Thursday, 20 Sep 2018
Leading and following in Tango

Leading and Following in Tango

Leading and Following in Tango. Main Rules Though it is usual for a tango couple to be a man and a woman, this is not Holy Writ and frequently men dance with men and women with women. However… I am prepared to dispense with political correctness – and point out that men and women are […]

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The Different Schools of Tango Teaching

It may not be apparent to those beginning to learn to tango, but there are quite a wide variety of teaching styles and philosophies used. This should not surprise us when we consider the origins of tango and the influences of the dancing on the tango teachers, the teachers on the dancing and the music […]

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Knapdale – a Pearl of Southern Scotland

Knapdale isn’t the obvious choice for a bike ride. It’s a lonely, weather-beaten extension to Scotland, hanging down between the mainland and Jura, and separated from both by either sea or sea loch. A narrow waist of land connects Knapdale to Argyll in the north, and an even narrower neck connects it to Kintyre in […]

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How to Improve Sex Life?

THE SEDUCTION. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE : Tonight’s seduction washes away cares, encourages you to feel pampered, and puts you in the mood for erotic pleasures. SETTING THE SCENE. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: First, make sure your bathroom is spotless. Light scented candles. Play your favorite soft music or ambient sounds. If you want to […]

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Cathedral of St Stephen

Vienna. Cathedral of St Stephen

Cathedral of St Stephen is a landmark of Vienna. It fascinates with Gothic architecture and interior decoration. And if you climb the tower, the views are simply gorgeous! The symbol of Vienna – Cathedral of St Stephen in the Stefansplatz square. The magnificent, unique, multifaceted church of Stefansdom, like the cathedral, was first mentioned in […]

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