Monday, 22 Jul 2019
Tamar Island

Tamar Island. Launceston Region

“Top Walks in Tasmania” Melanie Ball Tamar Island. Launceston Region  Tamar Island. Tick off multiple bird species and catch a north Tasmanian sunset while strolling on the River Tamar. Tamar Island is perfect for a family stroll Walk: 4.6km out-and-back Time required: 1.5 hours Best time: A fine, mild day (there is no shelter from […]

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energy system

Energy system of the body. Digestive Rest

Energy system of the body. Digestive Rest Energy system of the body. Today chronic fatigue is so common that caffeinated coffee, espresso, tea, or some form of toxic energy drink is ingested almost on a prescription basis. A lot of people feel like their day doesn’t get started until they’re spiked up on caffeine or […]

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Magnolia Dale. Ten Governors Proud

  Magnolia Dale. South Carolina’s history stems back to the 1663 grant by King Charles II of England to the eight Lords Proprietors who had assisted him in returning to the throne. This grant encompassed all of the land from Virginia to Spanish Florida and included the present states of North and South Carolina and […]

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Homeless cats

Beauty Of The Homeless Cats

  Homeless cats. Most people prefer to avoid them. They are forced to seek their own food and protect themselves. Some of them no longer trust people. Homeless cats in my city and country are very common. They walk everywhere, there is no street that you wouldn’t see at least a couple of homeless cats. […]

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