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Cameron Inlet. Flinders Island

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Cameron Inlet
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“Top Walks in Tasmania”

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Cameron Inlet

       Cameron inlet. Take a walk on the milder side of Flinders Island, from bird-dotted east-coast lagoon to 19th century shipwreck.

Cameron Inlet. Flinders Island - photo 1

Cameron Inlet. The beach is littered with pretty shells


9.4km out-and-back

Time required:

2–3 hours

Best time:





Ocean beach, dunes, bird sanctuary, lagoons, shipwreck timbers

Best map:

This one


No toilets


Furneaux Tavern in Lady Barron, 15km south, serves tasty lunches and dinners; tuck into pub grub at the Interstate Hotel, grab something lighter from a café or bakery, and shop at an excellent butcher (for Flinders Island wallaby and more), produce store and small supermarket in Whitemark, the island’s commercial centre, 25km west.


Carry binoculars and a zoom lens for watching and photographing birds on the lagoon and beach.

Cameron Inlet. Flinders Island - photo 2

Cameron Inlet

     Cameron inlet. A combination of history, wildlife and geology fill up a Flinders Island itinerary that will take you to both beaches and mountains. You can leave footprints on white sand trimmed with lichen-festooned rocks or climb the island’s tallest peak for a view extending to Tasmania  and across Bass Strait to mainland Australia. Book your flight or ferry ride now!

Flinders Island’s east coast is different from its much-photographed west. Instead of mountains dropping to headlands and bays framed in orange granite, here coastal plains end in bird-friendly lagoons, dunes, and expanses of white sand washed by blue sea. An easy beach ramble, like this one south from Cameron Inlet, reveals the Bass Strait island’s other, often kindlier face.

Cameron Inlet Road, 10km of unsealed road that’s usually fit for conventional vehicles to travel with care, runs east off Lackrana Road 15km north of Lady Barron and 25km east of Whitehaven. It follows the shoreline of Cameron Inlet, an often landlocked breeding ground for resident waders and shorebirds and a feeding and resting ground for visiting terns, snipes and shearwaters on their annual migrations. (The best months to witness this are November and March.) Logan Lagoon, to the south, is an internationally recognised significant wetland listed under the Ramsar Convention. (Signed in 1971, the Ramsar Convention is an international treaty of nations aimed at halting the worldwide loss of wetlands and conserving those that remain.)

Cameron Inlet. Flinders Island - photo 3

Cameron Inlet Birds

     Cameron Inlet is dotted with elegant black swans and fluffy cygnets in early autumn – and a bird hide part-way along the access road enables you to watch their goings-on unobserved. The sliver of sand on the inlet’s opposite shore is an entry point to the lagoon from the beach.

Having passed through fire-browned and blackened trees that frame views across the inlet and inland to Strzelecki Peak, the road ends at a gravel turning circle between a steep, greened sandhill and the inlet. Park, kick off your shoes and pad barefoot down a sandy forward track onto the beach. You come out at a metal post with both a yellow reflector wrapped around it and a scrap of orange plastic on top. Keep an eye out for this marker heading back.

Cameron Inlet is often closed off from the sea by the beach, but at other times you can usually wade across. So turn right and walk south down the white sand to the almost hypnotic hum and sometimes thumping crashes of waves rolling ashore. Surf fishers catch shark and flathead from this beach.

Cameron Inlet. Flinders Island - photo 4

Cameron Inlet

     Cameron Inlet is accessible as soon as you come onto the beach, by walking through the dunes. There are, though, several places along the beach where you can gain easier entry, such as about 1.2km south (see point 1 on map), where the dunes flatten out. Walk to the water’s edge to photograph wildlife, the wetlands, and the mountains rising sharply behind them. Strzelecki Peak often hides its head in the clouds, even on otherwise perfect days.

At different times of year you might find the beach littered with tiny blue jellyfish; assorted shells; all manner of creatures that have died and flotsam that’s been washed ashore. (Once even a hardhat was found, perhaps provided as protection against the coconuts that also beach themselves here!) Leave your footprints in the sand beside those of gulls, oystercatchers and other sea birds, and keep watch for white-bellied sea eagles on the wing.

Cameron Inlet. Flinders Island - photo 5

Cameron Inlet

     Cameron Inlet. About 3km down the beach, through a break in the dunes, you should see the keel of C.C.Funk (see point 2 on map), an American barquentine bound for Melbourne with a cargo of 600,000 feet of timber, wrecked in rough seas in 1898. All but two of the 13 crew and passengers, including the captain’s wife and two young children, drowned. Apparently, members of Gunns Limited came to Flinders to salvage the cargo. (A building-then-timber production company founded by brothers in 1875, Gunns Limited was felled in 2013 by a controversial plan to build a pulp mill in the Tamar Valley.) There are still houses in Launceston with timbers off the Funk.

The ship’s few remains rest well above the high-tide mark in soft sand where colonies of endangered, migratory fairy terns nest in spring. View the wreck timbers from below the high-tide mark at this time of year; don’t venture into the soft sand beyond!

Cameron Inlet. This is as good a place as any to turn back, unless you are in the groove and happy to walk further. So amble back up the beach, looking out for the post marking the forward track back to your car. Alternatively, you could turn left before then, and follow the inlet’s shore.

Cameron Inlet. Flinders Island - photo 6

Cameron Inlet


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