom of Lewis Pugh once again: “When you’ve got purpose, everything becomes possible.”

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Leadership in Business

Align your goals with your passion.

What does it take to get the job done? My best advice is to fully understand who you are, and then ask yourself if your next venture matches your personal brand. If your answer is “Absolutely, yes!”then jump in and do it. When our goals match our passion, the result becomes an authentic reflection of our work and dedication.

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Leadership in Business

Always be strong in your convictions.

It is all possible with strength. Be unshakeable. Know who you are and stand by that always. You will win and lose friends along the way, but you will always remain true to yourself. In the end, this is the most important.

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Leadership in Business



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