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Budapest is the city of lights

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The capital of Hungary consists of two parts.
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City of stars 

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Budapest is the city of lights - photo 1
Budapest is very hospitable and majestic

Budapest in Hungary

Budapest is one of the most charming and beautiful European cities. Must-see in the travel list of every traveler. Budapest is very hospitable and majestic. It’s a “classic” Europe with many cozy streets, historical buildings, famous places, cafes, and restaurants. Many people are convinced that this adorable town is more wonderful at night, where almost every building is illuminated. It’s true, but Budapest is too cool and awesome for any stereotypes and bounders!

Budapest is the city of lights - photo 2
Budapest is the city of lights

Also, Budapest is a very special city. Many tourists come back here again and again. Why? Charming atmosphere is like a powerful magnet, which connects people from different countries, cities and even continents. This town has gathered in itself all: nice and friendly people, unreal places and museums, interesting legends and stories, adorable international visitors from all over the world, so here you can hear German, Italian, Ukrainian, English languages and so on. This article does not have enough space to tell about all the wonders of Budapest. Better book a ticket and pack your luggage to Hungary!
What makes Budapest so special and popular? We have prepared some interesting facts about this amazing city that will inspire you on your next journey. Enjoy!

Budapest. Map

1. There are many thermal springs in Budapest. There are baths with waters of different compositions from different types of diseases. The largest swimming pool in Europe – Széchenyi has a variety of pools with a choice of temperatures from 15 to 40 degrees. Moreover, Budapest is the only European capital with the official status of the resort.

2. The most beautiful building is the parliament. It is difficult to find an excursion route without a parliament. If you pre-fill the application on the site, you can get inside on the tour. The most beautiful parliament looks in the dark when lights turn on. This is the most important symbol of Budapest.

Budapest is the city of lights - photo 3
The most beautiful building in Budapest is the parliament

3. The capital of Hungary consists of two parts. The first part is called Buda, it is hillier, and the second is called Pest, this part is more flat. Today parts of the Hungarian capital are connected by numerous bridges – the oldest of them, Chapnyau finally linked Pest and Buda.

4. Buda is a special historical place. Here you can feel the atmosphere of past centuries and admire the ancient architecture. This is one of the most beautiful places in old Europe. In this part of Budapest people come to touch and enjoy history.

Weather for Budapest

5. We want to share with you one useful secret. In local tourist companies, you can buy a card of Budapest Kartya – it will give you the right to free ride in public transport, buy tickets to museums at better prices and even have dinner in some restaurants with good discounts.

6. Another lifehack that will help you avoid unpleasant situations. According to the Hungarian laws, you can not appear on the street without documents – this rule applies to tourists. You do not need to bring the original passport with you. Just leave the documents in the hotel safe, and take a photocopy with you.

7. Budapest is a paradise for art lovers. There are more than 40 theaters and more than 100 museums and galleries. The city annually hosts numerous concerts, festivals and cultural events. For example, the famous Hungarian Opera House is rightly considered one of the best opera houses in the world.

Budapest is the city of lights - photo 4
Budapest is a paradise for art lovers. There are more than 40 theaters and more than 100 museums and galleries
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