Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
Cancer Risk

Sugar And Cancer Risk

Vegucation Over Medication Dr. Bobby Price Plant-Based Pharmacist; Fitness & Nutrition Expert Sugar And Cancer Risk Cancer Risk. During the winter months, it’s common knowledge that patients are always the sickest. This is most often attributed to the change in weather that begins in early October and lasts until April. But let’s examine how eating habits […]

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Meeting People

Meeting People: Emotional Openness

Leaving Loneliness: A Workbook: Building Relationships with Yourself and Others” by David S. Narang Ph.D Meeting People: Emotional Openness As you develop a posture with which to touch the world, as Thich Nhat Hanh would say, you also need a mind with which to “touch” the world. There are reasons we retreat emotionally, often out of […]

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Strzelecki Mountain

Strzelecki Mountain. Flinders Island

“Top Walks in Tasmania” Melanie Ball Strzelecki Mountain. Flinders Island      Strzelecki Mountain. A combination of history, wildlife and geology fill up a Flinders Island itinerary that will take you to both beaches and mountains. You can leave footprints on white sand trimmed with lichen-festooned rocks or climb the island’s tallest peak for a […]

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Sugar Drug

Sugar Drug. Metabolizing Sugars

Vegucation Over Medication Dr. Bobby Price Plant-Based Pharmacist; Fitness & Nutrition Expert Sugar Drug. Metabolizing Sugars  Sugar Drug. It is of importance to note that the human body metabolizes fructose and glucose very differently. While virtually every cell in the body can metabolize glucose, the liver cells are alone in their capacity to metabolize fructose. This […]

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