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Cyprus: A cozy paradise in the Mediterranean Sea

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Paradise in the Mediterranean Sea
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No doubt, Cyprus is one of the leaders of tourist offers. Beautiful nature, amazing mountains, warm climate and nice people make this island really a wonderful place. If you dream of forgetting everything and seeing a piece of a paradise on Earth, you should book tickets to Cyprus.

People of Cyprus

Under the typical commercial about this island, which you can find in every travel agency, you will discover unknown Cyprus after your first visit here, of course, if you do not intend to spend the whole vacation at the hotel with a cocktail in your hand. Experienced travelers often ignore this adorable land, because they think that Cyprus is something banal and not interesting because of many tourists from different countries. But this is not true. You will fall in love with this island from the first seconds of your visit. Tourist booklets can’t convey all the beauty and charm of Cyprus. Even the reviews of your friends can’t give you a real picture of this cozy paradise. You should feel the magical atmosphere of this place by your own soul and heart. So, now we are going to the next virtual trip! The next destination is Cyprus!

Cyprus: A cozy paradise in the Mediterranean Sea - photo 1
Cyprus is an unforgettable place

Rent a car and enjoy the beauty

If you don’t like classical tourist offers, you can go another way. Of course, this method is more expensive than the first one, but you will feel the true soul of Cyprus. I am talking about renting a car. In just three days you will discover the whole island. Moreover, you can stop wherever you wish and enjoy the beauty. Only your desires and goals govern this trip. But be ready for Cyprus roads. In this country is a left-hand traffic, so it can be difficult for travelers from countries with right-hand moving. Except this, some parts of the road in mountainous areas can be very dangerous. So, if you are not sure about your driving skills, don’t take a risk.   In this case, it is better to hire a professional driver or tour guide, of course, if the travel budget allows it.

Visit not only the popular resorts of Larnaca and Paphos

Cyprus: A cozy paradise in the Mediterranean Sea - photo 2
Discover cozy villages like Agros

Wearher of Cyprus 

Cyprus is the third in size and the third largest island in the Mediterranean. From all sides, it is washed by the sea.  Most people come here to spend a vacation near the seaside. The popular cities like Larnaca and Paphos, where international airports are located, are perfect for rest with a family of friends. Clean beaches, beautiful warm sea, lots of bars, restaurants, and hotels for every wallet, make these places very comfortable for an unforgettable rest. But! Please don’t forget about other charming places here. Cyprus is a small island. The distance between towns is really small. That is why, it is a great opportunity to discover cozy villages like Agros, for example. You will be impressed by the silence and grandeur of the mountains. Local bars and taverns will surprise you with their assortment and an interesting menu. Visiting Cyprus, you can combine beach holidays with hiking in the mountains. You can use public transport, so you do not need a lot of money. Your desire and active position is the most important thing.

You can visit the territory of Turkey

Cyprus: A cozy paradise in the Mediterranean Sea - photo 3
You can visit the territory of Turkey

Cyprus. All About Beaches

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus. Besides many tourist places, cozy streets and beautiful buildings, you can visit the territory of another country. What does it mean? The Turkish occupation of the Northern part of Nicosia was occurred in 1974. Don’t forget to bring your passport with you. In the old part of Nicosia, you must go through the border control. Probably, no one will ask you about your visit purposes. The procedure for switching to the other side is very simple, except that you will most likely have to spend some time in the queue.
If you look at it through the eyes of a tourist, not politics, then on the Turkish side you can see a lot of bazaars, souvenir shops with local goods and delicacies. All purchases you can pay with Cyprus money, Turkish lira, dollars or euro, as you like. Also here you can see a lot of Turkish national flags, hear popular Turkish songs. Many travelers note that this side is very different from traditional Cyprus…

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