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Disappearance of People. Paranormal Events

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dissapearance of people
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Paranormal events attract people’s attention and arouse many thoughts and gossips. People have a great desire to find the key to different secrets but sometimes nobody could understand the real reasons of these paranormal events. One of such unusual events is secret disappearance of people. They happen during centuries and some of them have become really famous.

The statistics says that annually on the Earth about two million people disappear without a trace. The vast majority of such disappearance of people can be explained by completely natural causes: murders, accidents, natural disasters … Sometimes people “disappear” at their own volition. But part of the incidents in the usual framework does not fit. If you do not take into account the existence of parallel worlds. Disappearance of people happened in different countries and times.

For example, Ancient Greece can be famous for disappearance of people.  During the battle, one of the soldiers, in which they threw a dart, melted in the air. And on the spot where he was standing, his weapons, shield and fatal dart remained to lie. In ancient times such disappearance of people happened quite often, that’s why the people around them did not see anything unusual in them, and they did not emphasize special attention.

On October 25, 1593 in Mexico, unexpectedly, “as from the sky,” a soldier appeared in an incomprehensible form, telling that he had just stood at the palace of Governor Manila (Philippines – 17 thousand kilometers from Mexico!) And saw him was treacherously killed. The soldier himself could not understand how he suddenly found himself in a completely unfamiliar place.  That was strange disappearance of people. The finale of this story is sad – the unfortunate person fell under the jurisdiction of the Inquisition … and only a few months later sailed sailors confirmed all the details of the tragedy described in the story of the Philippine sentry.

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dissapearance of people

disappearance of people


To this list, you can add ships that mysteriously “lost” their crews on the high seas. Suffice it to recall the famous story with the vessel “Maria Celeste”, which was discovered near the Azores. Disappeared people did not take anything with them – neither things, nor even money … It was really evident mysterious disappearance of people.

In 1955, in the Pacific Ocean, the American yacht “MV Elite” was seen without a trace of the crew, but with a full supply of water, food and untouched life-saving equipment. Disappearance of people happened on water also.

In a similar condition five years later, two British yachts were noticed in the Atlantic. In 1970, a mysteriously disappeared team from the English dry cargo ship “Milton”. In 1973, the Norwegian fishing “Anna” crashed – there were witnesses of her death from other vessels, which said that the crew on the deck was absent.

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disapperance of people…

disappearance of people


In August 1971, a group of “hippies” decided to rest with their tents near Stonehenge. According to witnesses, a farmer and a policeman, at two o’clock in the morning a strong thunderstorm broke out over the Salisbury Plain. Suddenly the sky was lit up by a bright lightning. In a moment, she struck Stonehenge’s stones, and everything around her glowed with a dazzling blue light. At that moment the witnesses heard the cries of tourists. When the lightning passed, they rushed to the stones. To their amazement, there was no one there. The people disappeared. It was also a very mysterious case of people disappearance. Disappearance of people happened in some mystic places.

July 18, 2007 Barbara Bolik, a 55-year-old woman from Corvallis, Montana, went on a hike in the mountains with her friend Jim Ramaker, who came from California. When Jim stopped to admire the scenery, Barbara was 6-9 meters behind him, but turning back in less than a minute, he found that the woman had disappeared. The police joined the search, but the woman was not found. Disappearance of people happened quite often.

At first glance, the story of Jim Ramaker sounds incredible. However, he cooperated with the authorities, and, since there was no evidence of his involvement in the disappearance of Barbara, he was no longer considered a suspect. The guilty person would probably try to come up with a better story, and not claim that his victim simply disappeared into the air. It’s been six years now, but no traces of violent death have been found, as well as any hints of what could have happened to Barbara. Usually disappearance of people doesn’t have any explanation.

“Cyclops” – an American ship named after a one-eyed character of Greek myths, was built for the US Navy a few years before the First World War. According to the classical canons of mysterious disappearance of people, the ship disappeared in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, and neither the remains of the bodies nor the ship itself were found. Without a trace, 306 people disappeared, among whom were both crew members and passengers. This case of disappearance of people was famous all over the world.

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disappearance of people


On February 16, 1918, the ship left the port of Rio de Janeiro and headed towards the North Atlantic states. In addition to people, the ship carried 10,000 tons of manganese ore. The ship made an unscheduled stop in the Barbados area due to overload (the capacity of the “Cyclops” was only 8 thousand tons), but did not send any alarm signals. The ship did not arrive at the port of destination. Many theories were advanced, but none of them is able to explain how the ship disappeared. That disappearance of people was really hard to explain.

It is noteworthy that during the Second World War, two “Cyclops Brothers” – the ships “Proteus” and “Nereus” – also disappeared, carrying heavy metal ore, similar to the one transported by Cyclops. They disappeared in the same region of the Bermuda Triangle. Disappearance of people was often in that place.

Secret disappearance of people  happened not only with separate person but with whole groups, tribes and even civilizations. It is well-known fact about Maya, Olmecs, citizens of island Easter and others. Anyway, what happened to them? How it happened that so many people disappeared? What is the reason? Archaeologist and historians have some answers to these questions but these are only versions.

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person ghost

disappearance of people


The biggest interest is aroused by disappearance of people who were famous of different times. Their life and destiny are in the centre of historians.  Such people as Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, Glenn Miller, Harold Holt, Victor Grayson and many others are known as disappeared. They are not connected with each other by mentality, nationality but each of them disappeared by some unknown circumstances. It can happen that people who were not famous before their disappearing but then the whole world start to talk about them. Disappearance of people happened not only with simple people.

There are many different real stories that can arouse many questions. Mysterious fact occurred in 1880 in America. Local farmer David Lang, along with his wife and children, was sitting in the courtyard. Noticing the approaching crew of his friend, David hurried to meet and suddenly disappeared right before the eyes of the family. His wife and neighbors carefully examined the place where Mr Lang literally evaporated, but did not find anything but a spot from which the yellowed grass was unknown. Ironically, since that day, the animals that lived on the farm have bypassed the mysterious place by a side. Disappearance of people influenced normal life of others.

On December 12, 1910, a 25-year-old niece of a judge of the US Supreme Court and a prominent public figure Dorothy Arnold emerged from her fashionable mansion on 79th East Street in New York City at 11 am to buy her evening dress. At about two o’clock in the afternoon she met her friend Gladys Keith on Fifth Avenue; the girls chatted and parted. At parting, Dorothy Arnold cheerfully waved – and she was no longer seen. Disappearance of people was strange.

Similar stories have occurred relatively often in various countries, on land, sea and in the air, in apartments, on streets, forests, fields, in transport. 14 people witnessed the disappearance of a bus in the cabin, which was driving from Albany to Bennington on December 1, 1949. People saw as a soldier James Thetford sat down in his place and after the bus drove off, immediately fell asleep. On the road, the bus did not stop anywhere, and when he came to Bennington, there was only a wrinkled newspaper and a bag in James’s place. The police investigation did not work. As, however, and 26 years later, when in 1975 a young woman disappeared and Martha Wright. Jackson Wright, along with his wife Martha, was driving his car from New Jersey to the center of New York, in Manhattan. There was a strong  snow, and they took shelter from the weather in the Lincoln tunnel. Wright went to clean the car of snow. At the end of the work, Jackson Wright raised his eyes and did not see his wife. Disappearance of people have different explanations but nothing exact. There are really many people in the world who know much about disappearance of people.

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missing people

There are cases when whole settlements disappeared. In 1930, miner Joe Labell decided to visit one of the Eskimo villages, located in the north of Canada. Once he worked in these places. And Joe went into the village, but it was empty, there was none of the people, there was silence everywhere. The impression was that the villagers had disappeared somewhere instantly, without completing their affairs. The fire was burning, the pots were full of food. In this case, all things, including rifles, without which the Eskimos never left far from the village, remained in place. In the huts lay unsettled clothes, in it were stuck needles. Deciding that, probably, the residents had gone down the river, Labell sent to the pier. But the most surprising was that the Eskimos for some reason left the dogs in the village, the animals were neatly tied, and judging by the fact that the husks were not hungry, the villagers disappeared quite recently. Labelle notified the police of a strange case. For a week the area around the village was carefully combed, but no traces of the disappearance of people  were found.

On March 5, 1991, at 4 pm, the Venezuelan jet aircraft DS-9 took off from Maracaibo International Airport (350 miles from Caracas). It was an ordinary flight. In 35 minutes the plane was to arrive at another major center of the oil industry in the west of Venezuela, Santa Barbara. However, 25 minutes after the start of the flight, the radio communication with the ground was interrupted, although the air traffic management did not receive any distress signals. The news agency published with the scribes 38 missing, including one child and five crew members. During the day the search plane flew by the same course, then the helicopter, but they did not notice any signs of a plane crash down there. Disappearance of people just happened and nobody could explain it.

There are many legends about people falling into the clearings, where fairies organize their holidays. After dancing the night away, people returned home and found out that during that time years had passed!

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missing airplanes

disappearance of people


At present, scientists can not give an exact answer to the question of why and how this disappearance of people occur. Some researchers believe that just like in the universe black holes are formed, capable of absorbing stars, their systems and even entire galaxies, in the person at the sub molecular level exactly the same holes appear. They absorb the person from the inside, leaving no trace of him. And then disappearance of people happen. Others believe that the disappearance of people is associated with aliens who kidnap people to carry out experiments on them. However, these are all hypotheses, and the mysterious disappearance of people is still covered in mystery.

Certainly, many stories with mysterious disappearance of people can be a conscientious delusion or just a joke. And if we admit that at least some of them correspond to the proposed theories and assumptions?


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