Monday, 22 Jul 2019
3 small breeds of dogs

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs

Small dogs look incredibly cute and it misleads people. And only experienced cynologists can dispel some myths about dogs of small breeds. What, after all, do we know about these little sweet pets? What is the truth and what are the most frequent misconceptions?

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Bench the Carbs? Fat Energy

Fitness pros have long hypothesized that strength training + a low-carb diet is a combo made in get-lean heaven. “Eating high-fat foods and no more than 50 grams of carbs per day, plus moderate protein—a ketogenic diet—can help increase your body’s reliance on fat for energy, so you burn more of it,” explains Carwyn Sharp, […]

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Hired Guns! Pushups

Could a pushup a day keep the arm flab away? WH associate fitness editor Marissa Gainsburg volunteers her triceps (shown here!) for a 30-day challenge—and reaps total-body rewards and one unexpected perk.

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private life

Private Life

Why do you need a man when you have… Why do you need a man, when you have everything, even children? Why do you need him, if you are an independent, wealthy woman who does not need any material support and if you can provide good life not only to your own family but also […]

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