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Learning How to Play the Piano. My Long Way to Dream

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The world is busy. We can hardly find some free time to spend it with our close and dear people, not even talking about time for our interests and hobbies. But people don’t even realize how much they lose not doing what they like and what brings them pleasure. This is a story from my life, how I realized that I miss something and I decided to find what I miss. This story is about how I dared to try how to play the piano.

I think that it is worth to start from the very beginning and tell that I had a dream from my childhood to play the piano. I knew that my family didn’t have an opportunity to provide me with music classes and I never told them about my dream simply because I didn’t want to make them sad. My aunt had a piano at home and my cousin went to music school. After her stories about how much she hates this because her parents made her attend the classes of piano, I started to think that maybe it is not even worth to start. And for some time I forgot about this dream.

Years went and in the age of 16, I felt this craving again. I listened to piano music and imagined how I played this wonderful instrument. I even tried to play something when I came to my aunt’s place. In this age, I visited my aunt quite often and she didn’t even realize why 🙂 All I wanted is to touch the keys and hear the sounds of the piano, although it was far from music. At that time I realized how much I want my own piano and also that I want to learn how to play it. But I again rejected this idea, referring to the fact that it is too late to start learning.

5 years have passed since that time. I didn’t stop listening to piano music and one day I came across the compositions of Brian Crane. I fell in love with his music! My desire to play the piano flashed again and I was almost ready to start. But as always we have different duties and we are always busy with our work and family and other things. So I postponed this idea for an indefinite period. Again. I even made myself sure that some dreams should stay dreams because I may not value this dream if I make it come true. I am sure that I am not the only one.

Of course, I forgot about it for some time as I had other things to think about. But once I realized that I miss something in my life. I had everything I needed: my family, friends, good work and cozy home. But still, I felt some emptiness inside. 5 years later my old friend invited me for a coffee. We haven’t seen each other for about 5 years. And when we started to tell each other about what is new in our lives, she told me that she has started to attend classes of piano and after 9 months she was able to play. I was impressed and at the same time surprised.

After this meeting, I realized that it is possible to learn how to play the piano, no matter how old you are! I got such a burning desire inside and I knew that I couldn’t restrain myself again. So I decided to try! I found a private teacher of piano and started to attend classes. I realized that I have never felt this way before. Every class was an inspiration for me. It was very interesting, unusually and thrillingly for me. I finally felt complete pacification inside, excitement, feelings I can’t even describe with words! And I thought that I should have tried this many years ago.

Very often people put their dreams on a dusty shelf in the hope that one day they will have more free time and they will be able to return to it. Others convince themselves that they do not need it and that this is just a waste of time. But the reality is – home chores and work will absorb you and free time will be less. It is just a fear of failure speaks for you. But each person needs to give feelings out, a kind of sublimation. Do not forget about your desires and dreams. Do not think it’s too late. Don’t think that it is silly, no matter what you like, to travel or to take part in a fashion show. Your happiness is in your hands, get rid of your fear and just try. Life is too short to spend it only on work and household chores. Do what brings you joy, embody your dreams into reality and this will make you happy. And remember, we can always find the time and opportunity for what we really want.

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