Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019
No chance to hide

No Chance to Hide. Social Networks

Have you ever heard the phrase “Big Brother is watching you”? Today it is hard to hide yourself and even millions of people will not help you. It is easier with social networks. The matter is that there are some cameras and special programs that can distinguish you from others and follow you even all […]

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Traveling as a Test for Relationships

Traveling as a test The famous writer Mark Twain said: “The best way to find out whether you like a person or not is traveling with him.” Sounds very simple, but it does work. Sometimes people like to wear different masks, they hide their true character, habits, and personality. In normal typical conditions, you will never […]

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Let`s Be sporty

How to Keep Yourself Young Looking

Nature gave us so much in our life: beautiful mountains and forests, incredible animals, seas, and oceans. But not only that surround us but also our beauty, that natural beauty that we got from the birth. The main for us is to keep all in the good state but sometimes we forget to take care […]

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