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Plastic Surgery. The Pros and Cons

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular with every day. The pursuit of beauty and eternal youth for many people has become a real mania. This is facilitated by the pictures of celebrities in glossy magazines, where they look so glamorous and perfect: long, shiny hair, sexy lips and figure, alluring eyes… and it does not matter that everyone knows that these pictures are processed by Photoshop sometimes beyond recognition… in spite of this, all we want to look beautiful, stylishly and bright, like the models from Instagram.

What does plastic surgery do? This is a branch of medicine which deals with the elimination of defects of any organs,  tissues or surface of the body. Operations can be constructive (elimination of deformations and defects, most often they are carried out after injuries or to eliminate birth defects) and aesthetic (in order to improve appearance).
Most often people do the following plastic surgeries:
1. rhinoplasty;
1. Rhinoplasty 1.1. Rhinoplasty 1.2. Scarlett-Johansson-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After-Nose-Job
2. correction of the shape of the chin and ears;
2. Correction of chin 2.1. Correction of chin Irina Shake 2.2 Correction of ears
3. cheek augmentation;
3. Cheek Augmentation
4. breast augmentation;
4. Breast Augmentation 4.1. Breast Augmentation 4. 2. Breast Augmentation
5. buttock augmentation;
5. Buttock augmentation
5. 1. Buttock augmentation
6. liposuction;
6. Liposuction 6.1. Aguilera liposuction
7. brow lift;
7. Brow lift 7.1. Brow lift
8. facial implants;
8. Facial implants
8. 1 Facial implants
9. botulinum toxin;
9. Botulinum toxin nicole-kidman
9.1. Botulinum toxin 9. 2 Botulinum toxin 9.3 Botulinum toxin
10. hair transplant;
10. Hair transplant
10. 1 Hair transplant
11. gynecomastia surgery;
11. Gynecomastia surgery
11.1 Gynecomastia surgery
12. vaginal rejuvenation.
12. Traitement-rejuvenation-vaginal
In recent years, plastic surgery has become a highly developed branch of medicine and has accumulated huge experience. But at the same time, such operations (as well as any surgical intervention) cannot be considered completely safe. When working with soft facial tissues and skin, a surgeon needs a jeweler’s precision. The slightest mistake – and the result can be deplorable. The facial features can change beyond recognition, the eyes and lips may not close, and the face will turn into a fixed mask… Fortunately, medical errors are rare, but it goes without saying that there is always a risk…
13 Medical errors are rare
13. 1 Medical errors are rare 13. 2 Medical errors are rare
According to psychological research, in 40 percent of cases, plastic surgeon clients are women who are married, having children and are leading an active life. However, in 57 percent of cases, representatives of the fair sex who do not have a family and suffer from depression apply to plastic medicine. Doctors distinguish some categories of people who are not recommended to do plastic surgery:
– psychologically unstable patients;
– people seeking to achieve aesthetic and anatomical perfection;
– those who do plastic surgery constantly.
Plastic surgeons say: “We do not solve personal and everyday problems. We do not help to get married, get rich, make a career or enjoy life. We only do surgical operations”.
If you want to do this step, be ready for a risk and do not think that your new beautiful appearance will change your life. The most important is to change inside, be optimistic and cheerful and of course, to be yourself. I can understand people with defects in their appearance, but if you want to look like one of the barbies from Instagram, think again about everything. Be unique and do not forget that inner beauty is a real beauty.
14 Inner beauty is a real beauty
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