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6 Incredible Beauty Benefits Of Witch Hazel For Skin

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Beauty benefits of witch hazel
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Witch hazel is a plant of which the bark, leaf and twigs are used to make common medicine. In fact, Native Americans has used this plant for a long time to deal with various skin problems. Scientific studies support some traditional uses of witch hazel for treating acne, sunburns, rashes, inflammation and wounds, etc. Perhaps, there might be no plant which is more beneficial to the human skin like witch hazel. If you are constantly looking for healthier, cleaner skin, look no further than witch hazel because of its multiple beauty benefits. In this article, we will reveal to you 6 incredible beauty benefits of witch hazel for skin. Just read on!

Top 6 AMazing Beauty Benefits of Witch Hazel for Skin 

  1. Alleviate Acne

Witch hazel is a natural, effective home remedy for acne thanks to the ability to reduce bacteria growth on skin and promote healing process. Owing to the astringent property, this herb is suitable for even sensitive skin. It also aids in reducing the look of skin pores and minimizing the excess production of oil, sweating, white-heads and black-heads.

In fact, witch hazel presents on the ingredient list of many skin care products. To take advantage of witch hazel for acne removal, you can put its extract directly on your skin whenever you see an acne breakout or a zit forming. Witch hazel is more effective if used in conjunction with other antibacterial agents such as coconut oil, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar.

Use a clean cotton ball to dab witch hazel on your affected skin a few times per day. This method will help you get acne-free skin in no time. However, you should start slowly to give your skin enough time to adjust.

  1. Reduce Swelling

In essence, swelling in the body is caused by a buildup of fluid, which is known as edema. For instance, if you stand for long periods, it may result in swollen ankles. The buildup of fluid during sleep could lead to eye puffiness. According to a study, the extract of witch hazel significantly decreased swelling in those swollen rat paws. Witch hazel extract is a potential source of astringent compounds which make proteins available in skin cells draw much more tightly together. As a result, it constricts capillaries near the skin surface and shrinks skin pores.

Moreover, it inhibits the production of IL-8 which is blood-borne inflammatory problem that increases over time. Eye puffiness could be eliminated by dabbing the affected area with a cotton pad dipped in a solution using witch hazel and water.

  1. Prevent Sun-Damaged Skin

Are you looking for a natural method to tighten your skin and minimize aging signs such as redness, scars, and discoloration? Then, you should look no further than witch hazel.

This herb has protective tannin antioxidants and polyphenols which inhibit the proliferation of melanoma cells and guard healthy skin cells from premature aging. Besides, witch hazel has been proven to protect skin’s elasticity and collagen as well as many commercial skin care products. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel make it a good solution to prevent harmful impacts of environmental stress on your skin.

Therefore, you can use witch hazel to bring relief to your sun-damaged skin. Treat your sunburn by spritzing witch hazel extract on your affected area or using a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel to soothe your inflamed skin.

  1. Cure Insect Bites

A large number of commercial products and bug repellents used for relieving insect bites have witch hazel. This herb can decrease symptoms of bug bites such as swelling and pain from stings, irritations and allergies.

Applying creams containing witch hazel to your skin irritations can help curb symptoms just as effectively as synthetic commercial creams. Witch hazel extract has isopropyl alcohol, one of natural disinfecting ingredients with the ability to kill off bacteria and prevent infections. Therefore, you can also use it to boost the healing process of minor cuts or scabs.

  1. Treat Eczema

One of noticeable beauty benefits of witch hazel for skin is treating eczema symptoms. Due to the anti-inflammatory effects, witch hazel can stop incessant itching and improve other eczema symptoms like burning, redness, scaling and scarring.

To make use of witch hazel as a home remedy for eczema, you can apply it on your affected skin twice per day. Alternatively, combine witch hazel with green clay to get faster results. The clay has potassium, magnesium, calcium and many other minerals, which are beneficial in reducing inflammation and heat associated with eczema.

  1. Refresh Your Face

When it comes to beauty benefits of witch hazel, the ability to refreshing skin is highly appreciated by many people. Whenever you feel stressed or tired, you could use this herb to refresh your complexion.

Just simply add some witch hazel to a clean spray bottle. Next, spray it over your face to help eliminate excess oil and dirt, and soothe your skin.

To relieve tired eyes, you  can soak a clean cloth in a mixture of witch hazel and cold water. After that, place it onto your closed eyes for approximately 10 minutes. This tip will help remove any redness, thereby refreshing your eyes naturally.

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