Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020

8 Secrets of a Perfect Blowjob

Penis. There are a lot of couples where the partners are afraid to speak about such intimate, frank topics. Some women can be too shy to ask their men about their preferences in sex and very often because of this shyness and modesty relationship can be destroyed. I am sure that no one will argue […]

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zodiac sign

Zodiac Signs

The point of view of an independent astrologer Some people believe in horoscopes, some do not believe in them, thinking that astrology is just a lie. Frankly speaking, I understand their skepticism and mistrust because in our modern world there are a lot of pseudosciences which promise you a happy life and true love if […]

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Online Dating for and Against

Life is full of challenges and every day we are faced with a choice. We are making a lot of thinking and analyzing all pros and cons and then find the right solution. Themes can be different but for all ages, the problem of people’s acquaintance was the main. Sometimes we want to go through […]

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Dairy midlife

Dairy of a midlife dater

Divorced after 26 years of marriage, Daisy Mae, 55, tells what happened when she bravely launched herself into the world of internet dating. Daisy has written a book, Dating Daisy, based on her adventures, but chose to conceal her real name to keep her professional career as an NHS doctor separate. She has three adult […]

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