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Makeup. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 8

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In previous parts Christie Brinkley has already opened a lot of her secrets of beauty and attractiveness. In this article she will give you twenty timeless makeup tips.

Makeup, like fashion, changes every season. But certain shades and techniques will always work—and makeup that makes you look like you (only better) is always in style.


Always start with an exfoliator to make your skin feel smooth and flawless. Your foundation will glide on effortlessly, which will save you time in the long run! I use the creamy scrub from my Authentic Skincare line every morning. St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub is a good alternative.


Do double duty with an antiaging moisturizer that has an SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunblock. Luckily today’s moisturizers pack a lot of benefits in one bottle. I love my own RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense and Olay Regenerist Regenerating Lotion.


Use a primer for added grip and smoothness. It’ll help even out your skin tone by providing a consistent base for your foundation to adhere to, plus make foundation look fresher longer.


Makeup. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 8 - photo 1
Skin care with Christie Brinkley

Skin care with Christie Brinkley

Choose your foundation so that the shade matches your skin perfectly at your jawline. That will make it quick and easy to blend all the edges—at your hairline and jaw—seamlessly.


Never try to use foundation to make you look.


Certain makeup shades are almost universally flattering. For day, it’s brown, taupe, gray and bronze, pink and peach. At night, it’s slate and black for more drama on the eyes.


Accentuate only one part of your face at a time. If you do a dark, dramatic eye, keep the lips pale. If you opt for bright lips, go easy on the eyes.


Makeup. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 8 - photo 2
Do not be afraid to experiment with your makeup

Do not be afraid to experiment with your makeup

Blush should be the color your cheeks are after a run, or a really good compliment!


Don’t overpluck your brows—you’ll regret it later! They thin out naturally with age, so you’ll want to define them for a more youthful look (read on in this chapter for specific how-tos).


Always check your makeup in different light sources—not just in your bathroom mirror. Check it by a window, near a lamp, or outside if you can.


If you’re wearing a dress or top that is lower cut, throw a little of what’s on your face on your collarbone and décolletage. Foundation, bronzer, blush—all will help make your face blend with your body so that it looks really natural. If you have sun spots on the backs of your hands, throw a touch on there too!


Makeup. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 8 - photo 3
Fall in love with your body

Fall in love with your body

Use powder only in your T-zone, and use as little as possible.


Powder is to makeup what an eraser is to a pencil. You can use it on a puff to “erase” blotchy blush.


Don’t use shimmery powder on wrinkles or any broken-out areas, because it will emphasize them.


Don’t try to draw on lips that are larger than your own. Lip liner should stay inside the lines—it can be on the outer limits but should still be inside. Fill in the lips with pencil to save time making touch-ups later. And use a pencil and lipstick that match. (And remember, paler colors make lips look larger; darker ones make them look smaller.)


Makeup. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 8 - photo 4
True beauty knows no age

True beauty knows no age

The lip color rule applies to other features as well. Pale concealer makes features seem larger and dark makes things recede. So don’t use a concealer that’s too light to try to hide undereye circles or a breakout, because it will have the opposite effect.


Spray Evian on your face after you’ve finished your makeup, then lay an open tissue on your face and pat over it to soak up the spray, taking with it that powdery look that can dull a glow!


To keep excess lipstick from ending up on your teeth, insert one finger into your mouth, close your just-lipsticked lips around your finger, and pull it out. The lipstick on your finger was destined for your teeth—all clear now!


When in doubt, less is more.


Makeup. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 8 - photo 5
Be positive and optimistic

Be positive and optimistic


Brow know-how

Before you pick up the tweezers, wax, or even a brow pencil, there are a few eyebrow rules you should know—and follow—to make sure you don’t raise any eyebrows in fear!

Step back and look at your brows in the context of your whole face several times while tweezing your brows. It’s easy to get obsessed with the small picture and carried away with the tweezers when you’re up against the magnifying mirror.

“Your brows need to last you a lifetime, so treat them with respect!” says makeup artist Sandy Linter (and I agree!).

Don’t ever tweeze above the brows. As you age, your brows will start to sag a bit, so plucking them from underneath will create a subtle, flattering arch.

The shape of your brows can speak volumes. Bringing them too close together will make you look like you’re scowling. Extending out and down on the outside edges will make you look sad.

Makeup. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 8 - photo 6
Beautiful brows with Christie Brinkley

Beautiful brows with Christie Brinkley

Every makeup artist will have a different favorite trick, but for novices, brow powder may be more forgiving than pencil for filling in and defining brows. “Powder goes on lighter and more natural looking, while pencil can look too solid and heavy,” says makeup artist Denise Markey.

I look at the deepest shade in my hair and accent that. I start by applying a darker brown very lightly along the middle to upper part of my brows, then switch to a lighter one and feather it out to the sides. It gives me more volume and looks the most natural.

Use an extra-large eyebrow brush to soften and blend powder and pencil. It’s also great for dabbing some eye shadow on your hairline to disguise roots or thin spots.

“I like to say that your eyebrows are ‘sisters, not twins,’” says Linter. In other words, they shouldn’t look identical. So don’t try to tweeze one to totally match the other. “Treating them individually gives the face more character,” says Linter.

My eyebrow best bets

Makeup. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 8 - photo 7
Be confident in yourself

Be confident in yourself

I use Laura Mercier Brow Powder in Deep Blonde for every day. If I do a darker eye or if I want a stronger, fuller brow, I add a Laura Mercier pencil in the same shade—making tiny strokes in the same direction as the hair growth. For a really dramatic brow, I turn to Chanel Le Sourcil de Chanel. The compact contains three powders—from taupe to dark brown. I put the deepest color down the middle of my brow and then edge it with the other two colors. It creates a full but very natural-looking brow. I also love Lancôme Le Crayon Poudre pencils in Sable and Natural Blonde. My latest favorite brow product is Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro. It contains a gel-like powder that is both eye shadow and eyebrow definer. It’s fast and easy to use and comes in a lot of colors—I am having fun experimenting with them!

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