Thursday, 24 May 2018
Symbols. Rituals-of-Freemasonry

Symbols. The Rituals of Freemasonry

NOBODY KNOWS MUCH ABOUT the rituals and symbols used by the early masters of the Lodge of Aberdeen, David Menzies, Matthew Wright, and Alexander Stuart, but we do know that they set about studying the power of symbols to affect the way people think. We know this because their early Masonic floor cloth, which shows […]

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Italy. List of Bars and Hotels by City

Enjoy your vacation in romantic and magical Italy! Bars: Bordighera: La Reserve, Via Arziglia, 20, 18012 Bordighera IM, Italy La Casa del Caffè, 13 Corso Italia Bordighera IM, Italy Buga Buga, 13 Corso Italia -Bordighera IM, Italy San Remo: Vino e Panino, Corso Augusto Mombello, 56, 18038 Sanremo IM, Italy tel. +39 0184 […]

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Life After Menopause

As women our bodies have a tremendous impact on our daily lives through menstruation, pregnancy, birthing, motherhood, and then menopause, in a way that men do not experience. All of these transitions change a woman, and if she listens deeply, the transition of menopause can carry profound wisdom that seems to simply arise within her—intuitive […]

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napoleon bonaparte waterloo battle

The Battle of Waterloo 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte

There may be doubts about the facts surrounding the mutiny on the Bounty, but we come now to an integral part of the nation’s history about which there can surely be no possible dispute; that Britain won the Battle of Waterloo. Even asking the very question, ‘Did Britain win the Battle of Waterloo?’ sounds absurd. After all, […]

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san remo

San Remo

Aperitivo is offered everywhere you go in San Remo, one of the largest cities on the Italian Riviera. I personally love to sit on the boardwalk in the early evening and enjoy an aperitivo by the sea. Of all the Riviera towns, this one has the most retro 60s Italian vibe. You almost expect Gina […]

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