Friday, 22 Jun 2018
summer fashion

Summer Fashion. Clothes for Everybody

Summer is time of holidays, time for rest and travel! The sun, the sea, the mountains, the forests, at last! Most all people have their vacations in summer so maybe it is time for you also to buy a ticket, collect suitcases, take your favorite dog (cat, hamster, rabbit), leave the stuffy city and forget […]

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How to Seduce a Woman…

SERVE THE APPETIZER: STIMULATE HER BODY How to seduce a woman? This is one of the most interesting questions for the majority of men. After your partner’s mind has been aroused and she’s ready and willing to participate in lovemaking, don’t just jump into intercourse. Go to the next step, which is to stimulate her […]

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mysterious places

Mysterious Places in the World

In the world there are many mysterious places that attract and frighten by their mystery. In different places people disappear, things are flying, ghosts are appearing from time to time. Scientists can not really understand this phenomena, and just explain them with mass hallucinations, and simply spread their hands. On our vast planet there are […]

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dissapearance of people

Disappearance of People. Paranormal Events

Paranormal events attract people’s attention and arouse many thoughts and gossips. People have a great desire to find the key to different secrets but sometimes nobody could understand the real reasons of these paranormal events. One of such unusual events is secret disappearance of people. They happen during centuries and some of them have become […]

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