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Vienna. Cathedral of St Stephen

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Cathedral of St Stephen
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Cathedral of St Stephen is a landmark of Vienna. It fascinates with Gothic architecture and interior decoration. And if you climb the tower, the views are simply gorgeous!

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Cathedral of St Stephen. Vienna

The symbol of Vienna – Cathedral of St Stephen in the Stefansplatz square. The magnificent, unique, multifaceted church of Stefansdom, like the cathedral, was first mentioned in the Viennese chronicles of 1221. Have built it on the holy, “namolennom”, a place. In the first half of the 12th century there was a parish church here.

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History of St Stephen cathedral. Vienna

The three-nave Romanesque basilica, which bore the name of St. Stephen (Stefan), was rebuilt in 1230. Architects planned the construction of the temple in the late Roman style, and most of the building was already finished when the fire happened. Restore the building began only in the early XIV century. The work was finally completed in 1340. The temple was built in the Gothic style.

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