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Finding Right Words. Getting In The Mood For Incredible Sex

How to grow Dick
- A man with a seven-inch (18 cm) penis may proudly compare his organ to the average man’s five to six inches (12-15 cm) but be intimidated when learning another wields an eight-inch (20 cm) rod.

With the right words, you can really fuel your bed companion. We’ll give you the best tips and suggestions for Dirty Talk.Who thinks about dirty talk, think of sentences of the species “Bend you, you bitch!” Unfortunately, here the porn industry once again brought us fantastic  and we think of quite simply structured pigs when it comes to dirty talk. And that scares off many. That’s a pity! For sure Dirty Talk is dirty, but he can also be damn smart dirty. And that makes the difference. No one wants to sound like the blonde with just over 60 lying IQ in cheap porn movies, but we want to make him hot, right?


Dirty Talk with right words heats up properly

Hand on heart: Do you tell your loved one how hot he is? Do you always remember the right words when you want to tell him how keen you are on him?  Most of us are still as silent in sex as they are in a library! Even though so many of us want different communication, most of us are still trying to get their sex desires and feelings to partner through one to communicate the complicated combination of groans, gestures, incomprehensible mumbled words and heavy breaths. “The result is misunderstandings and disappointments in bed. So why are we silent?


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Finding right words for sex


Right words for the dirty talk can be learned

The most important point: Just free yourself from fears and concerns and get out with the language instead. “I did not get to know anything that would make a bigger difference in people’s sex lives than Dirty Talk.” He who speaks erotically interacts with sex differently. ” That sounds more than promising. You’ll see how grateful your sex partner is when you not only show him, but also clearly state what you find exciting about him and what you would like to do in bed.

Did your sweetheart ever whisper in your ear how incredibly he would like to have hot sex with you now? Well, then you know how good that feels and how sharp that makes. And he certainly will not do it any differently. Dirty Talk is an ingenious weapon in your hands to really get your (and your) hormones going. Or does it make you look when men easily jam their penis as a “little friend” or “down there” and otherwise do not name things as if they were blushing teens? No, right?

Let’s take it easy with right words

But beware! Anyone who has been listening to the silence in bed should not frighten his partner by suddenly surprising him with a raw vowel sound in bed. And depending on how dirty it gets, he may also feel offended. Even as a woman you do not want to be the “princess” yesterday and suddenly be dubbed in bed as a “horny slut”. Therefore, feel free to move forward – and tear it with you! As a start, it is sometimes helpful to read something hot together and to show the loved one through the flower so that dirty expressions pretty much turn it on.


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Finding right words for sex


Use your dirty talk voice

Of course you do not make the erotic love whisper in the same tone in which you hold a PowerPoint lecture. After all, what we say is as important as the way we mean it. A high-pitched headphone is not particularly exciting, so just use your bed voice. You do not have? Sure, do you have those! Imagine, you whisper into the phone – such a quiet, deep whispering from the belly out. Voilá – that’s your sex voice.

Be direct!

Dirty Talkers use especially stimulus words, which are all as low as possible below the waistline. “Hello, I’d like it if we could maybe go to bed right now and have sex, sweetheart!” it will be difficult to ignite the fire in the bed companion. You want to set a wildfire – so be explicit and direct. If you the directness of Dirty Talk is not so easy on the lips, just be pretty nice ambiguous. Unambiguously ambiguous sentences at the right moment in the ear of the loved one breathed, are at least as exciting as a brash-cheeky directness à la “Do it to me!” The important thing is not to memorize and memorize sentences, but to stay true to your own style.


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Finding right words for sex


Dirty talk may break taboos

But it must not be too delicate. Because we need the little shocked shock effect to be excited. The reason for this lies in our brain and the censorship built into it. Most of us have this censorship, both through our good upbringing and our experiences. It determines which words are “forbidden”. A whispered “fuck me!” kicks more than “allowed” sentences. This is about the charm of the forbidden. If we hear words and phrases in which our censorship raises the alarm, the comforting shower effect in the brain sets in and the hormones seethe.


What are you doing yourself?

Finding the right words in the beginning is certainly not so easy for everyone. Just take your time and write down what terms you like for vagina, breasts , butt or penis that you like. You’ll be able to quickly say what terms you’re comfortable with and what makes you shudder or laugh. Other terms are quite exciting, but have you been too vulgar to date? Perfect! Note! So you can create your own word repertoire for the bed.


Finding Right Words. Getting In The Mood For Incredible Sex - photo 4
Finding right words for sex


Verbal test phase

Do not start directly with the wildest sentences. First, try what he likes – and how you feel sexy. What he likes and what is already too rough for him, you will already notice his reaction. And if he shies away, you know well. If you do not like an “I want to get it for you”, you can just praise your partner. “I like it, like you …” or “I love it when …” That makes even the toughest men happy. Or you can compliment him on his body. For that you do not have to praise his penis in the sky, you can also find everything else exciting about him. His skin, his neck, his stomach … everything.

Ended with could, could, wanted

Important: Leave the miserable subjunctive. “I would like to …” does not sound half as sexy as an urgent “I want!” Say that you have to “do it” and “want it.” Very simple and direct. That sounds like passion and sensualityAdvanced learners can then directly formulate their secret wishes. So “I want” – demand. You want him to rip your clothes off? Say it. You want him to blindfold you? Touch him in the ear. And in the left, because that is connected to the emotional half of his brain


Finding Right Words. Getting In The Mood For Incredible Sex - photo 5
Finding right words for sex


Dirty Talk is worth it

Even if you find it strange at the beginning: We have long known that most men find self-confident women hot. A woman who knows what she wants and who does not hesitate to say it clearly – even in bed. To speak sexily is to be provocative, tempting, stimulating and seductive, more natural and direct, it means not to be afraid to ask for what one desires, in short: it means much more To have fun in bed. ” There is nothing to add.


Dirty Talk

How to drive your partner crazy, reveal the most hidden sexual fantasies and increase libido

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