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Factors That Destroy Your Relationships

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Things that ruin relationships

We were all born in different families where we had our rules, traditions, and habits. But when the time came and we became the adult, we understood that we could connect our life with other people from other families.  The most pleasant moment is when we fall in love but suddenly we notice that there are some things that we were not used to doing and they can even irritate us. Some people think that everything is normal but some people can’t accept anything. And here we understand this difference but it mustn’t become a big problem. Agree? The main point is to tell your loving partner all your dislikes and find a solution together. Here are some most common factors that can destroy your relationships.


What breaks relationships. Your Partner Listens To You But Not Hears.

1. Your partner tries to take control in everything you do.

Sometimes it happens when your loving partner gives you too much advice and he or she can’t give you the freedom of choice. And maybe sometimes you want to do something by yourself. Partners try to make it better but they don’t understand that it can become even worse. Your loving partner always corrects you and it seems that only he knows everything. It can be really annoying!

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loving partner

2. Your partner listens to you but not hears.

Actually, it can be a simple problem of upbringing but please try to hear what your loving partner wants to tell you. It is so important to discuss everything and the main is to be polite and patient in relationships.

3. Your partner doesn’t respect your hobbies and interests.

We are really interested in different things and sometimes our loving partner can’t understand how you can spend so much time just fishing or hunting. It can seem stupid for you but for your loving partner it can be really important. Just try to accept sometimes but anyway pay attention to all interests of your loving partner. Some of them can be really bad but it is another story.

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disrespect in relationships

4. Your loving partner tries to change you all the time.

It can concern your appearance or your character. He or she can always ask you to change your style of clothes, hairdo and be more reserved or active. There is one fact that asks you to accept your loving partner as he or she is. Something can be changed but please leave his or her individuality. If you don’t often like something, then ask yourself for what did you fall in love with her or him? And maybe you will find that it is not your person. It happens.

5. Your loving partner doesn’t pay to you enough attention.

We all need pleasant compliments and some little surprises or just help in the kitchen. Sometimes it is men’s problem. It is something really strange when partners are silent and they can’t express each other their feelings. Or just do what they like and when you ask for help, they find some reasons not to be with you right now. And all these little gestures as holding hands, opening doors, taking heavy bags is the essential part. Being a gentleman is still popular.

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6. Your loving partner follows you all the time

It is a really unpleasant situation to know that your loving partner reads your emails and takes your phone to look what new contacts you have there. It can be the sense of jealousy but it is better to trust your loving partner. If you have some problems with trust then you need a serious talk with your loving partner. Don’t be too suspicious.

7. Your loving partner is not independent in his decisions.

Do you know what it means? It can be really frustrating when your loving partner is influenced by his family more than you. For example, your boyfriend always listens to his mother and thinks that his wife needs to do the same. It is very bad because you always need to share your common thoughts with somebody else. You are partners and decide as you want.

Things that ruin relationships

Have you ever felt such factors in your relationships? Or can you add something?
Some factors can be really the beginning of the end but you don’t need to give up and think that nothing can be changed. Be attentive to all details because they can be the most important. Much efforts and of course true feelings will help you to create a wonderful love story.


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