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Best Workout to Make a Sexy Body

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Want a better butt? (Duh, yes, you do!) We’ve got a dynamo derriere workout that will help you finally amplify your behind so your curves cause swerves from now on.



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ADMIT IT—you love leg day because it fires up that one asset that tells all in your leggings. The booty is queenl But you have to exercise smart, not just hard. Trainer and nutritionist Jaclyn Sklaver, founder of FitMissNYC (, designed a powerful buttboosting workout to give you the moves you need to build curves in all the right places. To complete this posterior perkathon, we tapped Team AIIMax athlete, IFBB bikini pro, cover model, and now clothing designer of Booty Queen—Amanda Latona Kudo (@amandalatona), who is known and admired for her showstopping lower body. You won’t go astray with this dream team, and the workout will help you see results!

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Follow this plan for four weeks, and log on to for demos of some of these moves. Plus, watch video of Amanda revealing her favorite exercises, rep schemes, and body splits for a better booty—right now!

Tools you’ll need:

  • 2 kettlebells
  • 2 plyo boxes or benches
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbell with plates
  • Resistance band
  • Ankle weights
  • Bosu

Seesaw Lunge with Kettlebells or Dumbbells

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SETS/REPS: 1 lunge in each direction (front/side/back) 5 times through. Switch legs, that’s 1 circuit. Repeat circuit 3 times.

• Stand with feet hip-width holding DBs at shoulder height or kettlebells in the front rack position. (Hold a KB in each hand; curl weight toward chest until you can rotate wrist slightly outward, letting weight rest in front of shoulders.)

  • Lunge forward with right foot (A), lowering until
  • left knee nearly touches the floor.
  • Press through the heel, and use your glutes and core to return to start.
  • Step to your right for a side lunge (B), straightening your left knee while bending your right knee.
  • Step back with the right foot to perform a reverse lunge (not shown). Return to start.

Box Curtsy Lunge

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SETS/REPS: 3 x 10 per leg

  • Stand on top of box or bench with right foot close to the edge, holding one end of a dumbbell vertically with both hands, elbows down and close to sides, heel of left foot raised (A).
  • Slowly shift weight onto your right leg. Bracing your core, bend right knee, bringing left leg behind right and off the bench until your toes touch, or nearly touch, the floor (B). While lowering, make sure to keep your chest up.
  • Press up to standing until your hips are locked out at top and standing leg is straight.

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Between the bench Squat

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SETS/REPS:4 x 10

  • Set up two benches (or boxes) a little wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Grab one heavy dumbbell with both hands at one end (shown) or a kettlebell by the handle, and stand with one foot on either bench.
  • Keeping your chest up, lower your hips back and down into a squat until your thighs are lower than parallel to the floor.
  • Power through your glutes to drive hips up until your legs are straight and hips are locked out at the top.

1 1/2 Squat

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SETS/REPS: 3 x 12

  • Grasp a loaded barbell at a squat rack with an overhand grip, or hold a kettlebell upside down in front of chest in goblet position. If holding barbell, walk it forward a foot from the rack (A).
  • Brace your abs and focus on your glutes as you lower your hips back and down into a low squat until your thighs are about parallel to the floor (B).
  • Immediately pulse yourself up to halfway between standing and squatting (not shown).
  • Immediately drop back to the bottom of the squat. Then return to standing under control until hips are fully extended at top. That’s one rep.
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Barbell Stepup

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SETS/REPS: 3 x 8 per side

  • Place a knee-high bench or box in front of a power rack. Load a barbell on the rack with moderate to heavy weight and rest it across your trapezius muscles (top area of back), grasping it with an overhand grip, elbows pointed toward floor.
  • Walk barbell forward from rack until you are about a foot from the box.
  • Place your left foot on the box. This is your starting position.
  • Drive through your glutes, quads, and hamstrings to propel you to the top of the box until both feet are planted on the box and hips are fully extended at the top.
  • Engage your glutes to lower your right foot back to the floor.
  • Quickly return to top of box, powering with your glutes.

Kickstand Deadlift

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SETS/REPS: 3 x 10 per side

  • Hold a kettlebell or dumbbell in your left hand, arm straight and palm facing thighs. Step your left foot back and rest your weight on the ball of your left foot and your entire right foot (A).
  • Hinge forward at hips, pressing glutes back while lowering the weight straight down toward the floor, keeping the weight close to your body (B). Press back to standing position and repeat.
  • Form notes: Let both knees bend just enough until you feel a stretch in your glutes; keep back straight, not rounded, and neck in line with torso throughout move.

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Banded Frog Kicks

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SETS/REPS:4 x 20

  • Stand facing the length of a bench or
  • in front of a box (shown) and place a band around your lower thighs, just above your knees.
  • Lie facedown on the box and hold its sides, bracing your abs. Lift your feet slightly off the floor until your knees are bent 90 degrees. This is your starting position (A).
  • Engage your glutes to lift your knees until they are parallel to the floor; at the same time, pull band apart (B). Lower to start and repeat.
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Jaclyn Sklaver sports nutritionist and personal trainer

Banded Hip Thrust into Adduction

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SETS/REPS: 4x 10 of each

  • Stand perpendicular to a bench and place a band around your lower thighs, just above your knees.
  • Sit with just your shoulders resting on one side of bench and place hands either along length of the bench or behind your head (A).
  • With feet hip width, bridge your hips up until they form a straight line with torso (B). Lower hips until they nearly touch the floor. Perform this hip thrust 10 times.
  • At the top of the last rep, keep hips elevated and press knees open to engage outer glutes (C). Bring knees back to start (hip width). Perform adduction 10 times total.
  • Immediately return to the hip bridge and repeat sequence.
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Bosu Glute-Hamstring Raise

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SETS/REPS:3 x 10

  • Place a Bosu 11/2 feet away from the wall, or about a shin’s length away.
  • Press your feet flat against the bottom of the wall and your knees onto the Bosu.
  • Lift your hands in front of your chest, bending your elbows. This is your starting position (A).
  • Using glutes and hamstrings to stabilize your fall, let your torso drop toward the floor until hands are flat on floor and body is straight (B).
  • Press feet into wall and use glutes to quickly rise back up to starting position, aiming to keep body in a straight line from head to knees.

Weighted Ankle Crossover

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SETS/REPS: 3 x 12

  • Wrap ankle weights around ankles. Get on all fours with your forearms on the mat and knees about a foot behind hips. Straighten your right leg next to your left (A).
  • Brace your abs and fire your glutes to lift your right leg up and over (B) until you tap your right toe outside your left foot (C).
  • Return to start, bringing right leg next to left. Focus on the mind-muscle connection to use just your glutes for the movement.
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