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Cat Care. How To Make Your Cat Happy

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cat care
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The cat was tamed by people many thousands of years ago, but this animal is still surrounded by an aura of mystery. However, the flexible and graceful animal was so firmly established in human life that no persecution could ever banish the cat from human habitation. And now they are one of the most beloved and common pets. In this article you will find not only useful information about how to feed cats and important cat care. Cat care is not a hard process when you do it regularly.

The nature of each cat has a bright personality. Of course, many features are associated with the characteristics of the breed to which the animal belongs, and this must be considered when choosing a future pet. Cats are very clean, already at 3 weeks of age they begin to self-lick their wool. However, this does not mean that you do not need to care for your pet. Cat care is very important. Many people negotiate cat care but they make a big mistake.

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cat care

For example, you should know which brushes and combs use for grooming cats.  You should regularly clean cat’s ears, wash eyes, trim the claws and comb hair. Cat care includes many moments. The latter procedure is very important for long-haired breeds, since their wool is easily tangled, and to maintain its appearance in perfect condition. Longhair kittens need to be combed daily, animals with an average length of hair – as needed. This will require a set of combs and a brush, which will be in the individual use of the cat. You can not use the same tools for animal, especially cat care as for yourself. It is recommended to carry out hygienic procedures immediately before feeding the kitten, in order to fix in his mind positive emotions that the animal will associate with it. Cat care is hard work when you really love your pet. But it is actually a rhetorical question.

Combing the cat’s fur should be done carefully, avoiding sudden movements that may cause pain to the animal. Cat care is also a big tenderness. If hair is tangled, it needs to be carefully disentangled, for which you can use a blunt knitting needle. Combing from head to tail, first with a rare comb, then more frequent. Finish the procedure, combing the hair with a massage brush. This finally straightens the animal’s hair and stimulates the subcutaneous blood circulation. Combing hair can be applied with baby powder or special powder that absorbs excess fat.

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cat care

Cat care is made for every cat but it is individual process. Bathing cats is not recommended. When people think about cat care, they want to do everything. Firstly, most of cats take this procedure extremely negatively, and secondly, flushing the fatty layer from the skin and coat may adversely affect the health of the cat. If severe pollution is observed, in extreme cases it is still possible to bathe the cat. To do this, warm water is poured into the basin or into the sink. They take the animal by the scruff of the neck, gently moisten the fur with water and apply a special shampoo, which then needs to be washed off thoroughly so that the animal does not lick it off. You should not wet head, and put cotton swabs in ears before bathing to prevent water from getting into them. Then this cat care will be right.

After bathing, the animal should be wiped with a clean towel (the cats should also have their own, in no case should you use the same for yourself and for them). Hair can be dried with a hair dryer, but it cannot be brought close to the animal, as hot air can damage the skin and hair. Cat care should be careful. However, cats are very afraid of noise that is produced by hair dryer, so the animal must be held tightly so that it does not run away. Cat care is also a right algorithm to make your cat feel good.

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cat care

If the animal does not go outside, it is necessary from time to time to cut its claws. During walks claws grind on stones, tree bark, but this does not happen at home. Clipping claws must be very careful not to damage their living parts, which can cause bleeding. The animal’s paw is held tight, slightly squeezing so that the claws protrude from the pads. It is necessary to cut only the edge with special tweezers. During the manipulation, you need to gently talk with the animal so that the cat feels calm and confident, after processing the claws on each paw to take a break. Cat care should be the way to have a good contact with your pet.

From time to time you need to inspect the mouth and teeth of a cat. The kittens’ teeth are gently rubbed with a soft, clean cloth or gauze, special pastes are produced for adult cats. In addition, in the pet store you can buy a special toy, designed to ensure that young cats formed the right bite. Nowadays, there is a big choice to have good cat care. You should also regularly clean ears from accumulating dirt and earwax. This is done with a cotton swab moistened with petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Cat’s eyes should be washed with warm boiled water or a weak solution of tea every week. Cat care is a healthy cat.

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cat care

Feeding the cat, like any other living thing, must fully meet the needs of the body in all necessary substances. Cat care is also good nutrition. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates that perform various functions in the body must be present in the food that cat eats. Also, do not forget about trace elements and vitamins. Cat care is consist of them. Cats are predators whose diet is based on animal products. Different types of meat and fish serve as a source of protein for cats, which plays a significant role in almost all metabolic processes occurring in the body. Cat care is a way to have a healthy pet.

Kittens and pregnant cats are especially in need of protein, as it is necessary for the growth and development of muscle mass, the hematopoietic function of the spleen and for the regeneration of the skin. It also affects the quality of the coat and the reproductive activity of the animal. Protein rich foods such as meat (beef, poultry), liver, kidney, lung, various varieties of fish, as well as dairy products. Cat care is work everyday. For feeding cats, you should take low-fat fish and meat varieties that are better to boil beforehand, since raw foods can become a source of infection with various parasites or infectious diseases. In addition to products of animal origin, legumes are rich in protein, which can be added to the basic diet. Cancan be added to the basic diet. You can include in the diet of the cat and a small amount of food yeast, in which is also a lot of protein. You should use a right cat care for your loving pet.

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cat care

Another important component of the diet are carbohydrates, which are the main source of energy. Cats, especially young ones, are very mobile animals, so their energy costs are high enough. A lot of carbohydrates are contained in various cereals and bread, however, including these products in the diet of your pet, you should observe a reasonable balance between the energy input into the cat’s body and the needs of a particular animal for it. The fact is that if a cat consumes a lot of carbohydrate-containing foods, and the lifestyle of an animal does not have a high level of activity, this can quickly lead to obesity. Obviously, more carbohydrates are required for kittens and young animals, and in the diet of old animals their content should be limited, since the older individuals tend to spend a considerable part of the day in a dream.

Naturally, the energy consumption of such animals is minimal. Young cats, on the contrary, are almost constantly in motion, running and playing, and they need food that provides them with enough energy. Cat care should be individual. Fats are another important nutritional element that is also necessary for a cat. They are involved in the transportation of some vital vitamins and provide an additional source of energy. In various quantities, fats are present in many products of animal and vegetable origin. However, their number in the cat’s diet should not be too large, since their excess (as well as excess carbohydrates) can cause obesity. Cat care should be in right amount.

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cat care. vitamins

Although the amount of vitamins that the cat’s body needs is not very large, it is difficult to overestimate their importance for the normal functioning of the body. Lack of one or several vitamins can cause metabolic disorders, which can lead to serious diseases of various systems and organs. For example, a lack of vitamin A adversely affects the work of the digestive organs, and as a result of a lack of vitamin E, tissue formation processes are slowed down, which leads to depletion of the body.

However, not only deficiency, but also an excess of vitamins can harm the health of the cat. Cat care should be smart. Therefore, to enter into the diet of the animal any kind of food or give multivitamins should be carefully. New food should be given in very small portions, and before using multivitamins, you must carefully read the instructions.

Vitamin A enhances the protective function of the mucous membranes. The source of this vitamin for cats are products such as beef liver, egg yolk and butter. Carrots should not be given to the cat, since the synthesis of vitamin A from carotene does not occur in the animal’s body, as it happens in humans. Vitamin D is found in the liver and chicken eggs, as well as in dairy products. Its deficiency can lead to improper formation of the skeletal system in kittens, but an excess of vitamin also adversely affects the health of the cat. B vitamins stimulate metabolic processes in the cat’s body. They are also necessary for the health of the nervous system. The source of these vitamins are products such as heart, liver, kidneys and yeast. Cat care is easy when you know important information.

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cat care

Vitamin E is involved in the regeneration of tissues, slows the aging process, and also contributes to the absorption of fats. They are rich in wheat germ and vegetable oil. It should be remembered that an excess of this vitamin can cause significant harm to the cat’s body. Cat care should be comfortable for your pet. To determine the amount of vitamin E that a particular animal needs, it is best to consult a veterinarian. The cat’s body needs vitamin H, which strengthens the animal’s immune system, preventing the infection from penetrating. A sign of the lack of this vitamin are numerous ulcers on the mucous membranes and the skin of the animal. Vitamin H is found in the liver and kidneys, as well as in eggs and yeast. Cat care is also a right set of important elements. Also, the cat needs vitamin K, which has a beneficial effect on the blood. However, the additional introduction of this vitamin is not required, as it is synthesized in the cat’s body from other substances.

In addition to vitamins, the cat’s body must come all necessary for life micro elements. Cat care is the way for happiness for the pet. They are also needed in small quantities, but are extremely important for the health of the animal. For example, zinc has a positive effect on the activity of the nervous system and the cat’s immunity, promotes the formation of bones in kittens, more rapid healing of wounds, and is also necessary for the organs of sight and skin. Magnesium is necessary for the regulation of cardiovascular activity, which simultaneously stimulates metabolic processes in the cat’s body.

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cat care

The animal also needs other trace elements – potassium and iron, as well as calcium and phosphorus. Especially important is the supply of these substances for kittens. Calcium and phosphorus are necessary for the formation of the bone system of animals, they should be added to the diet of young cats, since the content of these substances in food is insignificant. Cat care is a right choice of important nutrition.

In pet stores sold various capacities for feeding cats. Cat care is also a various process. They have a different shape and are made of various materials: plastic, metal or ceramics. The main thing that should be followed when purchasing a bowl for your pet is the convenience of this dish for animals to eat. It is necessary to put a bowl for a cat in a convenient place, providing free access to it for the animal. Most often, the animal is fed in the kitchen or in the hallway. Next to the bowl for food should always be a container of clean, boiled water at room temperature so that the cat can quench thirst at any time. It is not necessary to involve the animal in active games directly after eating. Cat care makes cat’s life easier.

Cat care is not just a game or work for one day. It should be always used by owners who want to see their pets happy and healthy. It is not so hard to use a right cat care. There is a lot of information according cat care and so many people share their experience with others. Cat care is really a very pleasant thing for all members in the family.


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  1. For two years now, a cross between an expensive oriental cat and an unbred cat lives in my house. I called him Amour. And that’s what I discovered for myself, he also has problems with big ears, which are common to all cats of oriental breed. Before you get a pedigree cat as a pet, you need to carefully read the information about the breed features and drawbacks, so that you will not be surprised by the sudden appearance of the disease.

  2. My cat has an absolutely normal reaction to clipping claws and combing, but I still prefer to do these procedures when the cat wants tenderness. Then I will stroke him a little and give his hairbrush to him so that he himself began to rub about it. When I realize that he really wants to be combed, I pick him up and comb him. Then a short break and I cut his claws. It is very important not to shear too much so as not to damage the capillaries that are inside each nail, so I do it when the room is bright and i can see well the paws. My cat adore when i take care of him.

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