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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty - Elizabeth TenHouten

Natural Beauty – Elizabeth TenHouten Book

  1. A History of Reaching for Beauty
  2. Skin Typology
  3. Seasons and beauty tips
  4. A Philosophy of Beauty
  5. Create a Spa in Your Home
  6. Common Beauty Ingredients and Helpful Terms
  7. Natural beauty tips
    1. Hair beauty tips
    2. Eye beauty tips
    3. Lip beauty tips
    4. Face beauty tips
    5. Décolletage/Neck beauty tips
    6. Body beauty tips
    7. Hand beauty tips
    8. Feet beauty tips
  8. Chapter 8: Beauty woes and simple natural remedies
  9. Conclusion
  10. My natural beauty tips

Natural Beauty
“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.

For love is the beauty of the soul.”


“Elizabeth’s beauty recipes are the foundation upon which beautiful skin is built. Follow with a primer for perfect skin!”

—DAVIS FACTOR, Co-Founder of Smashbox Cosmetics and Smashbox Studios

“I adore Elizabeth TenHouten. Elizabeth’s beauty is not just skin deep, though it certainly doesn’t hurt that her recipes make sure her skin is beautiful, too. As a gal on the go, I appreciate how easy and fun her treatments are. I rarely have to look further than my own kitchen cabinet, and that’s refreshing.”

—ELAINE HENDRIX, actress and animal advocate

“Just be your naturally beautiful self with the pure and simple beauty recipes in this book!”

—EDEN SASSOON, Owner of EDEN by Eden Sassoon

“From the jungles of Vietnam to the jungles of Beverly Hills, I know the value of natural beauty remedies. I love Elizabeth, and love her approach to natural beauty!”

—KIM VO, Master Colorist to A-list Hollywood (including Britney Spears, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, and Pamela Anderson), judge on the hit show “Shear Genius” on Bravo, also seen on E! News Entertainment

“I think some of the best health and skin care remedies are the ones that we have learned from our grandmothers. Elizabeth TenHouten brings those old-fashioned remedies back from the Dark Ages and makes them in vogue again … and the best part is they are affordable and they work!!”


“TenHouten has tapped into a growing beauty trend DIY. Natural Beauty is the perfect beginning in the art of creating at-home beauty and spa treatments for all skin types. It’s easy to read, fun to follow, and inspires the inner cosmetic chemist in all of us.”

—LYNN LUDLAM, President of Beauty Industry West

“I love Elizabeth’s natural beauty recipes because you have to start with a great foundation. If you don’t have a great canvas, you can’t create a beautiful face. Less is always more so that your natural beauty shines through, and Elizabeth’s recipes allow your skin to radiate naturally.”

—THEA BELLA ISTENES, Celebrity Makeup Artist for Smashbox Cosmetics, Allure, and Elle magazine, clients include Eva Longoria, Kate Bosworth, Melissa Miller, and Miranda Kerr

“Whether you’re in Valentino or the Gap, the first part of putting together any look is making sure your skin is glowing and your hair is soft and shiny. Elizabeth’s beauty recipes are an easy way for any woman to give herself that extra va-va-voom factor! I don’t let a week go by without using one of her beauty recipes. I will be giving my clients copies of this book the minute it hits the shelves!”

—KAMALA BERNSTEIN, Stylist for L’Uomo Vogue, clients include Mary J. Blige, Robert DeNiro, and Nicolette Sheridan

“Elizabeth TenHouten is a beauty/skin care expert, and a huge believer in nature’s ability to keep you young—both inside and out.”

—LAUREL HOUSE, Editor for Discovery Channel’s Planet Green

“Beauty expert Elizabeth TenHouten is here for the do-it-yourself at-home beauty enthusiast. Her book is filled with at-home tips/tricks and recipes for all-natural beauty remedies to achieve A-lister skin naturally!”

—WES FERGUSON, YoungHollywood.com

“The beauty recipes in Elizabeth’s book are the perfect path to a glowing complexion by using all-natural ingredients. I also love her philosophy of beauty radiating from within. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to for a fun, natural beauty regimen.”

—JENNIFER NICHOLSON, fashion designer and owner of Pearl Drop

“A simple, effective, and natural approach to using foods for maximizing skin health and beauty. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable in her field and offers readers a wealth of her knowledge base. This book is a must read!”

—GUY LANGER, Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) California Education Chair, two-time winner of the SCC Chapter Merit Award

“Elizabeth TenHouten truly knows about beauty from the inside out! Her passion, knowledge, creativity, and know-how shine through in every fabulous recipe! Elizabeth has been a guest on my radio and television shows, and every time I learn another great recipe using natural foods right in my kitchen, like her luxuriating brightening mask! Pick up this book and get beautiful from the inside out!”

—LISA DAVIS, MPH, C.N.C. Creator, Host, and Producer of It’s Your Health Radio and It’s Your Health TV and Producer and co-host of the radio show, Beauty Inside Out with David Pollock

“As a yogi, I value the natural approach to beauty that Elizabeth offers in this inspirational book. Teaching yoga makes my soul glow and Elizabeth’s beauty recipes make my skin glow!”

—BRIGITTE BEDI, Yogi at Maha Yoga Studio

I WOULD LIKE TO recognize Andrew Flach, Publisher of Hatherleigh Press, for his continued belief in my work and purpose. I extend a warm acknowledgment to Anna Krusinski and Ryan Kennedy for their thoughtful and insightful edits. A special thank you to Ryan Tumambing for all of his hard work and DCDesigns for their beautiful design. I am grateful for the support of all the people at Hatherleigh Press and Random House.

I very much appreciate my friends and family for their unfailing encouragement, and especially thank Douglas Cohen for his support of my dreams. I am also grateful to my mother for believing in me and inspiring me to grow as a person.


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