Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019
Popular stereotypes about different countries

Popular Stereotypes About Different Countries

Unfortunately, stereotypes are a part of our life. There are so many different stereotypes and it’s very difficult to fight with them. But we will try! We have prepared some of the most popular stereotypes about different countries that will make you smile and think about the truthfulness of some common “facts”. So, let’s go!

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Huge red balls on Sixth Avenue in New York

American Christmas

Probably, Christmas is one of the most charming periods of the year. This is a magical time that all people are waiting for with a big impatience. Each country has its own traditions and customs about Christmas, but American celebration is special.

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Cheese. Halloumi Kebabs

FIRE IT UP! CHEESE Best thing since sliced bread? Grilled cheese without it. Because of their higher melting points, certain hard cheeses, such as halloumi and queso de freir, actually fare well alone on the grates. As the dense center softens, a warm, golden crust forms on the outside. Halloumi’s saltiness pairs nicely with savory […]

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Grilled Banana Split

FIRE IT UP! DESSERT A grown-up sundae is a little slice of joy. Spike it with bananas and double the feel-good vibes: The yellow fruit is full of the amino acid your body uses to help pump out the happiness hormone serotonin. Grilling caramelizes the sugars, adding a toasty layer to creamy fro-yo and sweet […]

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