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Beauty in 30 Days

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Beauty, as it is known, is the awesome power. Who doesn’t dream to catch exciting looks from others? No doubt, a passport to success is good health. If a woman has some problems, everything is seen on her face. To avoid this problem, you should always take care of yourself and stay beautiful and irresistible.

This several advice will help you to improve your appearance and if you follow these tips, you will see changes in 30 days already! No, no… please, don’t think that it is something unbelievable! All real and natural. So, let’s start!

Beauty in 30 Days - photo 1

Deep quality sleep

It has already been proved that at night our organism is recovering and relaxing. It is not recommended to work at night not to lose your natural biorhythms. You should sleep 7-8 hours to feel good. Before sleep, it is good to open the window, to fall asleep with fresh air. If you have the good sleeping schedule, you will have attractive face color and forget about livid rings under your eyes.

Healing by water

Drink enough water. It is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters per day. Right circulation of water in your organism will give you wonderful skin and will get rid you of a headache. Besides, try to wash your face with cold water in the morning. It will make your face very fresh.

I like to move!

Don’t sit all day, move! If you don’t like going to the gym, just walk or dance, especially if you an office worker. All movements will improve your appearance and you will not have pain in back and knees. You can do whatever you want but be active.

Flax seeds

Try to eat them every day. The best is to eat every morning before breakfast.You just need one tablespoon every day.  Flax is useful purgation for the organism. Your skin will become smooth and you will look younger. It is good for hair, nails too. It can even help to lose your weight a little bit. You can buy them at the market or even in the pharmacy.

Beauty in 30 Days - photo 2
Flax seeds


If you are hungry, don’t think about sandwiches. Nuts can help you! Being useful snack, they can improve your nails and hair. But don’t eat too much, just 4 nuts are enough per day. The natural fat that is in nuts is very healthy.

Oils for everything.

Different types of oils will make your body perfect. For example, olive oil will help to moisturize your skin, coconut oil will help your hair, menthol oil will help you to get rid of dandruff, wheat-germ oil will help your eyelashes. Choose which one you need.

Sea salt

It is so relaxing to take a bath, especially after long hard day. But why not to do it with such useful ingredient as sea salt? Just put several grams into your bath and admire your soft skin after that. It is the natural scrub for your body too.

Magic clay

There are different types of clay that are you used for face masks such as blue, green, red and white. They all help to clean your skin and get rid of wrinkles. You can buy them in the pharmacy without spending much money for expensive creams.

Beauty in 30 Days - photo 3
Spa Mud Mask. Woman in Spa Salon

Have your special socks.

If you want to have soft feet, sleep in socks. After cream put on socks and in the morning you will be impressed. Just choose socks of natural cloth and have baby’s feet.

Powerful beetroot


It can purgate your blood. With the help of blood, all vitamins and minerals are transferring around our body and if your blood is in the good state, it will give you natural blush on your face.

Can you add something more? So, as you see, all these steps are very easy and all ingredients to the beauty you can easily find in daily life. One more rule – just not be lazy and you will see a great result. Don’t damage your beauty by yourself. Don’t you believe? Help yourself by yourself and then think about plastic surgery. Be sure, with this advice you will always stay beautiful and wonderful!


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