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Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds

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personal dog care
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Dogs always helped people to hunt, graze livestock, guarded, etc. Depending on the work they had to do, the dogs began to be classified as hunting, hounds and greyhounds, service, terriers, room-decorative, public and shepherd dogs. Depending on their purpose, animals acquired various qualities and traits of character. That is why personal dog care is very important for each breed. We offer you information about some dog breeds and important details as for their personal dog care.

Breton Espanyol

In addition, cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy occur from time to time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that eyes are free from inflammation and discharge and give proper personal dog care. It is known that the name of the Breton breed comes from the French province of Brittany. Dogs of this breed have a cheerful and lively disposition and are easy to train. They are loving and gentle animals, always obedient and willing to serve. That is why they need the constant attention and care of the owner.

The Breton Espanyol, or Breton are very active and graceful. They have a muscular body with long legs and elegant lines. Bretons, despite their relatively small size (height at the withers – 44.5-52 cm; body weight – 13.5-14 kg), are very hardy, almost tireless. Therefore, they need an active lifestyle.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 1

personal dog care

Personal dog care is very important for them. It is necessary to walk with the dog more often, and during walks give it the opportunity to run and play as much as possible. These dogs adapt well to urban conditions, but require great physical exertion and personal dog care – the lack of them may be the cause of poor animal health or even the occurrence of diseases. Bretons have a thick fur of medium length white-orange, black, brown or chestnut, as well as barley color. On the ears, chest, lower torso and upper limbs, the hair forms a feathering. As a result, dogs need to be regularly brushed.

If necessary, pets should be washed or treated with dry shampoo. Despite the fact that Breton Espanyols are characterized by good health, due to poor ventilation of the ear canal, they are prone to ear infections. Therefore, you need to give them proper personal dog care and carefully check the ears, especially after the dog visited a terrain that was crossed or overgrown with bushes. If the ears are healthy, then they have almost no discharge, they do not look swollen and reddened and do not have an unpleasant smell. There are no special feeding requirements as for personal dog care.

English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniels are strong dogs with a compact body (height at the withers – 36-43 cm; body weight – 12-14 kg), covered with silky, tight-fitting hair of medium length. The fur color is continuous red, black or chestnut gold, as well as two-color and three-color with white or sometimes fresh spots. Representatives of this breed require regular combing of the hair with a comb and brush. You should not forget about proper personal dog care. If necessary, you should bathe the dog or treat it with dry shampoo. The hair on the limbs should be brushed down onto the toes and cut to the soles of the feet. You also need to cut the hair around the paws, but not between the fingers. Personal dog care is essential.

Personal dog care is a very important part. Due to the fact that the ears are covered with thick hair, deterioration of the ear canal. This causes ear infections. For preventive purposes, it is necessary to check the ears for the presence of grass seed and infection. If the ears are healthy, then a bit of sulfur may be present (it protects the ear canals), but its elevation will be abnormal.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 2

personal dog care

English Cocker Spaniels are also predisposed to congenital eye diseases. Therefore, it is useful to wipe your eyes with a cotton swab moistened with warm boiled water. Periodically, the animal must be shown to the veterinarian. It is known that the name “Cocker Spaniel” comes from the English woodcock – “forest sandpiper, woodcock” and a distorted version of the French word “espagnol”, meaning “Spanish dog.”

But basically they are healthy and active, like all hunting dogs but anyway they need good personal dog care.  They are playful and very friendly, with a balanced character. These are gambling hunters, loyal and wonderful companions. In addition, the English Cocker Spaniels are good watchdogs: they will certainly notify the owner of the appearance of aliens. Dogs of this breed are happy to withstand any physical activity, and moreover, they need it. Just do not forget to comb their fur and comb out her thorns and turnips. There are no special feeding requirements as for personal dog care.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are intelligent and charming dogs. They are easily trained and perform commands with pleasure. They are very patient and treat children well. Despite the fact that the retrievers are reluctant to attack, they are still good watchdogs. They also differ in their desire to be useful to their masters and personal dog care is not so hard.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 3

personal dog care

In addition, golden retrievers are very beautiful and strong animals (height at withers – 51-61 cm; body weight – 25-36 kg). And you don’t need to give them special personal dog care. They have a thick fur with undercoat, tight to the body. On the head, legs and front of the limbs, the coat is short and smooth, the abdomen is lower, and on the chest and back of the limbs it is longer. Color can be golden or cream. Retriever fur requires regular brushing and smoothing with a stiff brush with bristles. It is necessary to bathe a dog only as a last resort, it is enough to treat the hair with a dry shampoo. But at the same time it is very useful for an animal to swim in reservoirs, since retrievers love water very much. Personal dog care is connected with water procedures.

Representatives of this breed are active and hardworking, so they need great physical exertion, which should be regular as any personal dog care. They love long walks with jogging and energetic games. Insufficient exercise can lead to obesity and even diseases. Skin allergies are characteristic of golden retrievers, so you need to be especially careful when examining the skin of pets. In addition, dogs of this breed are predisposed to hip dysplasia and congenital eye diseases.  There are no special requirements for feeding, but you should not overfeed the animal. Personal dog care in nutrition should be appropriate

The Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is a very strong and hardy dog ​​with a dense, powerful body (height at withers – 53-61 cm; body weight – 20-27 kg). Therefore, it requires full physical activity. It is always ready to work and play. In addition, Labradors are excellent swimmers, and they like to swim in the ponds. In general, any activity is useful for representatives of this breed, otherwise the animals become lazy and fat. So, they need personal dog care.

Labrador wool is thick and waterproof, without towing, having a solid black, yellow, tan, cream and sometimes golden or chocolate color. For smooth and short hair dogs do not require special personal dog care. Enough regular brushing and smoothing with a stiff bristle brush as a part of personal dog care. In this case, special attention should be paid to the undercoat. It is necessary to wash the pet only when necessary, however, it is necessary to periodically treat the hair with dry shampoo. To do this, the animal is taken out on the street or in a specially designated room. Fur must be wet. After that, talc is applied and rubbed into the wool, and after a few minutes, it is combed out with a brush. This method does not violate the structure of the hair, therefore, has no contraindications.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 4

personal dog care

Interestingly, despite its name, this breed originated not on Labrador, but on the island of Newfoundland. Like many other large dogs, Labradors are predisposed to dysplasia of the elbow and hip joints. So personal dog care is really important. They also suffer eye diseases, such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. An experienced breeder should always be able to recognize whether his dog is healthy. If there are no violations, the animal will be funny and will not refuse food.

Labradors are extremely kind and intelligent animals. They are easy to train and are happy to perform various teams. Animals love children and need human attention; therefore, their communication with their owners should not be limited. From this they are sad and even sick. There are no special indications for personal dog care in feeding. However, you should not overfeed pets, as they quickly get fat.

Short-hair German pointer

The Pointers breed was bred to sniff out game birds, so the German Pointers have an extremely delicate scent. In addition, they are excellent swimmers and never mind swimming in any body of water. They need great physical exertion, as they are large (height at withers – 53-66 cm; body weight – 20-29 kg) and strong animals. Without enough physical activity, pointers can become fat and sick. So, personal dog care is also essential. Therefore, they should be allowed to take long walks where they can run, play or swim.

You should not be afraid of the fact that after bathing the animal may catch a cold, as its short and dense coat is almost waterproof. It has a solid black or chestnut color or the same color with spots, specks or divorces. It is easy to care for a pointer’s fur. Enough regular brushing with a solid bristle brush. It is necessary to wash an animal only out of necessity, since frequent bathing can lead to the destruction of the fur structure. It is better to wipe the fur with a wet towel or a piece of suede as an important part of personal dog care. Personal dog care is an important part for this breed too.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 5

personal dog care

Like other dogs with large ears, it is necessary to examine the auricles for the presence of ear infections. As a preventive measure, it is necessary to clean the ears with a 10% hydrogen peroxide solution and, after walking, make sure that no litter or plant seeds remain there. The German Short-hair Pointer is a very versatile hunter; it can work both in the field and in the water. German Pointers are usually healthy dogs and personal dog care is not so hard process, but some of them may suffer from hip dysplasia, congenital eye diseases and skin cancer, so you should pay attention to the behavior of the animal. If it refuses to play or eat food, perhaps the reason lies in poor health. It is important to view dogs in their personal dog care.

Representatives of this breed are very obedient and loving animals. They need human presence. In addition, these dogs are very clean and do not cause almost any trouble. There are no special personal dog care in feeding, but you should not overfeed an animal.

Wire-haired German Pointer

Wire-haired German Pointer is very similar to its close relative, the short-haired pointer. It has the same size (height at withers – 55-66 cm; body weight – 23-29 kg) and addition. However, this breed is different in length of hair – its representatives have slightly longer and harder hair. Therefore, it requires more thorough personal dog care.

Twice a week must be combed and 2 times a year (in spring and autumn) – plucking the coat. In addition, it is necessary to periodically wipe the dog with a wet towel, and process the ears with heated vegetable oil. In order to avoid the occurrence of ear infections that are characteristic of lop-eared dogs, it is necessary to check the auricles for the presence of secretions and foreign bodies. Wash the pet should be necessary and it is the most important part in their personal dog care.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 6

personal dog care

German haired Pointers have good health, but sometimes suffer from hip dysplasia, congenital eye diseases, and skin cancer. Animals are hardy and hardworking, love heavy physical exertion, need long walks with jogging or swimming. That is why they should not be taken as indoor dogs, although they are well adapted to urban conditions, yet they feel better outside the home and in hard work.

The German Wire-haired Pointer has a balanced temperament, but is distrustful of others, although it does not show aggressiveness towards them. It is a devoted and loving companion who is always happy to be useful to the owner and suffers without it. Therefore, you should pay as much time, attention and give good personal dog care to your pet. There are no special indications for feeding as personal dog care, but you should not overfeed an animal. Breeding a dog with hard fur was of great importance because representatives of this breed have to work in any conditions and in any weather.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all dog breeds. Despite its massiveness (height at the withers is 70-95 cm; body weight is 40-54 kg) and an awesome name, it is a very kind animal that treats children very well and gets along with almost everyone. In addition, the wolfhound is a good watchdog. Although he reluctantly barks, one of his kind is enough to frighten the robbers.

The main difficulty in keeping wolfhounds is related to their large size, they need a lot of space. It is better to settle the animal in the aviary near a private house. It is not too difficult to give personal dog care for tough, like wire, wool. It is only necessary to regularly comb out the thorns, plant seeds, dead hair. If this is not done, wool may pile. Such felted mats should be cut off. You also need to cut the hair around the eyes as a part of personal dog care. This should be done with blunt-end scissors so as not to accidentally injure the animal. Wash it too hard, so you can restrict dry cleaning.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 7

personal dog care

Irish wolfhounds are sometimes lazy to stay in great shape, they need physical exercise. But you should not take these dogs for long walks, because it can cause damage to the joints. Representatives of this breed are also prone to cardiovascular diseases and hip dysplasia. Therefore, you should periodically visit the veterinarian to give good personal dog care.

In general, wolfhounds are very kind and friendly animals. However, it is necessary to be careful when dealing with them, because in a fit of their passionate love, they are capable of hurting people. It is especially important to keep this in mind when leaving children with children. Interestingly, back in 391 AD er 7 Wolfhounds were presented to the Roman Consul Quintus Aurelius, who surprised all the Romans with their size and strength.

Having such an animal, it is necessary to understand that caring for it will require large material costs and close attention, so before you make a decision, you need to think carefully and calculate your strength, otherwise the wolfhound will suffer and be ill without proper personal dog  care.


Rottweilers are renowned for their guard qualities. Indeed, they are perfectly manifest themselves in the military, police and customs service. Their large size (height at withers – 59-69 cm; body weight – 41-61 kg), well-built muscular body contribute to this.

It is believed that this dog is aggressive and dangerous. So personal dog care is not always so pleasant for the owner. This will not happen if it gets a proper upbringing, so the rottweiler should be trained from an early age without taking long breaks. You can not be rude to these dogs, because they can become embittered and uncontrollable. Representatives of this breed are very active and require constant physical exertion. They almost never get tired, so do not be afraid of overwork. Animals love long walks and ball games. Such a pastime can bring pleasure not only to the dog, but also to the owner. But we must not forget to put a muzzle on the dog on the street. No need to lower the dog off the leash in crowded places.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 8

personal dog care

Rottweilers have a thick medium length wool of black color with red or brown tan. It is easy to care for it. It is enough to regularly comb it with a brush with stiff bristles and after walking wrap around the thorns and plant seeds. You need to look into the ears, they should not be dirty. If there is inflammation in the ears, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Wash the animal only when necessary. It is not the most essential part in personal dog care. It is good to wipe the coat from time to time with a wet towel or a piece of suede. From this coat pet gets a healthy shine.

Rottweilers are a fairly healthy breed, however, some individuals are prone to dysplasia of the elbow and hip joints. They sometimes suffer from congenital eye diseases, such as cataracts or retinal atrophy. Representatives of this breed, like all dogs, need human warmth and care. Without proper attention, they suffer and become aggressive. There are no special indications for personal dog care in feeding, but do not give too much food.


Newfoundlands are great swimmers, so they need to swim in ponds from time to time. Personal dog care should be connected exactly with this. Surprisingly, these large, massive dogs (height at withers – 63-74 cm; body weight – 50-68 kg) do not like physical exertion, although it is still useful for them to run and walk in moderate amounts.

Newfoundlands have a thick, coarse coat of black, chocolate brown or black and white color, therefore they are not adapted for life in a warm climate. The coat of these dogs does not require special personal dog care. Enough regular brushing with a comb and stiff bristle brush. However, during molting, which happens 1 or 2 times a year, this should be done more often. After walking, it is necessary to choose from the coat of thorns, grass seeds and mats. This a big part of personal dog care. If necessary, you need to bathe the dog, but do not do it too often, because this procedure destroys the water-repellent grease of the coat. It is better to use dry shampoos or wipe the animal’s hair with a wet towel or a piece of suede.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 9

personal dog care

Ears require some care. It is necessary to periodically clean them with 10% hydrogen peroxide solution. To do this, moisten a cotton swab with this solution and gently remove the dirt from the ear.

Newfoundland is a very large dog prone to hip dysplasia and other orthopedic diseases. In addition, representatives of this breed often suffer from heart disease. Newfoundlands are good watchdogs, but at the same time, they are surprisingly affectionate with children. These dogs are ready to spend hours with them.  This breed was bred by the first settlers of North America for hunting and protection. There are no special indications for personal dog care in feeding, but you should not give too much food to the Newfoundlands.


Malamutes, despite their relatively small size (height at withers – 58-64 cm; body weight – 34-38 kg), are very strong and enduring. Therefore, they require great physical exertion. However, you need to spare the animals in warm weather.

Malamutes need a lot of space, so they are not adapted to room life. A large yard with a high fence would be suitable for them, but care must be taken that there are no loopholes in it, otherwise the dog may run away. In addition, Malamutes have a very warm coat, so they cannot live in a warm climate.

Representatives of this breed have a hard, short coat of gray or black and white color, which does not require special personal dog care. It is only necessary to regularly brush the dog with a comb or brush with stiff bristles. Washing is not necessary, because the dirt easily comes off the coat. However, it is necessary to periodically treat Malamutes with dry shampoo or talcum powder. Wipe the coat with a wet towel is also not recommended, because the dog may catch a cold. After walking, you must choose from the wool of the spines and mats.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 10

Malamute is a fairly healthy breed, but some individuals may suffer from hip dysplasia and eye diseases. Therefore, you should regularly visit the veterinarian. Malamutes are distinguished by their friendliness. To some extent this is their fault, and they are not suitable for guard work. Representatives of this breed are very fond of children and are very sympathetic to all people. That makes personal dog care easier.  Diligent breeders should remember that dogs need personal dog care and affection of the owner. There are no special requirements for feeding, but you should not overfeed an animal.

Chow chow

Chows are somewhat similar to a bear – they are just as big and fluffy. Representatives of this breed are of large size (height at withers – 43-51 cm; body weight – 20-32 kg), strength and endurance. Therefore, they need regular physical activity of medium intensity. Daily walks help your pet stay in great shape and give it good personal dog care.

Those who decide to start a chow-chow should know that it will take a lot of effort, patience and time to care for this dog. Representatives of this breed are capricious, and not everyone can become their masters. Personal dog care is very important for them. Animals should feel a firm hand, but at the same time need a caress. The owners, whom they recognized, chow-chow respect and obey. Their luxurious soft and thick wool requires special care. It is necessary to brush the coat with a wire brush several times a day. This should be done more frequently during the shed. After walks, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the hair from thorns and other dirt. Wash dogs is not recommended, however, you can use dry shampoos.

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds - photo 11

personal dog care

Like other large dogs, the chow chow suffers from hip and elbow dysplasia. Some individuals are prone to ocular ailments. There are no special indications for feeding in personal dog care, but you should not overfeed an animal – with too much food in combination with congenital laziness dogs can become fat. Wool chow-chow does not have the characteristic smell of dog.

Of course, we are so happy when we have a cute pet at home but without proper personal dog care we will not make it happy. You see, it is really not so hard and it needs some time but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. We all should understand that it is a big responsibility and it is really even forbidden to torment your pet. But when you see happy eyes of your pet then your world is even better, agree?


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  1. Dogs of such breeds as Giant Schnauzer, Mittelschnauzer and Miniature Schnauzer also require special care. They never molt, which leads to the fact that without the help of man, an animal begins to have problems with skin and hair. To avoid this, they are subjected to a trimming procedure. During her master removes old wool with a special tool that improves the skin and coat of dogs of these breeds.

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