Thursday, 24 May 2018

7 wonders of Dubai

Once upon a time, this place was covered by sands. It was hard to imagine that one day everything would change. Who could even dream that Dubai will become the most popular and luxury city in the whole world? Money, glory, and incredible technologies of the future, the largest commercial port, and airport in the […]

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My long way to dream

My long way to dream or per aspera ad astra

The world is busy. We can hardly find some free time to spend it with our close and dear people, not even talking about time for our interests and hobbies. But people don’t even realize how much they lose not doing what they like and what brings them pleasure. This is a story from my […]

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Love Story

This is one of those letters which people write in a state of “the cry of the soul”. Returning home in the evening, I found my wife in the dining room, where she was setting the table for dinner. Taking her by the hand, I asked she to stop and sit near me for one […]

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women's fashion

Women’s Fashion

Have you ever had such situation in your life when you turned your head to look at a very beautiful woman? She could have the really incredible look and you were impressed in a pleasant way. If such a lady drew your attention then no doubt she was very fashionable and attractive. Million of women […]

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