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Interesting Facts about Portugal

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Portugal is a very cozy small country which is located in the extreme south-west of Europe. This is a popular place for the travelers. This year the whole world speak about Portugal because talented Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral became a winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 which took place in Kyiv. If you have never visited Portugal before, you will be very interested in reading this article or maybe you will get a big dose of inspiring and decide to go to this adorable country very soon. Our virtual journey begins!

Don’t worry be happy!

It’s okay for Portuguese to be late for a few hours. Also, they love to postpone the cases for tomorrow. If you have some problems you need to be very patient. People in this country don’t like to live so much fast. They prefer to enjoy every bright moment. The Portuguese are the cheerful nation, they know how and love to celebrate. Various processions, festivals, and folk festivals are not uncommon here.

Cult of food

Who does not like to eat tastily? There are so many types of national cuisines but in Portugal, there is a cult of food! Lunch is holy time and it lasts no less than an hour. All meetings and plans are held after. Portuguese cuisine is a kind of the landmark of the country. The main national dish of Portuguese cuisine-Bakalar, that is dried salted cod. Portuguese are very fond of sweets. The most delicious cake is a cake of Belem. Surprising that their recipe remains a «trade secret». Also in Portugal, there is delicious and aromatic coffee. After trying it once will not forget its taste ever.

The oldest boundaries of the world

It’s impossible to believe but Portugal’s borders have not changed since 1297. What a unique record!

Football is a religion

Football began to gain popularity in Portugal at the end of the 19th century, brought by Portuguese students who returned from England. Since May 26, 2010, the Portuguese national team has been recognized as the third in the classification of the strongest athletes in the FIFA world, their highest ever. Definitely, you will not find any one person in Portugal who would not like football. Lisbon is traditionally divided into two parts: some favor the Benfica club, others Sporting. Very often scandals and conflicts arise because of the theme of football.

The longest bridge in Europe

The capital of Portugal can be proud of unique attraction. We are talking about the Vasco da Gama Bridge. Its length is 17,185 m. This is the longest bridge in the whole Europe. The longest bridge in Europe was built in just one and a half years! In total, the construction of the bridge involved 3,300 workers.

Fado music style

The Portuguese have their own style of music – Fado. It’s characterized by high level of emotional tension and the songs are full of a sense of loss and disappointment. Fado touches the sensitive strings of the soul. Even without understanding the words, through the singing of Fadisht, people feel the soul of the nation.

Expensive cigarettes

Cigarettes in Portugal are very expensive. Despite this, there are many smokers in the country especially women. Portugal is one of the most smoking European countries. Many Portuguese stopped buying cigarettes and switched to tobacco (some grow it at home). The minimum price of a pack of cigarettes starts from four euros.

Family is on the first place

They maintain contact with all relatives. Sunday family lunches are a separate story. Every Sunday they occupy half of the restaurants so that everyone could meet: from grandchildren to grandparents and great-grandfathers – all at the big table. For Portuguese, the family is not limited to a spouse and children, it also implies a close relationship with parents, close and distant relatives, which are extremely difficult to count. Great events and holidays are an occasion to gather with the whole huge family.

Lottery’s fans

All portuguese are big dreamers. They believe in luck, maybe because every second person here plays a lottery and likes to tell how some guy has recently won EuroMillions and then speculate on what they have done for this money.

The new star Salvador Sobral 

At the beginning of this article we talked about popular singer Salvador Sobral. No doubt his performance on the stage of Eurovision this year was the most amazing. Now Salvador is the most popular musical star in Portugal. Thanks to him the next Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Portugal. This is the first time when a Portuguese participant wins in this competition.

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