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15 Facts about Berlin

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The Brandenburg Gate
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Berlin is a very charismatic, special city with a unique atmosphere. It’s like a person everyone wants to be like. Someone can find here quietism and cozy cafes, where you can slowly think of life and drink a cup of hot latte. Someone loves this city because the rhythmic way of life is perfectly combined with the dimension and tranquility. If we are talking about a modern, progressive Europe that has not lost and retained its best cultural heritage, then you need to visit Berlin.

1. If you think that everyone in Germany and especially in Berlin adores traditional sausage and beer, you are very wrong. Probably only tourists are running around the streets of the city in search of these extra popular, tasty and “so German dishes.”

2. Berlin is a city of bears. Seriously, at almost every step you can meet cute bears. They are watching you on postcards, magnets, cups, souvenirs, they look from behind corners of buildings, and they are waiting for you at bus stops and subway platforms. Most people think that the name of the city comes from the German Bär – a bear. Therefore it is easy to explain all this madness to these charming animals.

15 Facts about Berlin - photo 1
Berlin is a city of bears

3. On the famous Berlin Wall, you can see graffiti with a kiss between Brezhnev and Honecker, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Everyone wants to take a picture here, so this place is on top of the list of the best attractions in Berlin.

4. Berlin is one of the largest cities in Europe. An interesting fact is that the world capital of fashion Paris is several times smaller than Berlin. For example, nine Paris can easily fit in the capital of Germany. It’s amazing, right?

15 Facts about Berlin - photo 2
Berlin is one of the largest cities in Europe

5. There are so many wonderful places in Berlin. This city is full of historical buildings, amazing architecture and beautiful monuments. The most famous symbols of Berlin are the Victory Column, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag Building.

15 Facts about Berlin - photo 3
The Brandenburg Gate

6. Art lovers, please note this information! All state museums in Berlin can be visited for free on Thursdays from 4 to 8 pm.

7. How do you feel about the musicians in the subway? Musicians are allowed to perform at approximately 40 stations of the Berlin metro, but they performances must last no more than an hour.

8. Despite the fact that many tourists adore Berlin, locals think that the capital of Germany is the dirtiest city in the whole country.

9. The public transport system in Berlin is very special. No turnstiles and other control points. You must buy a ticket in advance, at the departure station. That’s why many people, especially brave tourists, like to take risks. But if the controller sees that you do not have a ticket, you will pay a fine of 40 Euros. Be careful, because the controllers look like typical passengers without a special uniform and other identification marks. So you never know who goes with you on the subway or bus, for example.

10. There are 118 cities in the world, also called Berlin. But we all know where the most popular one is J

11. In Berlin, you can find the largest chocolate museum in the world “Schokoladenhaus Fassbender & Rausch”.

12. What do you know about failures? The fact is that in 2012 a state-of-the-art airport was built, was not opened due to mistakes in infrastructure planning. The exact start date of the airport is not specified. The airport impresses with its scale and technical innovations. Each month, an airport shutdown costs 40 million Euros.

13. The 368-meter television tower in Berlin Berliner Fernzehturn is the tallest building in Germany and one of the tallest structures in Europe. This is one of the symbols of the city.

15 Facts about Berlin - photo 4
Berlin Cityscape

14. Representatives of 184 nationalities live in the capital of Germany, also it is a home for the most numerous Turkish Diaspora.

15. It’s hard to believe, but in Berlin, there are more than 180 km of waterways and 1,700 bridges more than in Venice.

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