Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018
Alcohol free drinks

Let’s Have an Alcohol-free Drink!

The growing range of alcohol-free wines, beers and ciders means there’s more choice beyond fizzy drinks and sugary mocktails. You can have a party and drink but after that you can drive and feel good next morning.  Louise Wates writes why she has become something of a fan of free-alcohol drinks and what is their […]

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Exercise Cluster: Jaw, Neck and Shoulders

The lower jaw is the only bone in the head that can move independently of the skull, because it is hinged to the upper jaw. This mobility is partially because the ligaments and muscles of the jaw are powerful enough to pull an automobile, or, in Jack La Lanne’s case, a small tugboat. 

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The Facial Exercises for Your Beauty

Your face is your emotional canvas. It is your brand: the label, or logo, by which others identify who you are. Like it or not, your face carries all your thoughts, feelings, and impressions, and then transmits them to the world instantaneously. The face also acts as an archive, or record bank, of your emotions, […]

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