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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

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1. FIFA World Cup Russia
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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is the 21st in a row tournament, the final part of which will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15. For the first time the World Cup will be held on the territory of two parts of the world – Europe and Asia.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 1
2. Fifa main prize


In the history of this tournament, eight different national teams won. Five times the champions were the Brazilians, four trophies in the account of Italy and Germany. Twice Argentina and Uruguay became the World Cup holders, England, France and Spain won only one time.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 2
3. Winners Fifa


In the final part of the 2018 World Cup will be attended by 32 teams, which will be divided into 8 groups. Two teams from each group will go to the play-off stage, where the title of world champion will be played.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 3
4. FIFA 2018 groups


The current owner of the trophy is Germany, which in 2014 beat Argentina in the final with the score 1:0.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 4
5. Champion FIFA world cup


Matches of the championship will be held in 12 stadiums. The tournament will take place in 11 Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 5
6. Countdown FIFA 2018


Semifinals will be held in St. Petersburg and in Moscow at the stadium “Spartak”. The opening match and the final will be played in Moscow at the stadium “Luzhniki”. The official talisman of the tournament was the Wolf named “Zabivaka”.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 6
7. Zabivaka


The organizers of the championship expect that at least 1 million football fans will come to Russia, and about 3 billion people will watch the broadcast of the tournament.


The favorite of the tournament for the evaluation of bookmakers is Germany (coefficient of 6.0). All the strongest football players will come to Russia: Manuel Neuer, Thomas Muller, Mesut Ozil, Toni Kroos, so Germany has all chances to become a winner.


By the coefficient of 7,0 experts assess the chances for the championship of the French team. Didie Desham’s team was not able to win the home European championship in 2016 and intend to take revenge in Russia.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 7
8. French national football team


The likelihood of victory for the Brazilian national team analysts also estimate the coefficient of 7.0. The leader of the team – Neymar and his main “helpers” Willian and Kazemiro can do miracles on the football field, so Brazil also has all chances to win.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 8
9 Brazil Panama WCup Soccer


The coefficient of 9.0 assesses the likelihood of the triumph of the Spanish national team. At the helm of the team, Julen Lopetegui, who passed the whole chain of junior and youth teams. In defense, a reliable team captain Sergio Ramos, and the attack is soloed by Alvaro Morata and Diego Costa.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 9
10. Spain FIFA 2018 World Cup


The experts estimate the chances of Argentina with the coefficient of 9.50. Lionel Messi was not be able to win a major tournament in the national team for a long time (four years ago, the Argentines reached the finals, where they were stopped by Germany), but who knows, maybe this year in Russia a destiny will smile to him.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 10
11. Argentina


The chances of the Russian national team are estimated by the bookmaker with a coefficient of 50.0. At the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup the team of Stanislav Cherchesov could not leave the group, losing to Portugal and Mexico.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 11
12. Russian football team


It is hard to predict who will win, but in one thing we can be absolutely sure – this summer will be unforgettable for football fans.


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - photo 12
13. Football


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