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Beauty of Frankfurt. Germany

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Places in Frankfurt

Frankfurt (aka Frankfurt am Main) is the business capital of Germany, the most technologically advanced and modern city in the country. For its efficiency it is called Chicago-on-Main or Main-hatten. But this does not mean that everything here is built of glass and concrete. For example, the cozy and picturesque area of Alt-Sachsenhausen is an old Germany in all its glory. Just do not be fooled by the sight of the local ancient architecture – in fact, there is hardly any construction, as, indeed, in the rest of the city, over 50 years old.

Beauty of Frankfurt. Germany - photo 1

Time in Frankfurt

A sad historical truth is that during the Second World War Frankfurt was almost completely destroyed. However, with love restored, now it pleases its guests with a harmonious combination of elegant mansions of the Museum embankment, sheltering numerous and very curious museums, and modern buildings of the Quarter of banks, shining in the evenings with thousands of lights on the other side of the river.

Beauty of Frankfurt. Germany - photo 2

Beauty of Frankfurt. Germany - photo 3

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