Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019

Sexy Body Language

Misunderstandings between a man and a woman can be avoided in many cases if you know the “body language” of each other. Now you have an opportunity to become acquainted with some peculiarities concerning the sexual behavior of women and men. This information will help you in all situations when it is necessary to communicate […]

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Broccoli, Chicken, and Sun-Dried Tomato Pie

FIRE IT UP! PIZZA You don’t need a wood-burning pizza oven to get a pie that tastes like it came out of one. Your backyard barbie has the intense heat needed to achieve the perfect pillowy yet crisp crust — and to add flame-broiled taste to the toppings of your choice, like fiber-rich broccoli and […]

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Eyes Wide Open

Concealer isn’t the only way to fake eight hours. The research found that a combo of liner and mascara made eyes look 6 percent bigger. (Not piddly! Eye differences are perceptible at just 5 percent.) To reap max benefits, try these enlightening moves from makeup pro-Suzy Gerstein.

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3 small breeds of dogs

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs

Small dogs look incredibly cute and it misleads people. And only experienced cynologists can dispel some myths about dogs of small breeds. What, after all, do we know about these little sweet pets? What is the truth and what are the most frequent misconceptions?

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Bench the Carbs? Fat Energy

Fitness pros have long hypothesized that strength training + a low-carb diet is a combo made in get-lean heaven. “Eating high-fat foods and no more than 50 grams of carbs per day, plus moderate protein—a ketogenic diet—can help increase your body’s reliance on fat for energy, so you burn more of it,” explains Carwyn Sharp, […]

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