Tuesday, 18 Sep 2018
The Lammermuir Hills

The Lammermuir Hills. Southern Scotland

The Lammermuir Hills have the look of English moorland rather than Scottish mountain. They aren’t high; Meikle Says Law at 532 metres is the roof of the Lammermuirs, or Lammermoor as the area was known. They share a landscape with neighbouring Northumberland. Even the hills’ suffixes, Law and Rig, are just as common south of […]

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Graz. Austria

Graz is located in south-eastern Austria on the territory of the land of Styria, – the second largest city in the country. This city is an organic combination of developed industry and natural beauties (green parks, a river flowing through the city, a mountain), grandiose palaces in the Renaissance and Baroque style, and ultra-modern architectural […]

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Unusual Sex Positions

Unusual Sex Positions You Need To Try

THE SEDUCTION FOR UNUSUAL SEX POSITIONS: The Cowgirl is a classic woman-on-top maneuver that every woman should have in her sexual repertoire. It’s a favorite with both sexes, and for good reason. She gets to be in the driver’s seat, where she can control the angle and depth of penetration—maybe even hitting her G-spot—as well as […]

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Akumal. Mexico

For many divers, Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula conjures up images of the shimmering green waters of the western Caribbean and Cozumel, with perhaps a sidelong glance at the ruins of Tulum. For Roxanne Pennington, the Yucatán means cenotes.“Outside of Akumal, Mexico, there are underwater caverns that the Mayans believed were sacred,” Roxanne began. “The water is […]

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Leading and following in Tango

Leading and Following in Tango

Leading and Following in Tango. Main Rules Though it is usual for a tango couple to be a man and a woman, this is not Holy Writ and frequently men dance with men and women with women. However… I am prepared to dispense with political correctness – and point out that men and women are […]

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