Friday, 15 Feb 2019

The Beauty of Forest

It is always so good to spend time in the forest. To feel this special aroma of coniferous trees, to hear the singing of birds. The atmosphere of forest is very peaceful and nice. I like to spend time there and I always wonder with the nature of the forest. So many beautiful trees, so many […]

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wedding outfits

Wedding Outfits

The wedding is the most unforgettable day in every couple’s life, this is the day when a new family is being created. The wedding day for the bride and groom becomes special. Such a solemn feast is only once in a lifetime, and its happiness lasts a lifetime. That is why brides and grooms try […]

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Beauty of Montenegro

Beauty of Montenegro impresses and amazes with its diversity and picturesqueness.  This picture is the best proof of my words. High mountains, boundless sea that smoothly merges with the sky and cozy houses which are surrounded by greenery and flowers… if you come here, you will fall in love with beauty of Montenegro and you can be absolutely […]

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