Monday, 19 Oct 2020
dog care

Dog Care. Best Fluffy Friends

The dog is a faithful companion of people for many years. However, scientists still have many questions about the origin of this animal. Most dog experts are inclined to believe that the ancestors of the modern dog were primarily wolves, jackals and coyotes, as indicated by the same set of chromosomes, as well as the […]

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personal dog care

Personal Dog Care. Different Breeds

Dogs always helped people to hunt, graze livestock, guarded, etc. Depending on the work they had to do, the dogs began to be classified as hunting, hounds and greyhounds, service, terriers, room-decorative, public and shepherd dogs. Depending on their purpose, animals acquired various qualities and traits of character. That is why personal dog care is […]

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Tasmania.Track to Wild West

Track to Tasmania Wild West. Setting your GPS for Tasmania’s wild west opens up endless possibilities on foot, from easy forest track to challenging multi-day hikes deep into World Heritage wilderness. You can scale mountains with incomparable views into the south-west; feel the spray off plummeting waterfalls; dip your toes in toffee-coloured tarns trimmed with […]

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