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Communication Between a Man and a Woman. A Bad Experience

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Failed topics in communication
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Failed Topics in Communication Between a Man and a Woman. A Bad Experience.

What can be more romantic than a love letter? Someone thinks that communication with the help of letters can be old-fashioned, but it goes without saying that the letters are one of the best ways to get to know each other better and understand if you have something in common with another person. When you begin correspondence with a woman through a dating site, most likely, you can meet with some barriers which are connected with the difference in your mentalities. But do not worry, in this article we will try to help you to avoid these barriers and failed topics in communication with a woman/man. There are some topics which will push a woman/man away from you if you write about them in the beginning of your acquaintance. For example, it can be:

– sex. It is a very intimate theme and if you write about it in your first letter, a woman/man will think that you are not serious about your intentions and goals. Do not rush to discuss such personal themes, everything has its time. At first, you and your lady/man should learn more about each other and when you both feel that you are close enough to speak about your sexual preferences, only then do this.

– religion. All people are different. Someone is too religious, someone can be an atheist. Be careful in this question and do not write a lot about your religious beliefs, at least in the beginning of your correspondence. A woman/man may have completely different religious views than yours and because of this, you can meet with some misunderstandings. Be polite and tolerant. On the one hand, when true love comes, then such things like religious views, nationality or age do not matter at all, the most important is what you feel to another person. But on the other hand, if you are too stubborn and if you are not ready to find a compromise, then different religious views can become a reason of misunderstandings in your relationship. So all depends on a person. If two people sincerely want to be together, then they will be able to undergo all difficulties and tests which life has prepared for them.

– politics. It is great if you are a well-educated man and can speak about such serious topics like politics, economy, a situation in the world or discuss news. But as a rule, women do not like such themes and for them, it will not be very interesting to talk about a political and economic situation in the country. And vice versa, if you are a woman and if you speak all the time about fashion, trends in cosmetology, manicure or another girly theme, a man can lose interest in communication. Try to choose topics which will be interesting for both of us (for example your hobbies, interests, views on relationships, goals, dreams, plans for future).

– global space problems or even the end of the world. Do not be pessimistic. Women like confident men with a good sense of humor and when in the beginning of your acquaintance you will write her about such themes, most likely, a woman will lose her interest towards you. Concerning men, they also like optimistic women who look at life from a bright side, but of course not through the pink glasses.

– bad experience and doubts. All people have bad experience and scars from the past. Of course, it is very important to exchange your life experience and find out some important details from the past, but at the same time, you should remember that in the beginning of correspondence it will not be correct to write only about the bad experience and about your doubts in everything. Even a bad experience has something positive because it gives us new lessons of life and makes us stronger and wiser. So try to find something good even in negative.

Do not write to a woman/man only about your demands and desires, not taking into account her own opinion and not knowing her well. Respect her/his point of view and do not forget a golden rule “treat people the way you want them to treat you”. Be yourself and remember that all things are good in moderation.

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