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10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa

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 Our planet is inhabited by unusual animals, whose appearance is surprising, and habits are alarming. Of course, each continent has its own unique fauna, but Africa is truly inhabited by some incredible animals that can only be found here. They will be discussed below. So, we present to your attention a list of the ten most amazing animals in Africa.

10. African wild dog

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 1
10 African wild dog

African wild dog is a predatory mammal from the family of dogs. They live in arid regions south of the Sahara in northern Botswana, western Zimbabwe, eastern Namibia, northern Tanzania and Mozambique. They live in packs of 7-15 individuals. They lead a nomadic way of life within the hunting area, which covers 100-200 square kilometers. km. They are excellent runners. They are able to pursue their prey on long distances while developing a speed of up to 50-55 km / h. The basis of live African wild dogs is small antelopes, sometimes they hunt rabbits, rodents or other small animals. The main natural enemies are lions and spotted hyenas.

The length of their body is about 1 m, the height at the withers is up to 78 cm, weight 18-36 kg. Males are larger than females by 3-7%.

9. Okapi

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 2
9 Ocapi

Okapi is a cloven-hoofed mammal from the giraffe family, dwelling in dense tropical forests only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These are reserved, very timid and lonely animals that gather together only for reproduction. Like giraffes, okapi feed primarily on leaves of trees sometimes with grass, ferns, mushrooms, and fruits. They are able to reach speeds of up to 55 km / h. Its main natural enemy is the leopard. Unfortunately, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources classifies these beautiful creatures as being endangered.

The average body length of an adult okapi is about 2.5 m, the height at the withers is 1.5 m, the weight varies from 200 to 350 kg.

8. Elephant shrews

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 3
8 Elephant shrews

Elephant shrews are a family of small insectivores widely distributed throughout southern Africa. It is one of the fastest small mammals. They are able to move at a speed of 28.8 km / h. Live alone or form monogamous couples who actively protect their territory. They feed mainly on invertebrates, such as spiders, ants, termites, millipedes, etc. Some species of Elephant shrews practically do not drink water.

The length of their body varies from 10-12 to 30-31.5 cm, the tail is 8-26.5 cm, the mass is 40-540 g.

7. Big Kudu

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 4
7 Big Kudu

Big kudu is a species of antelope, widely spread primarily in savannahs, throughout eastern and southern Africa. They lead a sedentary life, forming small flocks (from 6 to 20 individuals). They are active mainly at night, in the daytime, they hide deep in thickets. They feed mainly on foliage and young branches. Kudu enemies are primarily lions, leopards and hyena dogs.

Big kudu is one of the largest species of antelope. The length of their body is 185-245 cm. The height at the withers is 1.40 m. The weight of males is 190-270 kg, females 120-210 kg. Males have large horns on their head, reaching heights up to 1 meter.

6. Gerenuk

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 5
6 Gerenuk

Gerenuk or giraffe gazelle is a kind of African antelope, prevalent primarily in the dry territories of East Africa from Ethiopia and Somalia to Tanzania. Representatives of this species have a characteristic, very exact form of the neck and legs due to what they cannot be confused with other antelopes. Gerenuks are active in the morning and in the evening. Feed exclusively on leaves, buds and young shoots of shrubs and trees growing in their habitats. They can go without water for a very long time.

The length of their body is 140-160 cm, the height at the withers is 95 cm, the weight of males is 31-52 kg, females 28-45 kg. Horns are present only in males. They reach a length of 25-44 cm.

5. Galago

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 6
5 Galago

Galago – a rather unusual kind of primates, widespread in Africa. Perhaps the most numerous primates on the continent. These nocturnal animals live in almost every large forest, they are also found in savannas and thick bushes. They live alone on trees, sometimes descend to the ground. All species feed mainly on insects and tree juices.

The length of their body is 12-21 cm, the tail is 16-30 cm; a weight of males 150-300 g, females 95-250 g.

4. African Civet

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 7
4 African Civet

African civet is a night mammal inhabiting savannas and forests of southern and central Africa. Often found near villages. It is the largest representative of the African viverworts, which, moreover, has a unique coloration: black and white spots on the body, black bands, surrounding eyes, disproportionately large hind legs and a short mane (2.5-10 cm), which rises when the animal is frightened. Civet is omnivorous and is not picky in nutrition. His diet includes insects, wild fruits, small rodents, reptiles, eggs, birds, and carrion. He also hunts poisonous invertebrates (such as centipedes) and snakes.

Their body length is 120-140 cm, tail length is 40-60 cm, height in shoulders is 40 cm, weight is 9-15 kg.

3. Shoebill

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 8
3 Shoebill

Shoebill – a sedentary bird, common in the tropical regions of East Africa. Year-round living in seasonal lowland swamps, where among the vegetation dominated by papyrus in combination with reeds, cattail and various herbaceous plants. It feeds mainly on fish, sometimes frogs, young crocodiles and water snakes, as well as rodents and young waterfowl. It is usually kept solitary or in pairs, very rarely in small groups.

In height, the adult whale-head grows 110-140 cm, some individuals can reach 152 cm. The length of the body (from the tail to the tip of the beak) is within 100-140 cm, the wingspan is 230-260 cm. Weight from 4 to 7 kg. Males are larger than females.

2. East African Crowned Crane

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 9
2 East African Crowned Crane

On the second place among the most amazing animals in Africa is the east African crowned crane. This bird lives in river valleys and on the coast of large lakes in Africa south of the Sahara. It is often found near human habitation and agricultural land. Omnivorous. They feed on plants, seeds, insects, frogs, worms, snakes and small fish. It is one of the national symbols of Uganda.

The east African crowned crane grows about 1 m in height and weighs 3.5 kg. The span of its wings reaches 2 m.

1. Colobus

10 the Most Amazing Animals in Africa - photo 10
1 Colobus

The Eastern Colobus is a species of primates found in mountainous tropical moist forests in central Africa. These are daytime animals that live mainly on trees but occasionally descend to the ground in search of food. Form harem groups of 8-15 individuals, which consist of one male, several females, and cubs. The main part of their diet is made up of young leaves. To a lesser extent, they also eat ripe leaves, fruits, flowers, and invertebrates. The main enemy hunting these primates is the most dangerous bird of prey in the world – the crowned eagle.

The weight of males of the Eastern Colobus is 9.3-13.5 kg, females: 7.8-9.2 kg, head and body length of males: 54.3-69.9 cm, females: 52.1-67.3 cm , the length of the tail varies from 52 to 100 cm. These are large, relatively strong animals.

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