Thursday, 24 May 2018

Bordighera. Cocktail Italiano

The seaside town of Bordighera is one of the first stops on our tour of the Riviera, and a great introduction to the region. Although close to France, this town is still quintessentially Italian and offers a first sip of the Italian Riviera cocktail culture. The grand boardwalk at the seaside is wide and inviting; […]

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How to Make Hair Healthy

Hair Beauty Tips

Natural beauty tips are essentially affordable luxuries. You deserve to reach for beauty just as much as the women who came before you and the women of future generations who will reach for their highest beauty. My beauty recipes for hair are a natural way for women to indulge in the inevitable desire to reach for […]

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hotel with giraffes

Hotel with Giraffes

This is an interesting story about famous hotel with giraffes“ Giraffe Manor” which was visited by Ukrainian journalist Konstantin Stogniy. He saw many wonderful things especially impressive wild nature. We hope that his story about hotel with giraffes can interest you and you will get only positive emotions.

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Myths That Shaped Our History. The Meaning of Myth

In everyday usage, the word ‘myth’ is now almost synonymous with ‘misconception’ or even ‘lie’. When we describe something as a myth, we are in effect saying that it is untrue. We are in this way robbed of a very useful word with a specific meaning quite unconnected with falsehood or truth; which is unfortunate. […]

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