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Fake Love or Scammers

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Many people all over the world are looking for their beloved ones. And living in a modern world many of them use different opportunities for their search such as Internet and dating sites.  Some people face with different problems in this kind of search and one of the most unpleasant is the scam. Who are scammers? What do they do and what are their goals? How can you recognize them? You will be able to get to know this information and some other important things in our article. No scammers!
At the beginning of your search, the most important thing is to determine your main goal and understand what exactly you want to find. Your success will depend on this because it is very important where exactly you will be seeking.
When you have already decided and your search is started, you can meet many different people, and not all of them will have honest and transparent intentions. This applies to both men and women. These people are called “scammers”. Most of the people think that scammers have the only goal – to get money or other financial goods by dishonest means. And we can call this a material benefit. But we think that there is another category of scammers, who try to get a moral benefit. We will talk about it below.
How can you recognize that a person you are talking to is a scammer who wants to have a financial benefit from you? Some people think that such intentions can have only women, but they are very mistaken. You may be surprised, but Male scammers may even be much more than female scammers. Below are some examples that point to the dishonest intentions of your interlocutor:

  1. Many of them are not interested in a long game. They will start trying to charm you with sweet words and beautiful pictures straight from the beginning of your communication. But if only they feel that you feel attracted to them and that they won your trust, they will try to pull out of your money by pressing on your pity and compassion or your affection. They start to tell you about some financial problems, sudden problems with their or some other family member’s health. Then they ask you for help, of course, promising that they will return everything as soon as they have such opportunity – namely never. And here only you decide if you want to be in love savior or sober-minded man. Nobody can make you do anything, that’s why if you are a catch, this was only your fault.

But pay attention! It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pamper or surprise the lady you are interested in with some little gestures of attention. There are many international delivery services of gifts and flowers on the Internet where you can choose anything you want. No scammers!

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A little surprise can make your day better
  1. There is another way how scammers can try to get into your pocket – they ask you for money for their visit to you. It is very profitable for them, especially if you live far away from each other because the tickets may cost more than 1000$. Some of them do this from the very beginning and it becomes quite obvious that their intentions are not serious. Others prefer to wait sometime, thinking that it will be less suspicious. Just suggest sending him or her a ticket for flight instead of money and you will be able to make sure if this person truly wants to meet with you or not. You will be surprised how many people would disappear after such offer. No scammers!

Now let’s talk about scammers who want to get moral benefit from you. Who are these people and what purpose do they pursue?

  1. Energetic vampires. Usually, communication with them doesn’t last long. These people simply look for a victim. They can write you some unpleasant and abuse things, send you some disgusting pictures, they simply scoff at you. They get pleasure and satisfaction making other people suffer because of their actions.
  2. Married people. They tell you heartbreaking stories about their unhappy marriage and how it ended trying to catch your attention and interest. They are fooling you pretending that they build some plans for common future with you. But all that they do in reality is have fun and improve self-esteem communicating with a beautiful woman or attractive man.

We would like to draw a line under all the above and give you some advice. First of all, decide for what purpose you have come to the site. If you are truly interested to find a partner abroad – be honest with yourself and estimate yourself adequately. Pay your attention to the age difference. Look for a reality, but not a fairy-tale. And remember, if you get scammed all the time, maybe the problem is you. Try to change something and everything will be different.
We hope that this article was interesting and useful for you. If you have something to add, please write it. Share your own experience with us. No scammers!

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