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Home SPA. Create a Spa in Your Home. Beauty Tips

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THE ATMOSPHERE OF your at-home spa is the most important part of creating a carefree, calming escape from your daily routine. It should really feel like a break in your day-to-day life, a break from the mundane and the obligations you have at work and home. One aspect of creating the ideal ambiance comes from proper lighting. You can’t find a level of deep relaxation with blinding fluorescent lighting. I recommend lighting candles as your source of illumination (beauty tips). Home SPA.

Staying attuned to your body’s senses, such as the sense of smell and the sense of light, is another factor in truly allowing yourself to surrender to a beautiful level of calm. An inexpensive and productive way to achieve soothing lighting with a relaxing fragrance is to light a scented candle. These are simple to make yourself, and you can add your favorite fragrance. Of course, you can certainly find scented candles anywhere they are sold, including your local grocery store. Home SPA.

Location is important as well. If you have a bathtub, then I recommend choosing your bathroom as the place to create the meditative realm, where you can reach for beauty in a warm bath filled with bubbles. Perhaps your bedroom window has a lovely view and is better suited to manifesting inner peace. Whatever you choose as your room for your at-home spa, it’s important to indulge in the perfect atmosphere that meets your personal needs. Home SPA.

Aside from lighting and aromatic influences, there are yet more things to consider when creating your atmosphere. It’s key that you are in a setting where you won’t be interrupted. If you are a busy mom, then you should have a conversation with your children that “Mommy needs thirty minutes to herself.” You can even have your kids create a pretty sign to post on the door for such occasions. It can be a fun craft activity involving the whole family, using textures like felt letters and glitter, among other childhood favorites. This way, your children won’t resent being locked out; rather, they will understand and feel pride in having participated in contributing the sign.

If you have a partner who is there to help make sure you have your moment of meditative, natural beauty reaching by keeping the children occupied, then that is wonderful. But if not, timing is another critical factor in creating the atmosphere to reach for beauty. It may be best to wait until the children are at school or at a friend’s house. It’s a win-win situation. There is nothing less relaxing for a mom than wondering if the kids are getting along and safely playing. Inhabiting a state of concern is the least desirable atmosphere for anyone, let alone someone reaching for beauty and calm. So, it’s important to plan ahead and reserve this important time for yourself. Home SPA.

Not every atmosphere involves the quietude of a closed door, bubble bath, and softly lit candles. Sometimes my at-home spas get a little wild. I like to listen to my favorite playlist on my iPod and rock out while I apply my creams, masks, or exfoliants. Whatever beauty treatment I might be applying, I enjoy a sexy atmosphere with candlelight and Portishead playing in the background. It makes me feel beautiful, and that is the point of an at-home spa. It represents freedom. So, while I also enjoy a luxurious bubble bath with soft lighting and just the sound of my own thoughts if I am meditating, it’s nice to know that I have the freedom to reach for beauty in accordance with the direction of my mood. This is all about catering to yourself, and that can’t be forgotten. Home SPA.

No matter what kind of atmosphere you aim to create, I believe that the most important part of the atmosphere is cleanliness. Hygiene is the first priority when creating your at-home spa. You must be able to wash your skin before applying creams, and you must use clean utensils for mixing and application.

Also realize that your at-home spa can also become your own private workout studio. Instead of the gym’s preferred radio station, you rule the music in your at-home gym. And fear not, for you don’t need any actual gym equipment to create your own private gym. If you have an exercise/yoga mat or a clean towel, you are good to go. Perhaps you may want to listen to the news in the background as opposed to inspiring music; either way, your gym must cater to your desires to be effective and leave you wanting more “gym time.” On the following pages are several simple mat exercises. These are variations of the sorts of exercises I have engaged in over the course of several years in group and individual exercise classes. Exercise is fantastic for improving circulation, for releasing toxins through sweat, and certainly for clearing your mind. All you need is ten minutes in the morning, or whenever suits your schedule. If you can’t afford a gym membership, you don’t have to forego your workout as you reach for beauty through exercise. Home SPA.

AT-HOME GYM – beauty tips

These are my favorite exercises and I hope you like them too! Get your comfy gym clothes on; the only person you need to impress is yourself.

Lovely Leg Lifts

Lay on your side, on your hip. Align your body in a straight line. Flex your bottom foot and anchor it into the ground for resistance and support. Point or extend the foot on top and lift straight up with control and return to a hover, with control. Repeat ten times to conclude one rep. Complete three reps. Repeat this exercise with your other leg.

Lovely Diagonal Leg Lifts

Lay on your side, on your hip. Align your body in a straight line. At the hip, move your legs diagonally at a 45-degree angle. Flex your bottom foot and anchor it into the ground for resistance and support. Point or extend the foot on top, remaining at a 45-degree angle and lift with control. Repeat ten times to conclude one rep. Complete three reps. Repeat this exercise with your other leg. Home SPA.

Dangerous Derrière

Lay on your side, on your hip, in the same position you used for the Lovely Leg Lifts. Bend both knees, keeping your feet near to your bottom. With your feet touching at all times, lift only your knee to the sky and return with control. Repeat ten times to conclude one rep. Complete three reps. Repeat this exercise lying on your other side.

Perfect Plank

Lie on your stomach with elbows bent underneath your shoulders. Come up on the balls of your feet so that your body is facing the ground in a straight, unrounded perfect plank position (as though you were about to do a push-up). Maintain this position for three minutes, using your stomach muscles to remain in a straight line. You will feel your strong inner woman come alive with this challenging exercise. This truly is an all-over body exercise. Home SPA.

“Ab-Fab” Sit-Ups

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet firmly on the ground. Interlock your hands and place them gently behind your head with your elbows wide. Lift directly up to the sky (this is not your classic forward-bending crunch). Repeat ten times to conclude one rep. Complete three reps. Home SPA.

Simple Stretching

Hamstring stretch: Start by lying on your back. Lean forward with your legs extended and reach for your toes. Indulge in this stretch for as long as your body feels it needs it.

Lower back stretch: Start by lying on your back. Pull your knees into your chest and give yourself a hug. To get a little massage out of this stretch, rock side to side in the stretch position. Home SPA.

Spinal stretch: From a standing position, reach to touch your toes and roll your body back up to a standing position. Do this stretch slowly to articulate the spine. Stretching is for you, so do as many reps as your body enjoys. Home SPA.

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