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Dog Care. Best Fluffy Friends

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dog care
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The dog is a faithful companion of people for many years. However, scientists still have many questions about the origin of this animal. Most dog experts are inclined to believe that the ancestors of the modern dog were primarily wolves, jackals and coyotes, as indicated by the same set of chromosomes, as well as the ability of these animals to produce fertile offspring during inter specific crossing. Before having a dog, you should carefully weigh everything and think about dog care first of all. Raising a purebred dog, especially at first, will require a lot of effort and patience, because there will be a small and practically helpless puppy in the house. A dog, like any other animal, requires proper dog care. No doubt, its health, both physical and mental, depends on the owner.

All the time, you should know what is dog care. You should inspect the dog every day, paying attention to both the general view and individual organs. Inspection is usually done after walking, when the dog behaves calmly. The paws are inspected to check the condition of the claws and pads (wounds, cracks, splinters). The dog’s fur and skin are constantly monitored, as their condition (fur gloss, hair loss, peeling, skin irritation) is an important indicator of the dog’s health. Dog care is work every day. Auricles are examined for parasites (ear mite) and foreign objects (turnips, small chips). Ear disease can be determined by examination of the gray-brown discharge with an unpleasant odor.

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Eyes are an indication of a dog’s overall well-being. Dog care is a set of important moments according dog’s life. If it has a cheerful look and a clean mucous eye, it is most likely healthy. The nose is a very sensitive organ, so it is checked for scratches, purulent or mucous secretions. The dog’s oral cavity is checked to determine the condition of the teeth and the presence of stuck bone fragments or small foreign objects that may cause discomfort or pain to the pet.

Dog’s nose is checked for the presence of various kinds of discharge, as well as scratches. The dog is examined very carefully, as if it is experiencing pain at this time, it can even bite the owner in self-defense. All foreign objects seen during the inspection are carefully removed, and if any signs of disease are detected, they are immediately referred to a veterinarian. Special dog care must be exercised if there is a suspicion that the pet has choked with bone, as in this case the symptoms are very similar to the signs of rabies.

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dog care

Currently, the choice of dog care products is quite wide. The owner can choose shampoos, conditioners, conditioners, sprays, suitable in their qualities for their pet. Leading cosmetic companies, trying to make the dog care as easy as possible, have developed and produce products for external use, made on the basis of natural ingredients that do not contain harmful ingredients.

The basis of most detergents are high-quality oils of plant origin, extracts of medicinal plants and minerals. Do not use outdoor dog care products that contain alcohol, soap, chemicals and medicines that adversely affect the structure of fur. Outdoor care products for animals are quite economical and easy to use, carefully care for the skin and hair of dogs. There are special dry dog care products for adult dogs and puppies. For example, powder-shampoo perfectly clean the pet’s hair without water, removing dirt and leaving a pleasant smell. This shampoo acts gently and gently, and its chemical composition does not cause skin irritation.

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dog care

In addition to dry shampoos, there are sprays that clean the hair of an animal without water and give good dog care. They thoroughly clean and moisturize the dog’s fur, give it shine and a pleasant smell. Sprays are designed for puppies who are afraid of water, are sick or have suffered serious illnesses. The spray is sprayed onto the dog’s fur, ground over the entire surface of the body, and then the excess is removed with a napkin. This pet grooming agent is recommended to quickly remove stains.

Special shampoos with conditioner, aloe extract and moisturizers are great for exhibition dogs. Such dog care products enhance the brightness and depth of the dark color of dog hair. When bathing a dog, shampoo should be applied to the fur and rubbed for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. The conditioner, which is a part of shampoos, gives the pet’s hair a healthy shine and silkiness. These preparations permanently give fur a pleasant smell and are an important detail of a dog care.  For deep cleaning of fur shampoos with rose and lemon extract are great. Such help means restoring and healing the skin and fur of the dog and give it a pleasant aroma.

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dog care

Shampoo for dogs based on coconut oil, chamomile, rosemary, sage, nettle and yarrow does not contain soap, alcohol and chemicals, forms a little foam, has a pleasant smell and well washes fur without changing its color and structure. Shampoos designed for deep cleaning, great for bathing dogs with very oily and dirty coat and general dog care. These funds are able to wash any dirt from the animal’s hair, including tar and bitumen.


In order to teach your pet to toothpaste as an important component of a dog care, it is recommended to give your dog a try with the hands of the owner. Daily cleaning of the teeth of the animal with the help of the fingertip brush prevents the occurrence of tartar. Hygienic mouth spray cleans the teeth of dogs, removes unpleasant odor from the mouth, destroys harmful bacteria. It consists of water, sorbitol, xylitol, flavoring agents, copper gluconate, glycine, thymol, citric acid, lysozyme and glucose oxide. As a means of preventing the formation of tartar in dogs, you can use chewing toys, equipped with rubber spikes. The toy is made of durable elastic material, helps to clean the teeth and massages the gums of the animal.

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dog care

Also, the limbs of the dog should be regularly washed and inspected, as during walking their pads are often injured. This can occur if the animal has inadvertently stepped on a sharp thorn, a piece of stone, barbed wire, broken glass, etc. Even if the wound is small, it still poses a risk to the health of the dog, as dirt that has entered it can cause inflammation. Dogs living in the city can often see traces of fuel oil, oil paint, bitumen, etc. on the fur and on the paw pads. It is very difficult to wash them off with plain water, even with shampoo or soap. Dog care depends on the area of your dog life. Such stains are removed with a cotton swab moistened with an oil paint solvent. Then the fur and skin of the animal, which has gotten the solvent, is rinsed with soapy water, wiped dry, and the skin is smeared with baby cream or vegetable oil.

Also, too long claws should be shortened, if they have notches – to file. Pet claws should be handled very carefully, as cutting them too short can damage living tissue, causing severe pain to the pet, causing bleeding and fear of such a procedure. Claws trimmed every 4 weeks. The first time this procedure is performed 3 weeks after the puppy is born, as in the process of feeding it can greatly scratch the mother’s belly. If the dog has a splitting of claws, it is necessary to level the edges of the claw with a file or nail file, and then lubricate it with a nourishing cream. When clipping claws, you can accidentally damage the dog’s claw bed, which immediately begins to bleed. If this happens, you need to moisten the swab in an antiseptic solution and blot them with a bleeding slice.

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dog care

We should also not forget about nutrition in dog care.  A good nutrition is only considered complete if it contains all the necessary nutrients. Despite the fact that currently produced a lot of ready-made feed, taking into account all the needs of the dog, many owners prefer to cook their own food. The basic requirements for dog nutrition are the mandatory presence of a balanced amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the food. It is also necessary to regulate the intake of a dog’s fluid.

The correct diet in dog care is compliance with the frequency and number of feedings, the compliance of the norms of feed consumed by the dog to its age, state of health and energy expenditure. The daily diet of an adult dog will differ from the amount of food consumed by the puppy. It is determined not only by age, but also by a number of other factors, chief among which are the pet’s gender, his height, breed, weight, fatness, place of detention, as well as the work performed by the dog, and the physical stress experienced.

For 1 kg of the body weight of an adult dog, depending on its body condition, from 20 to 40 g of dry food and from 30 to 60 g of liquid food with a high percentage of water are required. The rate of consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is also increasing, especially for those dogs that are used for professional work and spend large amounts of energy during the day. For example, a large breed dog, such as a rottweiler or a sheep dog weighing about 50 kg, requires daily: proteins – 220-230 g, fat – 60-70 g, carbohydrates – 460-470 g.

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dog care

For normal functioning of the intestine, adult dogs need at least 35-40 g of fiber per day. The amount of water for a healthy adult pet per day varies from 0.2 to 1 l, and mineral mixtures with calcium added – from 5 to 50 g. Dog care should be well-balanced too. However, as mentioned above, it all depends on the breed of the pet, as well as its age and weights. The dog’s need for vitamins is determined more accurately by the veterinarian. All this should be considered when drawing up a pet food ration.

There are a number of ready-made dog food available, but they all differ in their nutritional composition, as the percentage of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in food cannot be the same for dogs of different breeds. The owner of the animal should be very careful in choosing the food for his pet while dog care, making sure that the ratio of nutrients indicated on the package matches the needs of the dog of this particular breed.

One of the common mistakes of owners feeding dry food to pets is buying them in bulk. In most cases of dog care, the bulk food on the market is a fake or expired product. No less often, inexperienced owners harm their pets by filling their bowls with high protein feeds. An adult dog needs a diet in which the protein will be no more than 26%, for puppies this figure should not exceed 30%.

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dog care

It is equally important to monitor the balance of calcium and phosphorus during dog care. An excess of the latter leads to the development in dogs of pathological cowardice and other disorders of the nervous system. The lack of this element reduces the absorption of calcium. Products manufactured by companies producing dog food must be certified. To buy food that does not have a quality certificate should not be. In addition, purchasing food, you need to consider the shelf life of the product and the indispensable presence of a sealed package. In general, it is advisable to purchase food for dogs in specialized stores, and not in markets where the quality of any product is almost always in doubt. Dog care should be very smart.

Ready-made puppy food is not suitable for feeding adult dogs. The high content of nutrients, a large amount of minerals and carbohydrates, which are part of these feeds, are intended for a growing organism, they can only cause harm to an adult animal. An excess of minerals often leads to the development of various diseases in dogs, and an excessive consumption of carbohydrates leads to obesity, and, as a result, to the damage of the heart and blood vessels.

In addition to ready-made dry food, the diet of an adult dog includes meat and offal, cereals, dried bread, milk and dairy products. It should be noted that in the diet of a dog, 1 kg of fresh meat can be replaced by 0.5 kg of the heart, 1.5 kg of tripe, 1.5 kg of light or 0.75 kg of high-fat cottage cheese; 1 kg of cereals used to make porridge, if necessary, replaced with 1 kg of rye crackers or lightly dried rye bread.

The diet of dogs in dog care living in the city is often inferior because it contains an insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Food for urban residents contains a large number of different preservatives, flavors and dyes. For human health, they are usually not dangerous, but the health of the dog can cause serious damage. First of all, this applies to various types of sausages, wieners, canned goods and sweets.

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dog care

Sausages are practically not absorbed by the dog’s body and harm its health. Meat products are mostly processed with chemicals that are not absorbed by the dog’s body, and sweets contain sugar, cocoa and menthol, which adversely affect the health of the animal. First of all, the organs of excretion suffer, which leads to the development of uremia and may end in death. Recent studies by specialists from Europe and the United States confirmed that more than 50% of dogs living in urban areas die as a result of the development of uremia. An analysis of these data, conducted by veterinarians in Russia, showed that the proper feeding of these dogs would significantly prolong their lives, reducing the risk of developing the disease. Dog care is not so easy thing.

Chemicals, getting into the dog’s stomach, are not eliminated from the body, but accumulate in it until their concentration begins to exceed the permissible rate. As soon as this happens, the functioning of the internal organs of the dog begins to deteriorate gradually. Both young and adult dogs can be affected by contagious diseases that threaten their lives. A feature of most of these diseases is the possibility of infection of one animal from another during their walking, at training sites, as well as infection through contaminated water, feces and urine of sick animals. Dog care is first of all care about dog’s diseases.

Some infectious diseases affect only dogs, others affect several species of animals, and still others are dangerous to humans. Most diseases of dogs belonging to infectious diseases are caused by viruses, but there are also those caused by bacteria of various types. For each pathogenic microorganism isolated from the body of a sick dog, its description indicates the virulence of this strain, the degree of contagiousness and the etiology of the disease. First of all, the prevention of any disease is reduced to compliance with the rules of hygiene, as well as, if they exist, timely vaccinations. It is useful to remember about raising a puppy in dog care, teaching him not to take objects and food in the mouth, weaning from eating feces of other animals and quenching thirst from puddles and other bodies of water.

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dog care

Dog owners need to know when and where the acquired animal should be vaccinated from the most dangerous infections, on what grounds to identify the disease, and how to prevent infection of their pet and their family members in the case of dangerous and human infections. Dogs should not be allowed to communicate with obviously sick relatives, it is also necessary to warn the owners of other animals if the dog is sick. Dog care is not only care about your own pet. It is best to even walk an infected dog separately from healthy dogs, and you should not give an not vaccinated puppy to communicate with adult animals, especially with stray dogs.

Dogs are our best friends. When we want to take a puppy, we should understand our responsibility. Unfortunately, dogs can’t speak and they can’t say us what is wrong. So, our duty is to give an appropriate dog care. It is important to love your dog and take care of it like of ourselves and then you will always see these happy eyes that will meet every time when you come back home.

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