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Top List of the Most Popular Brands of the Mass Market. Part 2

We continue talking about popular mass-market brands. In the last part we wrote about  ZARA, H&M and BERSHKA. There are many democratic fashion brands which offer interesting and stylish collections. This clothes is not designer and exclusive, but its price is available for most fashion fans. Each brand is special, let’s talk more about them.

Forever 21


Forever 21 is a huge brand of youth clothing, which was founded in 1981. 21 is the favorite number of the creator, and the word “forever” symbolizes eternal business and success. It seems that this formula works, because 205 stores are opened all over the world at this moment . Brand Forever 21 produces clothes for courageous confident girls who are not afraid to be sexy.
On the site you can make online purchases, because navigation is very simple and understandable. The brand is characterized by affordable prices, which  a young audience can afford.

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear fashion

Pull & Bear is a Spanish clothing and accessories store. The brand was founded in 1986 under the name of New Wear, S.A. The development of Pull & Bear can be described as very dynamic and impetuous. Already in 1992, the brand went beyond Spain: the first international store opened in Portugal.
The brand produces street and casual clothes. Designed for teenagers and older people.  The Pull & Bear introduced its online store in 2011.
Designers of the company always follow trends and novelties, so they offer their customers only the most popular and stylish clothes.  Many people like to buy basic items at low prices in the Pull & Bear shops and then combine them with more expensive clothes.


Pimkie Pimkie

Pimkie is a well-known French brand, which was founded in 1971.  Initially, the staff of the company was only 50 people, and the company produced socks and threads. After a while, the creators decided to move to a new level and began the production of clothing. So a new and successful part of the brand’s history began. A year after the creation of the brand, the first boutique of women’s clothing Pimkie was opened. The founders of this brand became revolutionaries. They were able to prove that women can look perfect in trousers.
Pimki brand has its own position and character. It’s not just stylish and beautiful clothes, it’s history, principles and beliefs. Nowadays, almost  700 branded stores are opened in 15 countries. Also you can buy anything you want online.
The brand’s products are aimed at young customers aged 15 to 25 who want to look bright and attractive. High quality products and reasonable prices are the main secret of the success of this brand. Outerwear, hats, shoes, underwear and accessories are the assortment of Pimkie.

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