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First Date – Traditions of Different Countries

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first date
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The first date is an exciting moment for both. Where is it customary to meet for the first time, who pays and what happens after the meeting? These are important questions and both a man and a woman should know the answers to these questions before going on a date. We will try to give you some answers. Each country has its own traditions and we will talk about the traditional date of some of them.


The Germans are not very modest, and can easily offer their lady sex on the first date. And it is the tenth thing if she agrees or not. But we should note that German ladies are very self-confident Fraulein, and consider it the norm to invite the man they like on a date. The first meeting, as a rule, takes place in a restaurant or cafe, the second (if it comes to this), necessarily on Saturday at the cinema. Only a seriously oriented for relationship German man invites a girl to the second date. In any case, in Germany, it is customary to pay everyone for themselves.


The first dates in England take place only in the middle of the week. In the evenings of Fridays and Saturdays it is customary to meet with friends, and if a guy invites a girl on a date one of these days, it only means that he has no friends. In general, traditions are honored in this country. By tradition, a man invites to a date. By the same tradition, sex on a first date is excluded. And again, by tradition, the standard place for a first date is a pub. The guy can pay for the girl, but more often the couple pays the bill in half. British men usually escort their girl to a taxi or to the entrance of pub.

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First date


The first date in France can be in the morning, afternoon or evening. A man usually chooses a cafe or an inexpensive restaurant. But he will pay for his girlfriend only if he really liked her. If this does not happen, then there will be no serious relationship. Do not think that the French start relationships from the bed. This is more a myth than a reality. In France, sex on a first date is more like an exception.


In most cases, the initiator of the first date is a man, but there are exceptions. As a rule, the first date takes place in a cozy cafe or coffee house, in such an atmosphere communication is more at ease. Ukrainian man pays the bill for both, even if the girl is trying to make a contribution. A Ukrainian man will never allow a girl to pay for herself on the first date. Ukrainian girls like and value different gestures of attention like small gifts, flowers or sweets. Intimacy among residents of Ukraine on the first date is quite rare. If they like each other, they will make plans for the next date before they say goodbye.


There is an interesting tradition which is connected with the choice of the place of the first date. If a man invites a girl for lunch – he just likes her. If he invites her for dinner, then he is in love, and if he offers to drink a few cocktails in a bar – he wants to spend the night with her. Spanish women are very temperamental, self-confident and independent, so the rules of the first date with them are special. Such signs of attention as gifts, candy, flowers and other small things they can not stand, therefore most likely they will not accept them. They will not allow a man to pay for themselves neither on the first, nor on the second, nor on any other date.

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First date


The peculiarity of the first “American” date is a great chance to spend a night together. It is better to do everything at once and quickly. Girls are quite free in communication and may be the first to invite a man to a first date. After the first date – no obligation to each other. The first date is most often appointed in a cafe, bar or at a disco, where everyone pays for himself. Very popular are blind dates. However, most often such dates are the beginning of the friendship, rather than relationship.


A Chinese man can invite a girl to a first date at a club, bar or restaurant. At the same time, he demonstrates his generosity, not sparing money for his girlfriend. It is customary for the Chinese to see the girl after a first date at home and find out where she would like to meet again. Sex on a few first dates is clearly excluded. The first meeting in China is a very thought-out and important step to start a long and serious relationship.


An “Australian” first date is always initiated by a man. A good tone is that men do not admire women’s beauty and other of its virtues on the first date. The first dates also often do not end with an intimacy. Pragmatic Australian men are not very generous both with gifts and compliments, but women are used to it and do not expect them. Very often, Australians get to know each other on the Internet. Women are self-confident, self-sufficient, therefore, after the acquaintance, often take the role of a leader in a pair on themselves.
We hope that after reading this article you will have a better understanding about traditional dates in different countries. As you see now, there are many differences, but at the same time, there are also many common things. We will be glad if you share your vision of the traditional first date in your country.

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First date

Famous psychologist and coach Stella Belmar shared her observations about the first date with her readership.

Relax on your first date.

So, you enjoyed talking with a girl and felt you had a great connection. You asked her out on the first date. You may be nervous about how to proceed: when to call, what kind of date to schedule, what conversations to have and how to know if it’s going well or not.

While the first date often is the decisive time to see if you’ll give each other another chance or not, it’s important not to be led by feelings of fear, avoidance or pushiness. You need to remain balanced. If you feel you’re pressuring yourself too much, try to release the pressure by talking to yourself and saying that it’s just one date and that all will go well. All you need to do is relax and really take it more as the beginning of a “friendship” than courtship. While flirting and other techniques may be useful, they should not be at the forefront in your mind. The most important thing will be to find out whether you really click and have enough in common and enough attraction to take it further. So the more natural and relaxed you are, the better chances you have at succeeding at on your first date.

This is the time when women will be evaluating the guy on the important factors mentioned in Chapter 1. But beyond these factors, this is a time when your personality traits will be of utmost importance. But in order to show your best side on a first date, you need to relax and view it as a “friendship” meeting. This will actually allow you to show your best traits and keep your expectations to a minimum, thus giving you a sense of freedom and confidence in yourself on a first date.

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First date

The first date is a tricky one to try and read a woman’s signs. Not only may she not be giving any, but you may also misinterpret some if you think you know how she’s feeling or you draw conclusions from what she’s saying. This is why it’s important to stay open-minded. Remember, a confident guy doesn’t worry too much about what a woman will do during or after the date. What’s more important is to put your best foot forward. The more you just strive to have a fun time, to have some good conversation flowing between the two of you and have some nice eye contact, the better your chances will be for a follow-up date.

Sometimes, things may not flow as perfectly as you would expect it on a first date. This may be because many people are shy. You may be a bit shy or she may be a bit reserved. An important note for a first date here: men can easily misinterpret a woman if she appears a bit aloof, shy or reserved. Don’t draw conclusions when you see this. Some people are more outgoing, more extraverted, and will share more information with you on the first date. Others are more reserved and shy. Often, women need a bit more time to open up and feel comfortable. If you notice this, don’t right away conclude that she’s not that interested in you. Don’t judge or make assumptions that you may not be compatible. This world is made up of many types of people and personalities. You just never know what kind of person will be right for you. Be patient, give it some time and see if you can just take baby steps into getting inside that person’s heart and soul. This will build a much more solid foundation if you ever become an item. Gentle persistence wins the day in the eyes of women. Don’t be pushy, but don’t give up too quickly. Women are like mysterious flowers that need to be tended to carefully and gently. If you can do that, you’ll get this and more in the world of dating women.

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First date

Signs on the first date

Now, let’s focus on more specific signs that she may be giving you during the date. Like I said above, don’t be stuck on those and if some of them aren’t present, don’t immediately dismiss your connection. These are just some pointers of how to see encouraging signs when you’re on a first date:

  • Are you both having good eye contact, laughing and smiling?
  • Is the conversation flowing easily or is it awkward?
  • If you’re asking her questions but she’s kind of avoiding them, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not interested. Don’t panic. It may just mean that she will tell you her answers later. Instead, smoothly bring the conversation to something else or tell something about yourself.
  • You can work some suggestions for follow-on dates into the conversation, in an indirect way. See if she seems enthusiastic about exploring this new venue or seeing this new movie or checking out the exotic restaurant you’re thinking of going to.
  • You always need to be the leader on the first couple of dates. So, it’s up to you to call it a day on your first date. You can say that you really had a great time and are looking forward to more of those conversations. But, let’s say she’s the one who says she has an early day at work tomorrow and needs to go. Well, don’t read too much into it. For all you know this could be true and so you don’t want to draw conclusions without knowing for sure. Keep in mind that a lot of women will stay through a date with you even if they’ve decided that you’re not their cup of tea. So this is not the place to judge one way or another. Instead, go with the flow and still throw in that you’d like to continue your conversation another time. She may respond enthusiastically, which is a good sign. Or she may leave it as a wishy-washy thing and this could be an indication that she’s not that interested.
  • Don’t expect to have a first kiss on or at the end of the first date. This is risky. In my experience, guys sometimes expect this. And when they don’t get it, they call it quits out of insecurity (or maybe they were interested in something else). This would be a mistake. Take it slowly and be patient. As you build your connection over a few dates, you’ll know naturally when it’s a good moment to initiate the first kiss. It is good to maintain a slightly flirty behavior though, just to keep that chemistry and momentum going.
  • However, you CAN do slight touching on a first date, on the sleeve or on the shoulder. Keep eye contact and if she responds, that’s a sure sign that things are going great. If she doesn’t, she may just be shy or taking things slowly. Don’t get discouraged. Women really like guys who are persistent (in a gentle way). This shows confidence. Always remember this. As long as a woman says yes to other dates, she’s interested. The rest is not always useful to.
  • Make sure you pay on this first date. If she offers to pay her share, great, but be a gentleman and pay any way. Don’t read into the gestures on the first date too much, as you really don’t have information to draw any solid conclusions yet.

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First date

On a first date, you’re really just feeling each other out: you’re learning about your interests, seeing if you have chemistry and if the conversation if flowing well. You’re evaluating whether or not you’re enjoying each other’s company. Beyond this, no major decisions should be taken on or after the first date about the two of you, unless something major really turned you off. And even then, make certain to evaluate in your mind if it’s really that important.

One thing to keep in mind is that women will often give guys multiple chances on a first date. They try to look at the positive rather than the negative about a potential date or connection. Guys, on the other hand, often start hesitating and let the negative emotions creep in. Keep these under control. A confident guy does not let pessimism take over his life. If you’re not too sure about the date, give it another try. You too may find out something nice once you see the person multiple times. Don’t call it quits too soon because you never know what you may be giving up.

Okay, so you survived the first date or maybe you had a blast and are really excited to see this girl again. You still have a lot of questions and things you would like to find out about her. Take it easy, take a deep breath and pace yourself. You’ll come off as a balanced man of values if you’re consistent in your approach, but at the same time are not rushing and are not flaking out either. Call her or text her to say you had a great time and are looking forward to your next get-together.

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