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Wet Dreams or Why We See Erotic Dreams

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The Facts About Wet Dreams
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Many people think that the so-called “wet dreams” is the prerogative of men. In fact, women also often see erotic dreams, which, sometimes, end with orgasm. A great alarm clock!
It is better to sleep not too little and not too much, in a cool, well-ventilated room on a comfortable bed. And just wondering if instead of an alarm clock you wake up from a bright orgasm. Sometimes it is also called “sleep-gasm”. Despite the belief that “wet dreams” are only seen by men, women are often excited while they are sleeping. However, sometimes they do not even know about it.

During the fast sleep phase, the blood periodically inflows to the genital area – exactly as happens when you are excited. This mechanism works for both men and women. The intensity of blood supply can increase and decrease throughout the night, and not necessarily at this time you will have erotic dreams.

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2 Erotic dreams

Sometimes blood circulation is not felt at all, at other times it reaches the same intensity as during masturbation. So from time to time women wake up from the fact that they begin to “help” themselves to achieve orgasm.

Unfortunately, women’s erotic dreams have not been studied much – unlike men who, so to say, “all insight”. It is not as easy to evaluate the level of excitement and presence of women’s orgasm as men’s one.

The research of  1986 which was published in the “Journal of Sexual Research” showed that about 85% of women under the age of 21 experienced orgasms at night, some before they turned 13. Only those cases were considered that the respondent claimed to have woken up after reaching orgasm.

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3 women’s sexy dreams

How does it work?

The mechanism is generally the same as in men – during the REM-phase (fast sleep) in the brain, noradrenergic cells are turned off – that is, the neurons which are responsible for releasing norepinephrine. It is norepinephrine that controls excitement: until the body receives a sexual stimulus, erections in men and excitement in women do not occur. But during sleep, neurons also “fall asleep” and are partially turned off – so they can not always control what happens to the body during the sleep.

But scientists were interested not only how and how much, but also in what is the difference between female and male erotic dreams. In a study by Antonio Zadra of the University of Montreal, in which 3,500 male and female dreams were analyzed, it is argued that about 8% of dreams in both sexes contained sexual scenes, mostly sexual intercourse.

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4 Sexy dreams

Window to the subconscious. Erotic Dreams

Dreams are often called a window in our subconscious, but it doesn’t mean that they should be understood literally. Even a very exciting dream can have absolutely no sexual significance. For example, if you were having sex in a dream with the principal of your former school, this does not always mean that bald Mr. Smith really does attract you, perhaps you are just worried about the pressure of an authoritative person.

“Interpreting dreams,” says Dr. Harish Shetty, “is very difficult, they contain many details, including objects and people. But the basic parameters of interpretation are usually the same. Libido, limited by the social framework, will find a way out. Sleep is a kind of channel for sexual energy. ”

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5 Combinations of your fantasies

We often can have very disturbing dreams of an erotic nature: incest or rape, for example. However, they do not say that you intend to make such fantasies come true (or even that they are present in your conscious state).

For example, a dream where everyone is dressed, and you are naked, others notice this and you are burnt with shame, it can mean that you are uncomfortable with the society, or it is important for you what others think about you. Dream, where you cheat on your partner, can talk about your feelings of guilt completely on a different occasion.

No matter what you see in your dreams, remember that most of the dreams are complex combinations of your fantasies, memories and random events recreated by your brain. If you are tormented by the same disturbing or unpleasant dream, you can consult a therapist so that he helps you decipher his meaning. In other cases – relax and have fun!

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6 Pleasure in bed
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