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Dirty Talking. How To Make Your Bedroom Plays Better

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Dirty Talking: Men and Women

When we talk, we breathe hard, we gasp or groan, we are stroking our lover’s brain and turning on the switch of his imagination. The foul and obscene language in bed is one of those aphrodisiac ingredients that increase the pleasure of a potosí, so telling him what you would let him do for his hands, for his mouth, what you would do to him, with or without his permission, is an excellent way to give the ON. Dirty talking.

Say dirty things, be a little messy. Be insolent and use your verbal genius to ignite the other. Words like:

–          “Oh yes yes, don’t stop keep going”

–          “Faster”

–          “Mmm how delicious”

–          “Is that all for me?”

–          “How big you have it?”

It is only a brief sample of dirty talking, or what is the same, say kept in bed. It is beautiful, stimulating, and one of the alternatives (or complementary) options to the ubiquitous mete-sac.

Men love erotic communication, and they are all dirty in bed, saying dirty hot words to your man will increase his ego, and that’s good for him, for both of you. He will feel desired, filled, full and so will you.

Confess to him how much you like how he touches you, the taste of his skin, the touch of his hands, that you light up with his body brushing yours, his penis going through you, tell him how crazy his smell drives you.

On the contrary, most women do not feel comfortable with dirty talking. Women are uncomfortable with a stranger who suddenly releases me the first lair that goes through his head, but when they are horny, and there is confidence, it makes them so beautiful that they also involved in the act of dirty talking.

Men and women, seduce with the voice, blush through the force of the word.

It is clear that each couple has their sexual preferences, and dirty talking may not work for all of them. The art of speaking dirty may not be your thing, but you are encouraged to try it.

We can all say things in bed, but you can’t say too much in bed. If we are fucking, too much compliment is tiring, too much word overwhelms and overdoing it can leave the atmosphere cold. Some words launched from the most intense passion can be received as insults or intolerable disrespectful. If the couple is not on the same wavelength, what do you like a skunk? It is an example that comes as a ring to my finger to explain how a crazy night of sex can end in Greek tragedy. So before dirty talking , talk.


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Advantages Of Dirty Talking

Dirty Talking Drives Away The Danger Of Infidelity

The dirty talking could ward off possible infidelity. Yes, it seems strange, but sometimes speaking vulgarly can help the couple come together. Why? Taboos disappear, good manners are neglected, and we free ourselves from the social conditions that do nothing else but remind us how to behave, how to talk, what to eat.

The first Extra-conjugal meetings website designed for women has declared that the origin of betrayal requires feeling desired.

Dirty Talking Reduces Stress

As we all know, after having sex and, above all, reaching the desired orgasm comes a state of perfect relaxation. And it is scientifically proven that oral sex lowers stress levels and anxiety by decreasing the segregation of cortisol (stress hormone).

Dirty Talking Increases Happiness

A New York University conducted a study that revealed that women who practice oral sex tend to be happier, smarter and have high health benefits by releasing hormones that influence mood

Dirty Talking Improves Orgasms

Oral sex is not only good on an individual basis if you also join it with vaginal sex in the case of women, but it also allows them to reach orgasm earlier and, therefore, enjoy the relationship more. In the case of men, it not only allows them to enjoy more, but it also stimulates them sexually and gives them more happiness.

Phone sex is an excellent option for men who have always wanted to try something new in sex life. It does not matter whether the hot conversation with your own partner within the relationship or completely anonymous with an unknown erotic lady takes place – because new experiences enrich a partnership in any case.

For single men or men who cannot live out specific preferences with their own partner, is mainly well anonymous phone sex, because here are the own imagination no limits and allowed is what both interlocutors like. In particular, private pocket money ladies are becoming increasingly popular in this area, as they are much more cost-saving than professional sex hotlines and usually have more fun in the hot talks.

Other advantages are:

  • You will end the monotony
  • You will strengthen the cooperation
  • You will be the protagonists of a harmless perversion
  • It will increase the desire
  • Your partner will feel understood
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Disadvantage Of Dirty Talking

Intimacy is an act of surrender between two people who love each other, but who respect each other. Dirty talking during sexual intercourse has multiple benefits, as it stimulates the imagination, but it is also a double-edged sword because if the anti-sounding words pierce the walls of the bedroom, the result can be fatal. The consequences of crossing the limit of sexual fantasy to reality can generate the following:

Lose Respect

When it is not possible to distinguish between the room and the rest of the house, the problems begin. One of the most common things when dirty talking  in privacy is offensive words, but when they are used in another context, the interpretation will obviously be different, which could lead to the person receiving them feeling offended.

There Is No Way Back

For many women, romance is completely lost with this practice. And although for the experts this type of dialogue generates trust between the couple, if the right balance is not achieved, many values and romanticism will be lost, and once they disappear from the relationship, it will be difficult to recover them.

Risks Self-Estimation

Most people agree to have their partners refer to them using words that in another context would be offensive, just to please them, pretending that everything is fine, when in fact it is not. When it is not possible to understand that everything is part of a game, that when the intimacy ends, the feelings and lack of esteem of the person who disagrees with the practice are severely damaged.

Balancing The Act

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect balance, where the two sides agree on how they will lead their sex lives. Expressing that it bothers each of the members of the couple is the healthiest way to satisfy them. Everything is allowed in sex, as long as someone’s feelings and morals are not hurt.

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Secrets To Talk Dirty With Your Partner Without Sounding Ridiculous

Talking dirty with your partner can be a two-edged sword, it can turn you on more as it can cause you a lot of grace. Who has not happened to be with a boy or girl who begins to say dirty phrases and instead of getting excited, ends up giving us someone else’s grief? So that this does not happen to you, we share some secrets so you can handle this form of expression with your partner as an expert.

  1. Do not copy phrases you heard in porn movies. This is real life, so refrain from saying phrases that bother anyone. If it’s your first time  dirty talking , just say simple things like “I like it” while enjoying the moment with your partner.
  1. Get inspired by erotic novels or scenes that you like. Eye, this does not mean that you should copy them since you should feel comfortable with what you say. Remember that what comes out of your words should be something you would like to be told.
  1. Don’t get pressured. If you feel it is not your thing, do not do it. Talking dirty should be something fun and rewarding.
  1. Give it a pure intonation. Do not pretend your voice, that is, do not exaggerate that you are very hot or exaggerate in aggression. The more natural, the better.
  1. Set limits according to your type of partner. A chance you have a timid boyfriend or girlfriend that you can scare away, or you are with someone very open with whom you can go further.
  1. Talking as if you were sighing in your ear will be your forte. Because you will generate chills in the other person, but it will not be exaggerated. You will get a perfect balance with this way of saying things.
  1. Exploit the sense of touch. Certain parts of your body beat your partner a lot, ask him to touch them while you talk dirty.
  1. Idealise scenarios of the future. When it comes to being intimate with the couple, we can get our most instinctive part. Suddenly those who never wanted children are excited by the idea that in some future they may have one with their boy or girl (of course, highlighting what is done before this). Idealise and express it, you can enchant the other, much more than the act as such.
  1. Express yourself calmly, speed can kill passion. If you speak at a slow pace, you can achieve your goal of turning on the other.
  1. High self-esteem at all times. Feeling good about yourself and projecting it with your body language will be crucial when you start with the dirty dialogue.


Dirty Talk

How to drive your partner crazy,

reveal the most hidden sexual fantasies

and increase libido

By Justin Kutcher

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