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Who to Choose Cat or Dog

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Cat or dog
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In many families, sooner or later arises a question about the acquisition of a pet. And if you want to get a full-fledged “family member”, and not just a “decoration”, then the choice is not great: a dog or a cat. And then raises another question: who to choose? Here it is necessary to take into account everything – your psychological warehouse, the opinion of the household, and your opportunities. So, what are the arguments for and against the choice of each of these pets?


Pros. They are smart enough, faithful to the owners, can perform simple tasks – for example, bring slippers, protect the house or stand up for the protection of owners from intruders. It is also believed that communication with dogs is useful for sick people: they can serve as guides, favorably affect children with autism, their presence helps reduce blood pressure in those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. In addition, due to walks with the dog, you do exercise and breathe fresh air.

Cons. A dog needs to be given a lot of attention. And if the dog is large, it will require a lot of money, as large dogs eat not less than a person. For a family with a small budget, this will be problematic. Further – the dog needs to be trained, otherwise, it will quickly take the position of the head. As a result, your things will be scattered and gnawed, and you will be afraid to come close to your grimacing teeth dog.

You also have to walk with a dog. At least twice a day. In any weather. And if you get sick or for some reason can’t get out with it, it turns into a problem. In addition, you will have to deal with canine hygiene – regularly bathe your pet, cut off its claws.

To go somewhere to rest, having a dog, is also problematic. It will be difficult for you to attach it to someone you know since not everyone has the time and the desire to walk with a dog and even bother with it. A dog hotel may not be affordable for you, and it is often risky to give a pet there.

When should you opt for a dog?

  • If it is important for you to have a faithful friend and if you want that you and your home are under reliable protection.
  • If you have enough time to deal with a dog, you are sure that you will be able to train it with necessary things.
  • If the purchase of dog food does not breach the family budget.
  • If someone from the household can always walk with the dog.
  • And, finally, if you are sure that someone will look after your pet if you need to leave for a while.


Pros. Most cats – affectionate, funny creatures, they act on people pacifying, cheer them up and on the assurance of many, even treat people lying down on a sore spot. Owners of cats less likely to suffer from depression. It is much easier to attach a cat if you leave for a while: in extreme cases, you can ask your neighbors to feed it and clean it up once a day.

The advantage of cats in front of dogs is that they need less attention. A cat can be left for a whole day at home alone, and it will find itself an occupation or will sleep. Walking with cats is not necessary, and they eat much less than dogs. Cats are more independent, for example, they can wash and make their own toilet.

Cons. It’s not for nothing that cats are said to walk by themselves. People are interesting to them only as executors of their desires – they give them food and shelter. Cat takes it for granted. It can snuggle up to person, but you can’t expect loyalty from it. Of course, sometimes a cat can claw with its claws at one of your detractors or foul him if he came to your house, but not all cats will do it. It is difficult to train cats. By and large, there is no benefit from them, except that they can catch mice.

When should you opt for a cat?

  • If you are primarily interested in psychological relief. No one is more conducive to this, as purring pussies.
  • If you are lazy or busy enough to constantly tinker with a pet, the same situation with other family members.
  • If the family is not rich – not so much money will go on cat’s food.
  • And also if you often leave and will have to leave the pet alone.

But before you go for your new “family member”, discuss this with the rest of the household. So, if you personally want a dog and everyone else wants a cat, maybe it’s better to make a choice in favor of the majority? It is worth choosing a dog, not a cat, if there is or will be a small child in the family: you can’t forbid the cat to come close to him, and cat can harm him. It is better to choose a cat if all family members spend a lot of time at work or school, and walking with a dog is a big question. First, weigh all the pros and cons, and only then make the final decision.


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  1. Hi my friend! I want to say that this article is amazing, nice written and include almost all significant infos. I’d like to look more posts like this .

  2. I have a cat and a dog. And I can say that both of these animals can be loved. It all depends on the work of their owner, if a person is very busy, he does not have time to walk 2-3 times a day, the cat is more suitable for him, because she is more independent, she does not suffer from lack of attention as much as the dog. For a dog owner, their communication is the whole life, it can not live without the daily help of his dear person.

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