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Food Diet. Healthy Recipes for Picky Eaters

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food diet
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Food Diet. You can be slimmer and healthier, even if you love comfort food and lead a busy life! With this comprehensive third edition of our best-selling book, you’ll find 380 satisfying new recipes. Many are quick and easy to make. Paired with all the tips and tools here, they can help you follow this simple, proven approach to weight loss and healthy living. Start today! What have YOU got to lose?

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Food Diet

Healthy Meals for the picky eater

What can the Comfort Food Diet do for YOU? Are you trying to lose weight, improve your health or just feel and look your best? This easy-to-follow plan combines a commonsense approach to healthy eating with the tools you need to succeed. Plus, a series of inspirational success stories and great tips from readers provide motivation and support.

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Food Diet 

Food Diet for your Health. I’ve lost a good amount of weight in 16 weeks following the Comfort Food Diet. I am down several clothing sizes, feel so much better and have more energy. I’ve completely changed how I view and eat food. And after being overweight for 25+ years, this is the first time I am truly excited about a diet and its results.  Tami Kuehl, Nebraska

Every one of the 380 recipes in this cookbook includes a complete set of Nutrition Facts, and many list Diabetic Exchanges when applicable. Don’t let the lean numbers listed there fool you. No matter how light the recipes are, your family will be too busy savoring the tempting meals you serve to realize that they are eating healthy.

Food Diet for your Health. This program is great because the recipes are family-friendly. My husband has loved all the recipes I’ve tried. It’s not hard to make the healthier choice with all the good things we can . Andrea Johnson, Illinois

It’s true. The recipes in the Comfort Food Diet Cookbook offer all the hearty, satisfying goodness you’d expect from a classic home-cooked meal.

These dishes are already a hit with families because they were shared by cooks who submitted their favorites recipes to Taste of Home magazine or one of its sister publications. And now you can enjoy these wonderful recipes, too!

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Food Diet

Food Diet for your Health. I am dropping pounds following the Comfort Food Diet. I find the recipes to be very good, and even my husband is losing weight!  Anne Merrill, New York

This third edition focuses on quick and easy recipes. Not only has each recipe been evaluated by a registered dietitian, but they also have all passed a review in the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, so you know they’ll be healthy and delicious. You’ll find prep and cook times and special chapters of extra-speedy fare so you can fit healthy eating into your busy schedule.

Plus, the recipes go together easily with everyday ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. You’ll also discover no-fuss menu additions (with calorie counts) throughout the chapters to round out your meals.

Food Diet for your Health. My family and I have tried at least 40 recipes from the Comfort Food Diet Cookbook! I’ve lost pounds and inches by combining the new recipes with daily workouts. We haven’t forfeited taste for weight loss, which is the best part of this plan!  Lisa Miller, Connecticut

You’ll also find tips for exercise, hints for getting the most out of grocery shopping and secrets to lighten your own recipes for favorite comfort foods. Get ready to be inspired! Eating right has never tasted so good.

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Food Diet

Food Diet for your Health. This PROVEN PLAN is your key to a healthier lifestyle and trimmer figure even if your days are busy!

Some other weight-loss plans expect that you can squeeze group meetings into your already hectic days. We know how busy you are. The Comfort Food Diet is simple and has easy, commonsense tools built in to help you stay on track and shed pounds without taking up a lot of time. In this new edition of the Comfort Food Diet Cookbook, we’ve added the prep and cook times to every recipe, so you can quickly match up your calorie needs with the amount of time you have available to cook.

Each chapter is arranged in calorie order so you can quickly find a recipe to meet your calorie needs without searching around. Plus, we have three new bonus chapters filled with time-saving recipes: Slow Cooker Favorites, 8-Ingredient or Less Recipes and 20-Minute or Less Prep Recipes.

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Food Diet

As you’ll see on the coming pages, the basics behind the Comfort Food Diet are simple: watch your portion sizes, count your calories and get moving every day to help burn them. But it’s the idea that you can eat foods that you and your family will love, maintain your busy schedule and still lose weight that makes this program a winner!


Food Diet for your Health. Cooking healthy meals and keeping your family happy is easy with recipes from the Comfort Food Diet. Familiar dishes and flavors here won’t seem light to them, but they are! Enjoy a healthier lifestyle and a satisfied family with the help of this book. You’ll slim down by following the four simple steps outlined here.

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Food Diet

Healthy Meal Idea for You

1 Eat three meals and two snacks a day for a total of 1,400 calories.

Food Diet for your Health

If you’re a woman, shoot for a total calorie consumption of 1,400 calories per day. Men should consume 1,500 calories per day. Check with your doctor before you begin this plan to see if this calorie guideline is appropriate for you. Then consider the Six-Week Meal Plan. There you’ll find detailed menus that total roughly 1,400 calories per day.

Use the following guide to distribute calories through the day:

  • 350 calories for breakfast
  • 450 calories for lunch
  • 500 calories for dinner
  • Two 50-calorie or two 100-calorie snacks, depending on the total calories you’re aiming for per day. You can consume more or less calories in a snack or meal than what is suggested here as long as your daily total is 1,400 or 1,500 calories.

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Food Diet

Healthy meals quick and easy

2 Start a food diary to keep track of everything you eat. Do-It-Yourself Meal-Planning Worksheets.

Food Diet for your Health

Keeping a food diary is a key to success on the Comfort Food Diet. By writing down everything you eat, you can easily identify eating habits you hadn’t noticed previously. You’re also less likely to cheat if you know you’ll have to jot down that sundae you had at lunch or the extra cookie you snuck in after dinner.

Use your food journal or the Meal-Planning Worksheets to help you plan menus in advance as well. Browse through this cookbook and decide which of the hearty dishes you plan to make. Map out menus and snacks for an entire day in advance, then go back and record what you actually ate.

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Food Diet

Always remember to watch portion sizes, and review the Nutrition Facts at the end of each recipe to learn what a serving size is. If you increase the serving size, the amount of calories (and nutrients) will obviously increase as well.

It’s also important to understand that you can mix and match foods however you’d like as long as you stay within the 1,400 or 1,500 daily calorie limit.

For instance, let’s say you enjoy Greek Pizza for lunch. Note that the recipe makes four individual pizzas, but the serving size and Nutrition Facts are based on one pizza. As such, you can enjoy one pizza and serve the others to family members or refrigerate them for a handy lunch or dinner tomorrow.

The guideline for lunch is 450 calories, and one Greek Pizza weighs in at 320 calories. This means you can also enjoy ½ cup of 1% chocolate milk (85 calories) and carrots (free food) for a lunch that totals only 405 calories. You can add another food that is about 45 calories, or you can spend those calories later in the day. It’s up to you as long as your daily caloric intake meets the 1,400 or 1,500 goal.

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Food Diet

3 See the Smart Snacks List the Free Foods Chart and the calorie breakdowns before each chapter when pairing foods with entrees. Food Diet for your Health.

The lunch example covered in Step 2 noted that ½ cup of 1% chocolate milk was 85 calories. How would you know that? Simply turn to for the Smart Snacks list. There you’ll find 79 ideas for low-calorie bites that don’t require a recipe. These items are great for snacking, and they also make tasty additions to meals as demonstrated by the lunch example. While these items come in at 100 calories or less, you still need to write them down in your food diary.

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Food Diet

Similarly, the Free Foods Chart offers dozens of items that you can enjoy without guilt. In fact, these foods are so light, there’s no need to worry about their calorie content as long as you follow any portion restrictions they might offer.

The chapters in the Comfort Food Diet Cookbook are broken down into Snacks, Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Side Dishes, Desserts, Slow Cooker Favorites, 8-Ingredient or Less Recipes and 20-Minute or Less Prep Recipes. Every chapter begins with lower-calorie staples and ends with higher-calorie specialties.

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Food Diet

If you ate a lunch below the 450 calorie guideline, you may want to consider a higher-calorie dinner. If you enjoyed a high-calorie breakfast and morning snack, you may want to stick with a lunch that’s a bit lighter.

Many of the chapters overlap a little, making meal planning easy! For example, some of the higher-calorie lunches would make wonderful low-calorie dinners. You could also look at the calorie breakdown at the beginning of the side dish chapter and choose one of those recipes for a meat-free lunch or substantial snack.

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