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American Christmas

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Probably, Christmas is one of the most charming periods of the year. This is a magical time that all people are waiting for with a big impatience. Each country has its own traditions and customs about Christmas, but American celebration is special.

No doubt, everyone saw all these films with happy people and cozy atmosphere, where the main characters fight with villains and solve different troubles, but then everything becomes alright, and the viewers enjoy a happy ending. Christmas is not just about gifts and presents, it is primarily about family relationships, kindness, and magic, of course. We have prepared some interesting facts about American Christmas that will help you tune in to positive emotions and a festive mood.

  1. 90% that everyone knows this movie! “Home Alone” is a classic film, without which it is impossible to imagine the New Year and Christmas. Little Kevin, whose role was brilliantly performed by Macaulay Culkin, is a role model for million fans around the world. Of course, everybody knows the plot of the film, so there is no sense in retelling it. “Home Alone” is a very important symbol of Christmas, not only in the USA, where it was created. Every year this popular film, again and again, breaks the records of views on TV. Despite the fact that we all know every dialogue, every move, we can’t ignore “Home Alone”. By the way, the first two parts of the film, where Kevin’s role was played by Culkin, are the most popular and legendary.
    American Christmas - photo 1
    Home Alone, part 1

    American Christmas - photo 2
    Little Macaulay Culkin
  2. If you want to plunge into a fairy tale, you should pack the luggage and book tickets to America! Seriously, American stores, buildings, streets look fantastic. Bright garlands, outdoor decorations are everywhere! In cafes and restaurants play popular Christmas songs, which make the atmosphere more cozy and fantastic. Many people say that all this American insanity on holidays is an excellent marketing move. In this way, brands and shops force customers to spend as much money as possible for gifts and souvenirs. All this “charming” atmosphere is fake and untrue. Anyway, everyone has the right to the own opinion.

    American Christmas - photo 3
    Christmas Lights
  3. The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in New York is the main one in the United States. The first time it was decorated in 1931. The Christmas tree is set in late November or early December. Every year this is a great show for New Yorkers and millions of people who live in other cities and parts of America. The magic process of ignition of lights on the tree is broadcast live on the NBC channel. Minimum requirements for the size of the tree are 20 meters in height and 10.5 in width. Also, there are many celebrities of the first class at the event, whose names are often kept a secret to preserve intrigue.

    American Christmas - photo 4
    The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in New York
  4. The Christmas sales period begins after Thanksgiving. The whole world knows this as Black Friday. It is a good opportunity for customers to buy gifts for friends and family members at really low prices. From this moment, preparation for the Christmas holidays begins. The tradition of Black Friday is becoming more popular in many countries. Unfortunately, very often shop owners deceive people. First, they raise prices several times and then reduce. Although, this untrue practice is more typical for Europe than for America.

    American Christmas - photo 5
    A family Christmas evening is the most important part of the holiday.
  5. A family Christmas evening is the most important part of the holiday. The closest family members and friends should gather at the table for a special celebration. Before the beginning of repast, it is customary to read the prayers that glorify God. Then Americans eat sacred bread. After that, the whole family should drink wine and eat traditional Christmas dishes
    American Christmas - photo 6
    Traditional Christmas dinner

    After lunch, the most interesting part begins. It’s time for presents! Everyone finds something near the Christmas tree. Probably, you often saw this moment in typical American films, where happy people with bright eyes unpack their gifts under some nice melody. Also on the eve of Christmas, all children receive presents from Santa Claus. Children leave sweets and tasty delicacies for Santa under a tree so that he will not get hungry.

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