Friday, 22 Nov 2019

Sexual Dysfunctions. What May Hinder Pleasure?

Some sexual problems are not necessarily related to other physical limitations but do manifest physically, presenting challenges to your sexual relationship. These are known as sexual dysfunctions because they are expressly related to sexual behavior. However, they are often very manageable and are the kind of problem specifically dealt with by psycho sexual therapists. These […]

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Sexual Compulsion. Internet Sex

Internet sex and sexual compulsion can feel very much like infidelity, and opinion about what constitutes an affair has changed very much in the past decade or so. Sex with someone other than a primary partner in an agreed monogamous relationship can clearly be counted as an infidelity. However, there are other behaviors, such as […]

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Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond Snow Pole

Crowning Tasmania’s north-east, and towering over its namesake in the Scottish Highlands, Ben Lomond is an adventure playground suited to lovers of alpine summers as much as it is to snow-play enthusiasts. This lasso-shaped half-day return walk catches the top of the state’s second-highest peak (after Mount Ossa, on the Overland Track). Tread the Plains of […]

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Erection. Ageing In Men. Symptoms

Erection. Big events and milestones tend to reverberate through our lives, affecting our relationships and sense of ourselves. Whether we think we have coped with resilience or suffered appallingly as each stage passes, there is likely to be some kind of adjustment to personal well-being or image at each stage. This can be positive, negative […]

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