Sunday, 18 Nov 2018

Snowdonia – a Pearl of North Wales

Two distinct halves, three passes and a thorough exploration of stately Snowdonia all go into this 100-mile ride. It also visits the seaside twice, and one of the places is so extraordinary, so unexpected, that they made a cult TV series there. Snowdonia has everything, including a fair amount of rain, but that only makes […]

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Anglesey. Family Travel by Bicycle

Anglesey, or Ynys Mon (because three-quarters of the inhabitants speak Welsh), is an island separated from the rest of Wales by a narrow strip of water called the Menai Strait. There are two bridges across it: the Menai Bridge, Thomas Telford’s 1826 suspension bridge, and the slightly newer Britannia Bridge. They both make magnificent entrances […]

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(vaginal orgasm or clitoral orgasm)

Vaginal Orgasm and Clitoral Orgasm. Real Life Stories

“Orgasm Interviews on Intimacy” Marion Schneider Unforgettable Vaginal Orgasm and Clitoral Orgasm AMELIA, United States Orgasm (vaginal orgasm or clitoral orgasm) is something that I crave and love to have as often as possible a few times a day, actually. I am a squirter a female ejaculator is I guess what they say, and that […]

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Online Dating Success

The Odds of Online Dating Success and the 1% Rule

Many years ago, I decided to quantify why finding the right person is so difficult, and why we must think about online dating success in terms of a numbers game. Just like in sales, if you want to get more conversions (i.e., dates, a fulfilling relationship, etc.), you have to increase the number of sales […]

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