Monday, 22 Jul 2019

Mistakes. Learning from Mistakes and Moving Forward

  Some people seem to learn from their mistakes more than others, whether the lessons are in raising a family, making career decisions, or aging successfully. Those who learn from mistakes live happier, more stable lives compared to those who are unable to apply what they’ve learned from their own and others’ experiences. Professionals have […]

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Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person Our world is full of different exotic animals. Snails. Some people who are not interested in ordinary animals like aquarium fish, cat, dog or parrot decide to have such a wild animal as a pet. But very often these animals are too expensive or require special conditions that […]

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The Many Problems of Dehydration

Vegucation Over Medication Dr. Bobby Price Plant-Based Pharmacist; Fitness & Nutrition Expert The Many Problems of Dehydration Our planet is mostly covered by water, but not always where we need it. Water covers roughly 75% of the surface of the earth. However, 97% is undrinkable because it is in the form of salt water. So only […]

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Stag beetles. Crushed giants

  Stag beetles. In our world, cars are harmful not only by their exhaust emissions into the atmosphere, animals and  insects are very often the victims of cars. With the onset of heat in all cities, various living creatures come out of their holes and shelters to eat and warm themselves. One of such creatures at […]

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