Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Love Story

This is one of those letters which people write in a state of “the cry of the soul”. Returning home in the evening, I found my wife in the dining room, where she was setting the table for dinner. Taking her by the hand, I asked she to stop and sit near me for one […]

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women's fashion

Women’s Fashion

Have you ever had such situation in your life when you turned your head to look at a very beautiful woman? She could have the really incredible look and you were impressed in a pleasant way. If such a lady drew your attention then no doubt she was very fashionable and attractive. Million of women […]

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Interesting Facts about Portugal

Portugal is a very cozy small country which is located in the extreme south-west of Europe. This is a popular place for the travelers. This year the whole world speak about Portugal because talented Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral became a winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 which took place in Kyiv. If you have never visited […]

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