Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020

Chile Archipelago. Kayaking Adventures

  Chile Archipelago. All rivers (most of them, anyway) ultimately lead to the sea. It was a river that led Francisco Valle Gomez to the Chile Archipelago, though not in the typical gravity-driven sense. “I had been in the river-running business in Chile on the Bìo-Bìo River from 1984 to 1995,” Francisco began. “When the river […]

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Tuolumne River

Tuolumne River. California

Tuolumne River. “I grew up in Placerville, a town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada gold country,” Nelson Mathews began. “The American River runs near town. My mom met a guy who ran river trips on the American and a few other rivers, and he was looking for local kids to guide. I started working […]

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Romance and Desire. Body Language of Romance

 Budding romance Romance. Think back to when you had your first crush. One man I spoke with remembered his first crush as a girl he gave a box of candy to. She told him that she liked somebody else, but she took the candy anyway, thanked him, and walked away. He was nine years old […]

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Alsek Rivers. British Columbia. Alaska

Alsek Rivers, Tatshenshini. Vast glaciers. Immense spires. Untrammeled wilderness. A lake filled with icebergs. All this (and much more) awaits on the Tatshenshini, perhaps the most renowned of Alaska’s many rugged, runnable rivers. “The Tat is a river of immense proportions, both in terms of rock and water,” began poet and guide Melanie Siebert. “It’s […]

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Love Style, Sex, and Stress

Love Style. By about two months of age, an infant begins to take an intense interest in the mother’s face, especially the eyes. Thus begins the first real communication: the gaze-avert game. Baby looks into mother’s eyes (gaze); mother is there with a smile, and they both get excited; baby looks away (avert), and they […]

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