Friday, 22 Jun 2018

25 Surprising Facts about Sex

25 Fact

Do we know about sex everything? Of course, no. There are some interesting, sometimes even very funny scientific facts about sex which will surprise you. Are you ready? 🙂

  1. Every five minutes on Earth more than two thousand seven hundred sexual acts are carried out.

    1 Fact

  2. After the circumcision, a man can make love much longer.

    2 Fact

  3. The average speed of sperm flight is forty-five kilometers per hour.

    3 Fact

  4. 73% of men do not lose their potency by the age of seventy.

    4 Fact

  5. The highest number of condoms are sold in July and August.

    5 Fact

  6. The most popular place for sex is a bed, and in second place is a car.

    6 Fact

  7. Men also have G-spot. According to research, it is situated under the bladder and can increase the brightness of sex in a lot of times, but of course, with the right stimulation.

    7 Fact

  8. Women think about sex more often than men. Besides that, about 53% of women confessed that they do not have sex as often as they would like and 75% said that they would like to make love at least three times a week.

    8 Fact

  9. The size of the penis really matters.

    9 Fact

  10. Sex is the strongest natural drug. The endorphins released during intimacy have a powerful effect on the same zones in the cerebral cortex as all known narcotic substances.

    10 Fact

  11. Only one spermatozoon from a million during ejaculation reaches the oocyte.

    11 Fact

  12. In one of the US states, only with the consent of parents in beauty salons is allowed to do epilation of the bikini zone.

    12 Fact

  13. Chemical substances contained in sperm can lift the mood and even improve sleep.

    13 Fact

  14. Half an hour of active sex burns about 100-200 calories.

    14 Fact

  15. Marilyn Monroe, who is known for her long list of lovers, once confessed that she never had an orgasm.

    15 Fact

  16. According to statistics, from all countries in the world, the Greeks make love the most often.

    16 Fact

  17. A headache is the most common pretext for not having sex, but in fact, sex can relieve headaches, since it promotes normalization of pressure, as well as the production of endorphins.

    17 Fact

  18. Only humans, bonobos (dwarf chimpanzees) and dolphins can make love for pleasure.

    18 Fact

  19. Some women may feel orgasm during labor.

    19 Fact

  20. On average, female orgasm lasts about 20 seconds and male – only 6 seconds.

    20 Fact

  21. Homosexuality is characteristic not only of people. Many mammals can be homosexual too.

    21 Fact

  22. A rat can have sex 122 times an hour.

    22 Fact

  23. Pigs orgasm can last for 30 minutes. Do not envy! 🙂

    23 Fact

  24. The most prolific man in a world is Moroccan emperor Moulay Ismail (XVIII century). He had 342 daughters and 525 sons.

    24 Fact

  25. During a woman’s sexual arousal her vagina can stretch to 200 percent, while its average depth is from 7.5 to 10 cm.

    25 Fact

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